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  1. im like siri - i generally paint monsters. as a DM, when we play in person monsters are more useful (and in my campaigns I DM, minis dont exist for the character types many times anyways so we just use whatever) and find them more fun to paint. Also, many times, the larger models can be better for contests if its something i want to spend more time on... Sanjay
  2. Reaper said it in a video, the bones storm giant size. i found my old post in this thread about it and this is what i said there: This bones one is 4.72 inches. you can find the discussion here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/89441-reaper-bones-5-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/page/169/ (from last october) sanjay
  3. i love how people ask me how can i keep wanting models to be bigger. "what about storage" or "my shelves cant fit that" and "this makes more sense to transport for gaming" and here we have people buying more ships like its oprah giving away vacations or something... sanjay
  4. Good to see the husband is the 3rd priority :) Sanjay
  5. Its funny how people prioritize stuff. As ppl know, for me it's 1) big epic monsters first 2) rare/uncommon monsters that don't have models 3) stuff that may be fun to paint/nice model 4) stuff worth selling to cover Kickstarter costs Depths was instant must have since it met criteria 2 with the eye of the deep Greek met criteria 2 and 3 due to the bronze golem and cloud giant. Storm giant is 3. The 5 main dragons were 3 but now maybe 3/4. The kaiju is 4 The catoblepas was a very unique situation. I don't believe any older models of it were made and even if ral partha had one its metal and much smaller scale so that was a must. it should be 2 but its so cool it kinda belongs in 1 even though it's not massive :D sanjay
  6. since i mainly end up DM'ing wild planescape campaigns, most creatures, settings dont have models or terrain to use so i just use cardboard flat bases/templates the size i want. "this rectangle here looks like this, but its 100 ft tall" etc (and i show the image from the monster manual/art work) hehe sanjay
  7. I saw the eye of the deep zbrush design in one of the early shots of it and had to have it. Worth it just for that alone as its somewhat a rare monster. There isn't an official mi I of it and this one looks quite good. I think the catoblepas, eye of the deep and bronze golem are the highlights for me. Sanjay
  8. thanks. will update. normally, i ship to a friends rented storage box in buffalo for cheaper shipping and whenever friend drives across border from canada, picks up all our stuff there. BUT no idea when USA border will b open and if it doesnt open for general travel by march-may, id rather have it shipped to Toronto and pay a bit more to get it sooner. Sanjay
  9. do people know if we update our shipping address now, will that mess up our estimate shipping date/phase? sanjay
  10. * face palms and shakes head at @Chris Palmer * sanjay
  11. Just to add as its not model related, i wouldnt be surprised if reaper adds the Vex airbrush set as a special goal in Bones 6 (ie. if we reach 2.5 million, you can buy the vex for 25% off type thing). just a guess. back to 5. for those getting multiple ships, is anyone going to modify them? i would have been interested if ship was something unique like the Silent Mary that expanded in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film... or a spelljammer, like monarch butterfly ship hehehe. even for me, that would be way too much work to be worth the effort and im stupid/insane with some of the stuff ive attempted... sanjay
  12. if there is a bones 6, i can begin my ranting for a titan and astral dreadnought :P sanjay
  13. I'm already looking forward to a bones 6. If this starts to ship in April, we'll be on schedule for a sept to Oct campaign... can't believe its been more than a year since we finished that marathon month for bones 5. Sanjay
  14. the bones ship would have to sell for less than the wizkids one right? otherwise ppl would just get that one... (even though the bones one seems better) sanjay
  15. i re-read my post. it wasnt clear. no, i have a Patriot 105 with 3 needles (standard, detail, fine detail) sent to me by Matthieu Fontaine (who also helped with suggestions on the Vex as he was one of the first mini painters in north america using air brushes on models AFAIK). he said it would be good for me to base coat models with (my method of base coating takes forever as i basecoat in super thin layers almost like trying to basecoat with washes and glazes) to guarantee a super smooth finish. Since, as people here know, i prefer larger monsters, it takes FOREVER to paint stuff i care about since just base coating can take days. hence i wanted an airbrush :D my detail brush is an Iwata Custom Micron CM-C+ and i got the smaller needle/nozzle for it from the Micron CM-SB2 (side container version -its compatible with the CM-C+) although the current needle on the CM-C+ is pretty awesome. I managed to get the brush itself and its accessories it comes with, for about 30-35% off normal price (so a huge savings). I wasnt going to get a detail brush, but i liked base coating with the patriot so decided let me try to do more work (ie. basic shadows/highlights, tints,etc) with the airbrush to save time and get those nice smooth results and then go to manual brush, etc after. I was looking at the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity CR plus (which i could get at a store here) but then saw some online ebay stores selling the Iwatas. i sent an offer and they surprisingly accepted. i think due to covid and this was feb 2020, their sales may have tanked and were just trying to get as much cash in as they could so they accepted. (this store was in Asia). Anyways, what Aaron said in more detail. he would certainly replace the 105 with the vex once i got more practice with airbrushing and wanted