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  1. it says my package is now in louisville, kentucky- IIRC, thats UPS Worldport (awesome documentary about that facility BTW). Sanjay
  2. @lexomatic hey! so for me, i got an email. pasting it here: UPS Update: Import Charges are Due <--- that was the email subject/topic line This is what the email had (image attached) and i clicked Pay Now. you should be able to select from credit card types, etc. and just enter like normal. You cant adjust anything. so its like, these are the costs -- period. i used credit card. now if i click on that pay now link again, it says its already paid and shows the details (the chart that shows the fees being charged). is that
  3. i paid the UPS fee online. $115 cdn. luckily will be split as 1/3 of the contents are not for me so its not as bad. we just split cost based on the price ratio between my stuff and the other guys... it says it will arrive today but not sure how cause tracking says its in texas hehehe :D im expect it in the next few days sanjay
  4. too much stuff... so slipped your mind? :) sanjay
  5. hmmm. mega fires or... New Jersey..... must say... not sure which i'd choose sanjay
  6. friend had one of those rental boxes in niagara on the usa side where we'd send packages to and then he'd drive over every 2 months to bring them all here but due to covid he stopped paying for it, so i had to switch package to canada :D Sanjay
  7. im confused. this is what my Pledge manager said: Subtotal:618.00 Shipping:35.67 (for buffalo, NY) but i have since changed my address for shipping to Markham (near Toronto, Canada). Pledge Applied:-650.00 Total:$3.66 <-- left over Paid11-12-2019 so that 35.67 goes to cover UPS costs? Also that canadian example screenshot in the other thread doesnt seem to add up (the examples). If im reading it right for my stuff above: UPS extra charge: $15 due to (price being between 150.01-750.00) Duty (13% Ontario):
  8. i always fully assemble first. fill gaps, resculpt any areas that are needed, remove mold lines, etc. that said, i also create custom paint stands/holders as needed. so i find a way to support the model, turn it upside down, etc with minimal contact. i find its easier to manage cause, even if you attach wings after and fill gaps, what if you need to have complex freehand or blending over that gap? that can be annoying to match it up, etc. i would rather spend more time in prep to find a way to manage the model, than to have to deal with it in separate parts. but
  9. WHERE IS THIS TURNAROUND?!?!?!? Sanjay [update - found it - Admins, can you delete this post as there's no value? ]
  10. does that mean if we are in north america and didnt order any ships, they could be packing our boxes as we speak? :) Sanjay
  11. i think ppl are missing the biggest thing. in the update, discussing shipping/EU etc a few days ago, Ed said they will try and enhance their EU process/communication in the next kickstarter!!!! !!!!! !!!! so Bones 6 will come? :) Sanjay
  12. sorry for everyone that, it appears if im reading it right, costs are going to up and potentially drastically for some countries. im still hoping for a bones 6 after this, so hopefully they sort out communications, maybe arrange for better shipping discounts, etc... regards Sanjay
  13. for me i got 4 words for ya: Eye of the Deep :P that set could have cost double and i'd still get it for the Eye of the Deep (aka Fathom Tyrant) Sanjay
  14. if you move figures often like for gaming, etc getting a good army transport large carrier or something similar is worth it. sanjay
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