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  1. i think im a rare one here. i dont like Julie's dragons. Oh yeah i get the copyright stuff. I'm just saying thats why i try to redo the heads for some projects (like argent, and that tiamat model i have). Im still waiting to see if reaper ever releases at a convention a resin version of argent like they did with some past models. Would prefer to get one of those if they do. Regards, Sanjay
  2. the head is nice, but i kinda like (where possible) stuff to look how the art is (if its supposed to be based on something). For my tiamat model (Not maaldrakar... another one) i plan to resculpt the red dragon head so it matches the 3E art for red dragons - namely Klauth from the 2000/2001 FR setting book. Also modify the black dragon head to make the horns more curved and longer like the 3E art. REgards, Sanjay
  3. due to his size not working for me as Bahamut (yes, Bahamut can change his size, but still), im thinking now, as you said, to resculpt a new head, and add a frill to turn him into an actual silver dragon. still small but oh well :) Will overlay this artwork head vs argents actual head and see how far off they are and what needs to be redesigned. Regards, Sanjay
  4. i still think they should have kept Argent at original size and done the wings in resin. Much lighter and easier to mold. did you try pinning it? (and even pinning the dragon to the base) While they are big, they arent abnormally heavy for the material. As i mentioned to another reply, i do think rare earth magnets should work as well but would probably want to use 2 of them. Regards. Sanjay
  5. Sure but the discussion/comments were about detail/quality (or lack on argent). This is not an issue with printing. Seems more in the material the end models are to be made in. For instance, did anyone notice the neck plates on argent have some details like thin lines in them but the underbelly which is the same portion, does not. Not a painting issue. That must be a lack on the zbrush design Sanjay
  6. I'd like to see reaper expand out to other sculptors but not sure if cost, time, or needed material limits the ones I'd use. Yes it means silver but considering their version of tiamat came out the prior campaign it makes more sense that this was to be their bahamut. Yes, should be doable with rare earth magnets. I'd imagine 2 magnets and good chunk metal on the other side. Sanjay
  7. Why do people keep thinking it has anything to do with being 3d printed. Gf9, mierce, gw all 3d print high quality resin masters on commercial printers and they have great detail. I think issue is that they are meant to be done in a type of pvc plastic in as few parts as possible, which limits them compared to high quality resin models or many part gw plastic kits. I'm doing a borys dragon of tyr model. Head neck segments torso legs arms all 3d printed on a form 2. The head has much finer details than on the bones models. But just the head cost me around $100. Sanjay
  8. i havent looked closely at most models. been modifying/resculpting parts of the dragon turtle to use for a contest in september :) i probably need to . havent even cehcked most models for missing parts. only some. sanjay
  9. so i thought mine were fine. are mine also 'flawed'? hehe Sanjay
  10. here are my raptors 2 of them. not the sharpest detail but i dont expect that in bones. still, i can clearly see the fingers, talons/claws, the bones for the joints (the bumps they make for the knuckles, etc) and the spines on the back.
  11. good pt. may not be a breakdown of the mold or a slip, could be ppl rushing. let me take pics of my raptors and put it here. ppl can compare. sanjay
  12. yes. sorry but blaming the method or artist seems misplaced (i was going to use a different word but figured thread would be deleted). there are lots of examples of 3d printed models that are gorgeous. most likely, as mentioned, mold slips or other issues. also, bones is NOT the best material for detail so a small portion may be that. GW, GF9, Mierce do 3d printed initial models and their detail is crazy. also, i can take a pic if ppl want. the hands on my raptors seem fine. not blobs. sanjay
  13. we understand that. but i think they also could have asked if ppl would be willing to add extra funds to cover it. If not enough people would, fine, shrink it. KInda an extension of letting people know. this isnt new in kickstarters. ANother option would be doing the wings in resin since the wings were the major issue it appears. Again, other kickstarters have done stuff like this before to keep models the same, but change materials as needed due to cost. Just some thoughts/ideas. Regards, Sanjay
  14. the worst i had to assemble was the metal WotC black dragon. the way the wings fit the back is just dumb. bones is so much nicer than metal. just a bit of wierd material to dremel to gouge out sections for resculpting. sanjay
  15. yeah but is superheroes doing it ... either with lots more power than anything on earth OR in special suits, etc. so its fine for them. while the third law may make sense, especially to a primitive society that doesnt actually apply in a true fantasy sense. science would still follow whatever the laws of physics, etc are for that universe. No matter how extreme, while magic would break those and in the end/highest order of scale, do things that science wont manage. For regular people, what Franklin Richads does, such as creating a fireball might be possible with tech, when he does stuff like turn godlike beings into flowers or create a complete alternate universe with its own dynamics, etc, no amount of science will explain that. Regards, Sanjay