something nicer than the 105. its an all round better brush in his opinion and it can do better detail work and has that double use nozzle, etc. BUT he pointed out, I dont need a detail airbrush since i got a micron. So the benefit of having a 2 in 1 brush (Vex) isnt going to replace the Micron even though it would replace the 105. In the end, not worth it for me he said. dont bother unless i just want to have a spare brush or something bad happens to my patriot. I have held a sotar but never used it. Also held the CR plus. ive just used the 105 and the micron. I do notice the difference from the 2 but for the price difference, i hope to hell there's a difference hehe. A lot of ppl suggest the Harder and Steenbeck Infinity Cr... My thought is, if the patriot breaks, i would maybe get a vex as the replacement. That said, i really like the feel of the CR Plus. One of the tutorials i watch and people i speak to is Angel Giraldez. Check out his youtube channel. He uses an Infinity CR Plus (he's in europe and since they are made in germany, its easier for them to get over there) and loves it. He also base coats with it, regardless of model size from what ive seen. so maybe, while it may take longer, i would just base coat larger models more carefully with my iwata even if the patriot did break so dont need to have 2. In the end, it does seem like the Vex is good if you want a new airbrush in that price range to replace similar or more basic airbrushes but if you already have a general brush and a detail brush you dont NEED a vex. (unless you sell the 2, to pick up the one and save space). If you have a higher end airbrush, no point at all. sanjay
  16. thanks. ive seen a couple people ask for that as well from new users. some are a bit hesitant cause the folks talking so highly of it are experienced users, many airbrushes would be great for them to use. i spoke to aaron about it. he suggested for me not to get one as i already have an intro airbrush (patriot 105, with various needles) and a high end fine detail airbrush so vex wont help me much, but would like to see how it compares to patriot as im fairly new to using airbrushes as well. last week i did a 2 hour practice session and today an even finer needle arrived for it. should be interesting. playing with thinning, etc for it. but i generally just use inks in them so not much thinning needed, if any. i do see a difference between the 2 brushes, so curious how the vex really is in relation. i still dont have a compressor of my own. using a friends. sanjay
  17. feels nice that im not going crazy buying ships for this kickstarter :D that said, i got the print files for the 31 inch illithid nautiloid spelljammer/astral ship from that patreon (even though i dont have a printer yet) hehehe soooo... would you be able to post your vex tests when you start using it? like various swirls, small and large dots, thick and thin lines? and the thinnest line you can manage, etc? sanjay
  18. Bit late for this reply but I would say yes but it depends. If your current brush is similar to the vex, it probably won't make much difference. I have a Badger 105 with extra fine detail needle but managed to get a high end airbrush for finer details at a great price. I'm new. First used the Badger just last year and don't use often. I saw immediate differences with my iwata. Even I can manage finer spray etc and the spray pattern itself seems smoother. Loving it. Ordered an even finer needle and head system for the iwata. Also I will learn with it so should be more natural for me as I use it Sanjay
  19. maybe ask someone who has a vex? does anyone on the forums have one and an experienced user? Also, what are you comparing it too? Sanjay
  20. In Warhammer, at least early 2000s to 2008 or so rule was bend down and look at the table via the models eyes so in tournaments rules lawyers would hold you to that . 40k had it worse. Ppl would modify their land raiders to have all lascannons on top, then try to say both guns fire at the full front arc hehe (its one set per side so they can shoot straight or on their side, not the full arc) Sanjay
  21. yeah... its me. it bothers me. some of that may be my warhammer background as well. scale there is very important as it directly affects rules/ruling. even some conversions are not allowed (from a tournament POV, and i did play tournaments). its great you want to resculpt your giant kneeling down to look like he/she's doing X, but guess what, if needed, the line of sight no longer gives it sight. sorry! :D Sanjay
  22. The storm giants are the same height approx taking into account the pose: gf9 has legs spread out so not as tall as if he was standing straight. I recall someone put a pic of the wizkids frost and gf9 frost and there were almost identical. A few mm is fine . an inch or so shorter is drastically noticeable... Sanjay
  23. i think 5e raised the sizes of some giants, hence the scale increase (compared to 2e and 3e). i just find it awkward cause GF9 and Wizkids both have official D&D licenses and keep their stuff in scale to each other, so ideally anyone making models that should be companion pieces to those, essentially, should do the same. just me though :D that said, the official wizkids basilisk is pathetic. its the size of a GW/Reaper familiar miniature basically, and since its like medium. technically it fits on a medium base so that tiny size is still correct. so brutally bad imho. use a reaper one or if you want a more epic one. the forgeworld or mierce ones. Sanjay
  24. they said his size earlier in the year on one of those streams (or late last year after the kickstarter) ... if you search this thread, im sure i mentioned it somewhere :D Sanjay
  25. ya i wish reaper would follow the wizkids/gf9 scaling since wizkids/gf9 have the official license. so why not have giants match that size. many people who use reaper minis are using them for D&D afterall :D sanjay
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