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  1. 10 hours ago, GoldenPiggy said:

    It amazes me when people say here that they don't see anything they want.  I suppose if you already have thousands of miniatures, the offerings may almost all be duplicates, but if that is the case and you don't want duplicates, why would you expect to find anything?  If you think these minis are not good value, then you are probably asking too much; yes, the price per figure is not quite as good as it has been before, but costs and uncertainty have gone up, and the value is still very good despite that.  If you think the quality of the sculpts is not good enough, your standards are just too high.  Sure, there are going to be things you don't like.  There are plenty of things here I don't particularly like, but there are so many other options too.  I just don't understand the "none of these are worth buying" crowd.  At all.


    its perspective. i like larger monsters. past kickstarters had more 'stuff'.  giant treemen, dinosaurs, more dragons, storm giant, and models that arent really made by other companies - their take on Slaad for example .  The $50 sets had more interesting (IMHO) models that have not been made before for D&D as well (ie. eye of the deep). 


    Also i think the idea of standards too high isnt really fair.   I generally like high detail resin kits - more finer detail.  BUT i do like bones monsters as well.  To me, the Mierce Chimera is the best chimera (detail wise) out there, and its not even close. Also done by who I (and other company sculptors i've spoken with) considered the best monster sculptor in the model business.  but , while i use that for gaming, some would see it more as as high end collector piece. which is cool.  Its not a matter of a standard. its what you like. i prefer less, but cooler looking models .  A forgeworld chaos dragon is worth more than 1000 humanoids/orcs, etc for me cause its cool. a true eye catcher if painted well. 


    ive asked my girls if they like anything in the kickstarter...so if i listen to them, i need to RAISE the bid to like $500....  so im thinking to get stuff they want, try to sell whatever is left (as usual) and will keep a couple things i want. 


    value wise the reaper kickstarters are almost impossible to beat, but the value is meaningless if the models arent interesting for you and the buyers market has (seemingly) depleted for it.



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  2. 2 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

    Well, we got the Greek and Egyptian sets. The only other mythology I'd really like to see is East Indian, but it's unlikely as many of those gods and heroes are part of Hindu mythology and political correctness would make it difficult. 

    there's quite a few indian god models out there, so not sure why it would be an issue.  just follow the art accordingly.



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  3. 9 minutes ago, Looter said:

    Yeah while the lighthouse art is awesome and I may buy it I would have to say most of these aweful "fan" add ons for the last few years are trash. 


    I don't know what a flumph is and do not care.


      It's inclusion is from what seems to be a bunch of people having a tantrum somewhere I guess?  That is not a good reason to incorporate things. I feel a headache coming on.




    Flumph I'd an old skool creature since 1e.  Been in all editions.  Underdark or planar creature.  Can't recall which though

    (Looks planar imho)



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  4. 16 minutes ago, Sylverthorne said:

    I continue to be irritable about the lighthouse meme.


    The idea of a lighthouse/watchtower whatever the heck else model, I remain cautiously into; the concept art is solid and the fluff excellent; I am a hundred percent here for that! 

    I'm still going to wait on a solid decision until I've seen the model in.. well, green. Or whatever colour the render comes out, assuming it's going to be built on 3d render. Whichever; I would like to see that before I get too excited. 


    Heck that meme, though. Props to everybody for keeping it going, but heck it to the depths of heck. ^^;


    Now, about those dragons.... ^_^ 


    what they need now is a massive leviathan the size of the ship 😄


    AND with spelljammer coming for a new generation, a massive whale like that could be perfect to modify the eyes to make a Great Dreamer 🙂


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  5. 17 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    Here's a thought - from the KS comments thread:

    Is it possible the flavor text for the various reveals is turning some people off to various sculpts/options?

    Sort of like how we know some people won't buy a mini labeled sorcerer to use as a bard or cleric.


    Are some people doing things like looking at the Fire Newts, and thinking "Well, I don't have the Caverns of Doom in my campaign so I can't use those"



    'it may be. 


