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  1. They may. The campaign kinda became God of War (the video game). They've killed a demigod, and a rank 6 lesser god and they just defeated a 7 in a bit of a modification of the old adventure Dead Gods. Their goal is to kill Lolth, but little do they know, once they get the power to do that, they have something much bigger going on and it wont end there. They are all near level 30, Pathfinder Mythic Rank 5 (on the way to 10) and soon will be divine rank 0. (3rd edition Dieties and Demigods). Right now, the larger scale issue (thats really happening and causing the primary issue in the multiverse) is seeping into their reality and affecting all the planes, prime worlds, etc so they are trying to get a handle of it. in the end i think several cahracters will replace gods in our cosmology or even create new ones. Hell maybe even reshape it completely. i Actually dont have an idea how it will end since it will truly be the skies the limits. its a bit messy to explain but there is literally nothing they wont be able to do if they survive the end so however they want to finish off would be possible i think. Sanjay
  2. :( we havent done a ship... BUT... The campaign I'm DM'ing, the party has a couple spelljammer ships and a major helm they got in treasure and have just gotten control of an Abyssal chaos ship. In time, they will be travelling through a void in reality to reach the nexus of space/time, where the center of the multiverse began (for our modified planescape styled cosmos). is that D&D'ing hard enough? :) in almost 30 years playing, never did a ship before... but planehopping, reality bending, time travel..booyaa!!! Sanjay
  3. was hoping for some really crazy stuff as bonuses added to pledge manager but nothing really there of note. Sanjay
  4. its been a while, so i might as well: too small :P :P :P sanjay
  5. the pumpkin beholder is probably gonna be the coolest thing to paint in bones 5. hehe sanjay
  6. didnt realize ppl were bothered by material type. i guess cause i prime em all, doesnt matter. sanjay
  7. oh no, i mean the dragons and large monsters would be for all my games. all the models are at my house, but we used to play else where. Since i used to play warhammer, i have my extra large warhammer army case, so all smaller, medium and large figures go there . BUT all our larger stuff wont fit in that, so that i would transport along with a giant knife etched dry erase marker board, books, etc. BUT we also played much longer each session than most ppl so it was worth the effort. hehehe (most sessions were 12 + hours with some into the 20 range). Recently, longest sessions we've done are 8, but most are 6. now we play here, so not an issue :) Sanjay
  8. i transport forgeworld dragons, greater demons, large contest entries etc. what i do that may work. put them in large boxes and fill the boxes with tissues, those round amazon air packs, packing peanuts, etc it stops them from moving. as long as the box has a high enough sides, should be good. Sanjay
  9. i see this issue a lot, when people discuss the ship, or when i would bring up larger models - i take it most people are not driving themselves? since its actually fairly easy to transport larger stuff in a car safely. sanjay
  10. is this vid on youtube or just twitch? not finding on youtube. sanjay
  11. im working on a model right now that's 32 inches long - and that ship is even longer... damn. hehe sanjay
  12. this will shock people here im sure :P but even i have to say.... that's pretty big :) Sanjay
  13. yeah must say the spider is great. cant wait to have that one ... that or GW araknorok will put into a large web. not sure which. maybe araknorok will be lighter.... sanjay
  14. oh i meant if there are other dragons or giants, etc that were not unlocked. stuff like that. sanjay
  15. still hoping for some big stuff to be added as a power up. maybe stuff from the last page that we didnt finish in the bones campaign... sanjay
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