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  1. Ok...NO miniature models fit into the proper scale for how big D&D dragons should be. (i got the old council of wyrms poster of dragon sizes....a 6 ft tall person is smaller than a great wyrm silver's claw...not entire foot..i mean JUST the claw itself)... of the reaper dragons, Marthrangul, Gauth, and Kaladrax are the largest. The others are more like mini boxed sets and aren't as big. (they are bigger than the crappy GW dragons though, not including the awesome forgeworld ones of course). Sanjay
  2. Oh :( Since I saw the name draegloth, I thought it was taken from the 3E forgotten realms one. With upper body of drow, then lower body, with multiple legs (combination of drow and tanar'ri demon). ok... saved a bit of money then... Sanjay
  3. no pic in gallery. Want to know how it compares to the one in hte 3e monster manual. Sanjay
  4. Oh god....I'm also addicted to dragons... I have a bunch of the older smaller ral partha council of wyrm ones...but the REAL dragons I got are: Reaper: Kaladrax Gauth Marthrangul Ral: Limited Edition Dracolich Limited Edition Takhisis (the small Tiamat) Limited Edition Golden Dragon of Chaos (whom btw, is being rereleased by Dark Sword Miniatures) Limited Edition Great Red Dragon (I also have a smaller version of this one,that came with Dragon Strike set) T'Char Forge World: Chaos Dragon (on pre-order) * may get the Great Fire Dragon as well Wizards of the Coast: Black Dragon (yes, assembling it ain't fun) hehe... (I also have a thing for demons so I got tons of them as well....) Sanjay :)
  5. A big thing of ink washes is the tone of it after. Inks generally dry shinier. As well, yes, they are quite fluid but part of the benefit of them is even after thinning, some thinned paints, not only does it become more fluid, the colour itself seems to suffer. Good artists' inks do not; they stay just as vibrant, but thinner. Due to the shinier tone of inks, many use them on metallic paints. There are some grey results with it around at coolminiornot.com . For my Warhammer 40k, Daemonhunter army for example, I plan to paint the Grey Knight space marines with inks over the metal. I want to use regular washes of blacks and browns to give some shading but also to make them look dirty/grittier. Then a tint of the blue ink to give the metal a look of blue steel. Sanjay
  6. Oh that's ok... we give you approval to show us :) Sanjay :) :) :) :)
  7. Hi, Just wondering will it be a smaller scaled dragon, such as the dragons in the dark heavens line, OR will it be a larger boxed set dragon such as Deathsleet, Marthrangul, and the newer one (starting with a V)? Just wondering if anyone knows. Regards, Sanjay :) :)
  8. I remember reading something about a new large dragon box in march. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I can't remember the artist or the name of the dragon though. Just wondering.... Sanjay
  9. I use 2 large walmart toolboxes. (yes, the big ones)...About 2 keyboards long. 1 ft wide, and a foot deep with 2 levels. 1 for paints, crappy brushes (for washing/drybrushing), inks, green stuff, micron pens, paper clips, etc. primer/varnish spray cans. The other for the rest...sand, static grass, techstar snow, rocks, apoxysculpt, more green stuff, tools, realistic water. Each box cost me like 15 or so cdn so it was awesome deal :) Regards, Sanjay
  10. Can you scan images to put up shots of these new models? Regards, Sanjay
  11. :( :( I feel so bad...i struggled painting mine (even though spent quite a few hours on it to try and make it decent). It didn't turn out anywhere like i wanted :( I hope it reached the person...it was mailed..about 3 or 4 weeks ago but never got an email or anything back about it :( :( I can't remember who it was now, as when i clicked task done in outlook, it deleted the item and I can't find it :( Sanjay
  12. Well, I emailed them but no reply yet. I hope someone there speaks english... Sanjay
  13. Well..it's decided...I'm getting that D-tech dragon-hydra.... If only I could read the site....hehe My favs are THAT hydra thing and the forgeworld dragon. THen the golden dragon of chaos by ral (which i have yet to paint) and marthrangul. THe great red dragon from ral is also nice :) Sanjay
  14. Sorry, but how does this exchange work? Thanks. Sanjay [email protected]
  15. GW is insane...SOOOOOO overpriced. I just bought their Forgeworld Bloodthirster ($390 CDN after tax!!!). Thankfully, I lucked out on my Lizardmen army... Got the entire army box for $190 cdn after shipping on ebay. Got 2 stegadons for a total of $ 30 cdn. Carnosaur was a gift, terradons also a gift. And bought about 150 dollars in extra models, so spent less than $500 on my army and I got about 6.5 to 7k points worth of liz! Reaper isn't as bad I find, cause I like their models more (for the most part -- not including Forgeworld of course, who IMHO, make the best detailed models on the planet!)... I think eBay is the way to go...I've gotten most stuff on ebay (over 300 minuatures of all sizes)... Regards, Sanjay
  16. I'd like some rare monsters that may never get to use, but hey, they'd be fun to paint...and since I hate the new plastic WotC D&D minis, might as well name them here... 1) a tarrasque miniature 2) rust monster mini (this I would use) 3) froghemoth 4) a dragon similar to Borys, the Dragon of Tyr on Athas (Darksun) ( http://members.cox.net/dragons_sanctum/Borys.jpg ) 5) A properly scaled Demogorgon would have been nice (the one reaper has is NOT scaled right, it should be about 1 character height taller...since the balor they made (they called it fire demon), is about twice the height of a person (12 ft tall)..Demo is supposed to be 18 ft, but demo and the balor are the same height! 6) dracolisk 7) a HUGE tiamat (ie. the 5 headed dragon) 8) a better looking hydra (I really haven't seen any good hydra models around....looking for a traditional D&D style, with a large dragon like body without the surface rivets that the reaper one has)..and don't even try suggesting the GW Dark Elf one...that one's gay! 9) modrons! :P 10) tons of stuff :P Sanjay
  17. Last august, an image appeared in some magazine, well, a sketch of marthrangul...and by december it was out. Wondering if there are rumours or images of what may be the next big boxed set from Reaper? Thanks in advance. Sanjay
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