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  1. yay, Trex dragon concept art (the anni dragon does look Trex like right? or is it just me) sanjay
  2. well. last time was a boat. maybe now its a train? 🙂 there was an old ravenloft adventure that i think had a train in it... 🙂 and GW releasing some type of dessert train model. And Boba Fett had that sand train in a few episodes. why not a reaper train 😛 Sanjay
  3. ohh i like that larger scorpion. Would look nice with my mierce one. (ie. the very big one with these smaller ones). Yeah, i forgot about the Ral pArtha Catoblepas . but you get the idea. orcs, characters, minotaurs, basic undead are so ... everywhere. but i guess if you want to attract more newer ppl that makes sense. Sanjay
  4. i just need cool monsters. unique stuff. stuff that doesnt exist out there already. Bones 5 catoblepas was so cool. i dont think there's ever been a mini of one. Then the slaad (although now there are some cooler looking 3d patreon versions), etc. at least for some of us, thats whats missing sanjay
  5. i thought in the last campaign, we saw more stuff. we had rumors of the ship. we saw the storm giant, and the zbrush models of all 5 chromatic dragons etc not sure, but maybe some people put in even just $50 cause they were expecting one of those things and if on the last day, the pledging was too low, they could always cancel. just a thought. Sanjay
  6. That's awesome I just heard of him yesterday. Could have used that help on Malekith. 43 attempts or so... finally got him today kinda lucky but I'll take it (solo no summons -- I tried summons but I still got rocked so didn't help much) Sanjay
  7. i thought only GW suffered from Skull syndrome... sanjay
  8. hehe. meanwhile, 2 players in my group have succumbed to the abyss and become half-fiends. And, as their power grows, they want MORE power 😄 sanjay
  9. i like painting stuff as they are in the manual, etc. i play around with some stuff here and there on them. but depends on creature. dragons, if they are in the D&D style, i paint them according to the colours. but other stuff like a chimera or a beholder i'll do whatever. sanjay
  10. in my top 10 fav movies (not best, thats a different list, but definitely favourite). sanjay
  11. for myself (as our forever DM), i rarely use normal bandits/humanoids (unless they are like death knights, undead, vampires/liches, etc) or unique characters (like the Lord of Death Knights - Saint Kargoth) once characters reach mid to higher levels. I also try, each campaign to not reuse enemies as much as possible. since i have all my 2e manuals and 3e and i run currently 3.xe/pf1e, its easy to convert older unknown 2e monsters as needed. example: since ive used bullywugs, and orcs, goblins before, when we start over with a new campaign unless players ask me to run a specific premade module, if any content i choose to use has bullywugs and orcs, i will replace them somehow. my players just use whatever they can and due to their high power level, no minis really exist that represent them well without lots of modding, etc. I just buy and paint monsters 😄 sanjay
  12. not a fan of the dragon but girls like to paint them so maybe get 1 for each of em... sanjay
  13. years ago at golden demon someone took a 40K space marine (ultramarine) painting a 40K epic (smaller scale) ultramarine 😄 he had tiny paint bottles, a brush, etc. so adorable 😄 Sanjay
  14. i thought last time we did have larger teases of stuff upcoming. the storm giant, cloud giant, the dragons, etc we know about them earlier did we not? Sanjay
  15. not sure why. a lot of the larger resin dragons i have (not prints - older hand sculpted) do have larger wings like that. i know what you mean of the recent ones - espec the bones 5 red dragon's wings. i dont know when that design methodology changed. i do wish the FW khorne dragon's wing extended a bit more on its back but its pretty big already. Their Chaos dragon is crazy so thats fine hehe and Smaug's wings extended back fairly well too. sanjay
  16. oh im not necessarily good but i have played Demon Souls all the way to Dark Souls 3 (i didnt bother with Shekiro since didnt like the art style as much - not a big fan of orient based/chinese/japanese style stuff).... so many deaths 😄 Sanjay
  17. i do like the archvillain one better. love the skulls, leg fur and dual axes as well.. I was hoping they would have shown an extra peak at whats after. Just to maybe drum up more discussion for something in the near future . the need to defend himself only matters if he's not powerful to handle what comes at him. ie. me in Elden Ring. damn shields and parrying. Dual Colossal Hammers 😄 😄 😄 Sanjay
  18. stats? not that i know of. but if some made 5e rules for it, i wouldnt know. i dont play 5e. i'll pm you the link to the model. sanjay
  19. vancouver area based creature caster has a Canucklemera - chimera of a beaver, goose and moose 😄 sanjay
  20. That's my strategy. I bid an amount that I assume will be high. Last time 200. This time 125. And I try to stay under but if needed, raise it. Lowest for me was bones 4 iirc. Under 200. But if nothing will lower it in the last day. Sanjay
  21. why are their canada geese in that cover. thats from 2e era right? it looks so familiar sanjay
  22. Yeah Demo they had last time. Baphomet they had in 3 or 4. they have various orcus in their lines over the years. Personally, i want a Juiblex , Fraz-Urb'lu (design wise he's more a gargoyle... Agramon is supposed to be a pit fiend. look can be similar but normally a gargoyle , i would imagine, would have more a stone skin type look) and they can play around with the facehead to make Fraz look unique compared to most companies gargoyles. Kost is really a demonic frost giant IIRC. I use the mierce ...forgot name, for it. which is a good stand in (if only a bit bigger :P) . i like reapers old metal graz'zt. forgot what its called. dark prince or something but i may go back, strip the paint, and make the sword thinner and rebase/paint it. SOphie is ok for Mal, although design wise id prefer something more... well... check out the art of her over the years. sophie is more a generic succ. Sanjay
  23. Ok I want those salamanders. I don't have any in my collection. I hope they aren't part of core... Sanjay
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