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  1. sorry for everyone that, it appears if im reading it right, costs are going to up and potentially drastically for some countries. im still hoping for a bones 6 after this, so hopefully they sort out communications, maybe arrange for better shipping discounts, etc... regards Sanjay
  2. for me i got 4 words for ya: Eye of the Deep :P that set could have cost double and i'd still get it for the Eye of the Deep (aka Fathom Tyrant) Sanjay
  3. if you move figures often like for gaming, etc getting a good army transport large carrier or something similar is worth it. sanjay
  4. you need to send her the GW Aracnarok or Mierce Gol Gul!!! Sanjay
  5. i took some pics for scale vs some reaper, forgeworld, gf9, gw and more... plan to repaint Arveiaturace . will strip it first, may chop lower jaw and redo all its teeth. eye socket also needs some more detail around it so bit of resculpting i think. sanjay
  6. for warhammer, the army cases made it a lot easier. i have the Charon battlepack (they shutdown years ago, but its a travel safe 3 section long/wide case). :D considering ive seen people carrrying multiple forgeworld titans to games, ppl will figure it out. :) it could be worse. sanjay
  7. they use it via an airbrush . the alien and batman models they show on their site look.... interesting i guess. ...so its not as thick and its darker than even black 3.0 . but yes, it cant take punishment. i'll get some and use it for eye sockets in liches (but first have to contact them to find out what happens if i put another colour drop in the center of it. would it be like a pinpoiint of light like a star OR would it be drowned out somehow). as long as regular paint can put a pintpoint on top of it, i can make use of it. it could also be useful for some space backgrounds but due to the fragility of it, have to be careful. on parts that people wont touch. sanjay
  8. ya im tempted to get some when travel is normal again. friends wife is from japan and her family comes here to visit. shipping to canada is like $35 but the 100ml bottle is $30. was thinking can use it for lime demon eyes and put just a pin point of bright colour in the center, etc. BUT it says if u varnish it, it gets rid of some of the effect. as well, its very weak. rubbing your finger on it will break its surface so not good for heavy use, etc. sanjay
  9. if someone wants to go crazy with the shadow dragon, there's this: https://www.ko-pro.black/product/musou-black-paint/ :) Sanjay
  10. green stuff doesnt need to be in equal amounts. different ratios give different drying times/hardness but being off even 15-25% will still harden, but will take longer or faster depending which colour it was that was in excess. sanjay
  11. apoxie sculpt is cheaper and in larger containers. has some different properties but same idea. i get it from sculpture supply canada sanjay
  12. green stuff is good in that if teh ratio is off it still hardens... just at different speeds and hardness levels. you can get online for much cheaper than that. i get 3 ft for 10 euros and then shipping... sanjay
  13. oh you cant imagine the hate i have for integrated bases on anything. bones, nolzurs, old metal minis. i end up using metal clippers and just tearing them apart. model damage be dammed. easier for me just to resculpt minor damage if needed then the hassle of using integrated bases... sanjay
  14. aww. its ok. small error. it happens. *hugs* sanjay
  15. Sell em. now, i'll keep some for my 4 year olds to "paint" ... but ya sell. its good cause it covers the cost of the kickstarter and preps me for the next one :D Sanjay
  16. for D&D. not necessarily for the next session cause when we were playing in person, in general i use lots of creatures, etc that dont have models for them butwhen i do have the model, i use it :D i started to paint more seriously when i got into warhammer around 2002 or 2003 and then contests, etc so my collection of models is fairly diverse. lots of different companies, materials , etc . Sanjay
  17. i like savage tide. one of the concepts there, is the basis for my current 3.Xe/PF1e (now in epic/mythic levels) campaign :D Want to actually run it one day, but its a good read. Sanjay
  18. hehe i dont like spiders (or any bugs other than ladybugs/ladybirds, bees and butterflies) much but i dont have actual arachnophobia as far as i know. it is nice. getting one of those. could use it for my lolth based campaign right now :D (if we ever play in person again) hehe also have the GW arachnarok and mierce gol gul. regarding dealing with it, you know the saying: its all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Then its hilarious :) Sanjay
  19. it would for us. it would be funny if you record it and put it on youtube :D sanjay
  20. you got that wrong,. you dont leave it out. you hide it in a corner, and use the greenstuffworld spider web airbrush spray , to create webs, etc :P then add some glue mixed with coffee grounds so it kinda looks like insect bits from a distance :P sanjay
  21. i know its price is a lot higher, but the detail and size are awesome. check out the mierce scorpion. the one with 2 tails... its worth it trex flopping?? the legs are bending?? i remember issues with argent's wings. sanjay
  22. allow your players to use wierd character race/species etc so you'll never worry about the prefect figure for them, as the models wont exist for those characters :D Sanjay
  23. i got twins... 4.5 yrs old... girls... all i can say is. at least they are cute... Sanjay
  24. some of the best videos using airbrush (and brushes): https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=angel+giraldez he doesnt use a vex, but most concepts would work and how he does it, how he holds it, how he uses the trigger, etc. only thing is the H&S he uses may be finer than what the vex can do so when he does really small stuff, not sure what the vex can manage. other than that, great airbrush examples IMHO. i love his fur tutorial on that minotaur (its a hand brush tutorial) from a few weeks back :) his Demogorgon print model from a few months ago is all airbrush and then brush for the final details. Sanjay
  25. Because I've sold lots of stuff to buy others my overall collection has shrunk . Also I sold a 6-7k lizardmen army when rumors stated no more major kizardmen models would be released for warhammer other than a few models. I guess I could paint everything if I focused on it for a few years with several hours of work each week. But getting new models etc would make that never happen. Also I tier my collection, with different types/brands being models i would be willing to spend even 100s of hours on them and others I paint in like 2-3 hours max... I'll have a big influx of models from bones 5 so the collection will go up again hehe. Sanjay
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