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  1. usually its a combination of factors as various ppl get impacted by different things. being in various 3d print patreon groups, ppl there arent as interested (from the smaller sample size of the ppl who were chatting at the time). they like the 3d printed models better and they are fine with printing multiple parts and gluing cause they like the design. Me, im fine with multipart resin or bones or gw style plastic, etc but its just the models. i want/need more rare stuff. that or something very impressive (like a very large monster or something like a showpiece). on top of that, seen various mention funds are tighter right now, etc on facebook. But we shall see. im sure there will be some cooler stuff (note: i know cooler is subjective) Sanjay
  2. i could use 3 of those. 1 for each of the girls and 1 for me.... not doing 3 of the set though. sanjay
  3. its normally a combination of all of it. good or bad experience from last time. the increase in 3d print patreons with designs some may prefer. some may be getting their D&D fix from more wizkids official minis (nolzurs , frameworks and a few gf9 collector's D&D models), etc. its never just one. for me, i just dont find the stuff interesting but thats also a different perspective. i have minis since painted for a long time. im also not new to D&D, so i dont need more skeletons or orcs. i need the rarer stuff that no one has made models for and the 3d file patreon designs arent good (ie. hence i always ask for an astral dreadnought, or a titan). sanjay
  4. i do want that dragon. (it needs to be bigger damnit!) 😛 sanjay
  5. if i could get the giant on its own, i would get that. would go nice with the ones i have already.... sanjay
  6. i get that. not much can say really. i use resin models for D&D along with older metal, gw plastic, bones, etc. all that we have. i dropped my mierce manticore during painting 2 weeks go but its fine. it does depend on the resin. (the best ive seen is whatever Monster Rage used -- someone took a hammer to one of the models' wings and it wouldnt crack...took ages -the wing was thick but still...a hammer). I just go by designs and detail. A lot of the nicer print models look much better than the traditional ral partha, reaper, 'insert generic monsters here' companies and i think that is attracting lots of ppl. For priming, GW used to recommend not using hobby primer (even their own) - the forgeworld instructions say to use auto primer. auto primer is thinner/smoother and adheres to better. whatever chemical is used in resin moulding, when its washed, the remnants dont bother auto primer. I use duplicolor white and i like it so much, i use it for anything i care about - resin, plastic, etc. I use army painter white for bones though as duplicolor, on the older bones ones, doesnt dry properly. took years for kaladrax to dry. GW plastic i like overall. lots of parts and easy to modify. will see how the new wizkids frameworks balor is. sadly its price, compared to it's size is crazy. even more costly than GW models. i used to work with resin outside. i do have a proper respirator now (got one due to my airbrush but can use for resin of course) sanjay
  7. I do think the prevalence of decent 3d print patreons has lowered interest in generic models. I normally keep the cooler bones stuff and sell the rest but bones 5 was painfully hard to do that. Not the interest from the prior 4. Now that my girls like painting stuff... in their way, will end up keeping more stuff I get for them. But so far just Egypt set is a possibility. I'd like the large faerie dragon but need to see it's look first. Sanjay
  8. ok now THAT has me interested... sanjay
  9. was hoping dragon would be bigger but it is fairly nice. Sanjay
  10. yes, yes more familiars. more food for my monsters... i think of this as D&D overall. anyone can play any edition they want if they already has a group. but i still think there will be some crazy stuff coming. i still need a titan and an astral dreadnought... and you remember my mantra from Bones 5. Bigger!!! its nice but needs to be bigger 😛 sanjay
  11. nothing for me so far.... but im sure something will pop later. sanjay
  12. hey all back again 😄 hope everyone is well. lets see how this goes... 🙂 Sanjay
  13. Hope everyone is good, Been a while. What is this bones 5.5? Regards Sanjay
  14. it says my package is now in louisville, kentucky- IIRC, thats UPS Worldport (awesome documentary about that facility BTW). Sanjay
  15. @lexomatic hey! so for me, i got an email. pasting it here: UPS Update: Import Charges are Due <--- that was the email subject/topic line This is what the email had (image attached) and i clicked Pay Now. you should be able to select from credit card types, etc. and just enter like normal. You cant adjust anything. so its like, these are the costs -- period. i used credit card. now if i click on that pay now link again, it says its already paid and shows the details (the chart that shows the fees being charged). is that what you want to see? did you get this email? regards, Sanjay
  16. i paid the UPS fee online. $115 cdn. luckily will be split as 1/3 of the contents are not for me so its not as bad. we just split cost based on the price ratio between my stuff and the other guys... it says it will arrive today but not sure how cause tracking says its in texas hehehe :D im expect it in the next few days sanjay
  17. too much stuff... so slipped your mind? :) sanjay
  18. hmmm. mega fires or... New Jersey..... must say... not sure which i'd choose sanjay
  19. friend had one of those rental boxes in niagara on the usa side where we'd send packages to and then he'd drive over every 2 months to bring them all here but due to covid he stopped paying for it, so i had to switch package to canada :D Sanjay
  20. im confused. this is what my Pledge manager said: Subtotal:618.00 Shipping:35.67 (for buffalo, NY) but i have since changed my address for shipping to Markham (near Toronto, Canada). Pledge Applied:-650.00 Total:$3.66 <-- left over Paid11-12-2019 so that 35.67 goes to cover UPS costs? Also that canadian example screenshot in the other thread doesnt seem to add up (the examples). If im reading it right for my stuff above: UPS extra charge: $15 due to (price being between 150.01-750.00) Duty (13% Ontario): 80.34 so 95.34 total. is that right? so where is that $35.67 going... Sanjay
  21. i always fully assemble first. fill gaps, resculpt any areas that are needed, remove mold lines, etc. that said, i also create custom paint stands/holders as needed. so i find a way to support the model, turn it upside down, etc with minimal contact. i find its easier to manage cause, even if you attach wings after and fill gaps, what if you need to have complex freehand or blending over that gap? that can be annoying to match it up, etc. i would rather spend more time in prep to find a way to manage the model, than to have to deal with it in separate parts. but ive also been doing larger monsters for a very long time, so have kinda found my groove with them. regarding colours, i tend to do dragons as per their D&D counterpart if its D&D based. For example, im repainting the wizkids new ancient white (the massive one released in jan). put it on hold due to the brushbeast contest due end of may, but for that white, ive used the 3e, 4e and 5e art of white dragons. where they have tons of tints of other colours, especially on the wings. ive done that with my airbrush. when i get back to it, will bring most of it back up to white while keeping areas of those other tints. if its not something D&D based, i just look for colours on lizards i like, or other peoples paintjobs, etc. sanjay
  22. WHERE IS THIS TURNAROUND?!?!?!? Sanjay [update - found it - Admins, can you delete this post as there's no value? ]
  23. does that mean if we are in north america and didnt order any ships, they could be packing our boxes as we speak? :) Sanjay
  24. i think ppl are missing the biggest thing. in the update, discussing shipping/EU etc a few days ago, Ed said they will try and enhance their EU process/communication in the next kickstarter!!!! !!!!! !!!! so Bones 6 will come? :) Sanjay
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