    Some others may be like me. i tend to go with what looks cool and impressive to paint. when I DM, i generally use more larger monsters, (my group is much higher level) and i use a lot more rare planar type monsters, so i dont need orcs and giants. I need, as ive said, titans, gods avatars, demonlords, devils, angels, etc. 


    When we start a new campaign, i hvae some basic orcs, gnolls already and we use them in such large quantities, we just put a few on the board and token/counters for the rest. i have no interest in painting 20 orcs.  but painting 1 astral dreadnought or 1 titan or a cool dragon is worth it.


    Also, if i think its really cool looking, monster X, whatever X may be in this example, i may use for a contest, so that also goes into what do i think i can do that is something very impressive and interesting with it.







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  6. 1 minute ago, Magnus Brickson said:

    You can probably find a 3D printing file for free and pay significantly less in whatever 3D printer materials you use, then paint it exactly to your liking.  Some of those official paint jobs leave a lot to be desired. My first mini I painted (the skeleton from Reaper's own Learn to Paint kit) looks a lot better than a lot of the current Wizkids (and older 3.x era WotC) prepaints

    all the 3d print astral dreads dont look good IMHO.  


    Where is the price for the astral? im searching but its not coming up for preorder.     That is higher than i would have liked but ive always preferred cooler models than more.  And since i mainly just collect monsters, thats quite easy to manage.   Get a few monsters a year to add, and thats good. Ive still got a backlog from 20 years ago + 😄


    Like i wouldnt trade my CMON Chthulhu for an entire kickstarter. For me, its worth more than 100 'regular' models.  Same with something like the Forgeworld Chaos dragon, etc.



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  7. well wizkids showed an astral dreadnought in the D&D presentation (spelljammer is returning - seems like spelljammer + astral plane/sea exploration)...


    doesnt look too bad. can strip and repaint it 😄



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  8. 3 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    EPIC has this ( 3D STL File to be printed) 




    And Roleplaying Miniatures has this ( Also 3D STL file for printing)




    I do have that Epic one


    not bad. but now i have the bones one so im good 🙂  


    i'll say it again. some folks posted an Ormyrr. havent heard of that monster in many years, but that would be nice. most newer players probably have never heard of it.


    more beholder kin versions

    the slaadi lords






    so much stuff that no ones made (at least not good) models of.



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  9. 12 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

    Oh noes ,I'm sorry! 


    But the good news is that it can be green stuffed in. I've done it many times


    Drill a hole in the wrist and one in the shoulder at the front of the wing arm, pin a wire in there, then green stuff from the wire to the plastic arm

    oh of course. but the question then becomes, do i care enough about the design to want to bother modify/enhance it...



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  10. 3 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

    I had a look at the Bones You'd Like to See to compare to the offerings.


    Fae, ants, bee-people - check. Doing okay there. 


    What is something regularly asked for that is generically lacking?


    More female sculpts to match what the male characters get. More active poses, more armor. 


    more monsters.  i see ppl asking for that on the facebook groups and the kickstarter chats.  But the types of monsters varies. some asking for more rare monsters. others want newer versions of cool classic monsters. 



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  11. 16 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


    oh no, WHY did the sculptor not include the propatagium?! I was so happy that the dragon was going to have anatomically correct wings



    well thanks. 


    seeing the resin master, didnt notice that. now that you mention it, it looks strange. i checked my larger resin dragons (forgeworld, some garage kits, etc) they all have it in their wing structures....


    now this anni dragon looks strange to me 😞


    so i may not get that either. 


    Thanks alot Siri 😛 😛



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  12. 5 minutes ago, Adrift said:

    It does remind me of a t-Rex as well. That only enhances it’s appeal to me. That dragon is an absolute must-have for me.

    ya that dragon i will get. right now its the only thing i will get.   i want 3x faerie dragon but dont want to buy the expansions for it.


    lets see what Egypt has in store.



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