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  1. hes around 5-5.5 inches tall. an inch+ shorter than the wizkids and gf9 official storm giants. must be a small cabinet :D Sanjay
  2. i think its a bout in line - arent the prepaint giants like 10-15? if so, lets say this dragon is 6 times larger overall. so 60-90 ? bit extra premium cause its a massive dragon? doesnt that make sense?($100 usd/$130 cad) imagine if it was a higher detailed resin kit - at that size you're looking at $250+. Sanjay
  3. sadly yes. this is the prepaint. the management at wizkids said if it does well and there's demand they may release unpainted in the future. i'll prob just buy this and strip the paint/primer... dont want to wait incase they stop making them for some reason and decide not to do unpainted ones sanjay
  4. the way you say that, implies its something really special or unexpected but im not seeing any new amazing dragon added to the pledge manager. the last one i see was the one from that diorama from a few years ago. am i missing something? Sanjay
  5. https://shop.wizkids.com/products/d-d-avalanche-premium-1 up for pre-order. Dimensions: crouched over and standing at 7.5 inches tall, this figure measures 16.5 inches from nose to tail with a wingspan of 17 inches . NICE Sanjay
  6. might as well, cause its my thing... the ship...not big enough :P its very nice. dont regret not getting it, but it would be interesting. if they had a set of fully scaled spelljammer ships, i'd be all in for that :D question for people. Each bones kickstarter was around summer/fall. Skips a year, then ships the following year and the new kickstarter begins that following summer/fall. does that mean we will still expect fullfillment next year and bones 6 campaign end of next year? Sanjay
  7. i strip wizkids nolzurs with 99% alcohol. Biostrip 20 should also work but i havent used it on them yet. Will use it on the prepainted white dragon coming out in Jan 2021 :D Sanjay
  8. thanks. wanted to make sure he's in scale with the GF9 Collector Series Storm giant. He is. (both being official lines of D&D models). Sad that the reaper bones one in KS 5 is quite a bit shorter cause he looks so cool, but oh well. still looks cool. I need to get the nolzur's one. I hope they do a titan soon (sadly, none in wave 13). Sanjay
  9. Small favour...does anyone here have the nolzur's unpainted storm giant from wizkids? the wave 12 one? if so, would someone be able to measure it from bottom of foot to top of head and then also top of the fin on helmet? (Ie. Without the base) ? regards, sanjay
  10. saw a post on wizkids facebook group, it appears after the white, the next will be green. so im guessing, white, green, black, blue, red in order. half? GW smaug is 560 USD!!! Sanjay
  11. awww which bones 5 dragons dont you like that you got? as you may recall from the long bones thread, im still very disappointed with the downsizing of Argent in bones 4, but i do need a bahamut mini for my current campaign, so got some privateer radiant platinum and started airbrushing him. did a slight mod on the tail to make it a bit longer and change angle. i like the bones 5 dragons - the main 5 colour ones... but i didnt get any of the others. Sanjay
  12. ya thats what i mean. i hope for the red, they do the standing pose on all 4s. they said the timeline is long. hinted at 2 next year. so will see. Sanjay
  13. Thanks all for the help for size. Will check tonight if I have a large square display board for a base for it. Have an idea for a base: have it on some snow covered rocks on a frozen lake (resin for the ice). What i really want is a massive red. On all fours. I never got the old colossal red since hated the puppy pose (on hind legs, even though I know d&d dragons can sit, stand, walk on 2 legs, I think they look better on four). If the white is as big above, the red should hopefully be 16-20 long somewhere and maybe 12-15 high with wings. Kinda like this: I love GW Smaug, prob the second best detailed dragon model (that I've seen atleast) and it's massive ...near 3 ft+ long if it's neck and tail was stretched out but it doesn't have 4 arms/legs which is annoying :) could use a modern style d&d red. Regards Sanjay
  14. hey, checked the wording in the D&D live video just now. I guess since 5e doesnt have colossal as a standard size category im told, these are meant to be the upper range of gargantuan maybe? for 3e, maybe they would be at the start of colossal. in 2e, adults (2e dragons are much larger). I still use the 2e sizing, so i put a miniature on a larger cardboard board according to size i need and say "it looks kinda like that, but the players know the 'counter' its on is the size range). Back to wizkids, what the 2 folks presenting the massive white dragon said was, one of them asked the other a year or so ago that please make definitive dragons, so they decided to do this line of bigger ones. is the colossal red too big? IIRC, 3e dragons were in the 120-150 ft range for non epic dragons. If you use the older standard GW bases, the 1 inch square base was basically a 5 ft square. 2 inch base (what they called large base) was 10 ft square equivalent. So you're looking at 12 to 15 large GW bases long. the red is 14 inches tall, if it was out stretched out it would probably be around 24-26 inches i think due to the tail? so that would be about right. sadly, im having trouble estimating the size of the white. some pics have a d20 but for some reason it feels like its larger than my d20s. not sure. this image im attaching has scale to a medium wizkids figure but i dont know the size of those so not sure. I'm estimating 12-16 inches long somewhere. (if anyone can give a better range, it would be appreciated for a better estimate). im already planning to strip it and basing it (initially it will be a prepaint but the post on FB indicates the wizkids CEO said unpainted ones may come after based on how they sell initially and demand, etc) Like, how wide are those round bases for the prepaint figures? 0.75 inch diameter? 1 inch? regards, sanjay
  15. is that true though? why wouldnt it be huge if the base determines that? Wizkids, who does the official D&D models (in line with the models from GF9 that are also official) have a line of dragons coming, starting in dec/jan, that they said are their new gargantuan dragons and described them as properly sized or something . Here's a pic of the first, the white: https://www.enworld.org/attachments/f53d5c97-bd1f-4dc4-b29c-ba25bced7bcd-jpeg.123086/ Maker: Wizkids / Wizards of the Coast Brand: Icons of the Realms Set: Gargantuan White Dragon, Arveiaturace Date Released: Jan 2021 really like the greek set. so nice!! regards, Sanjay
  16. *wakes up* did someone say Leviathan *while planning where to put another 30+ inch long miniature/model* :) It should be bigger... (i'll just leave this here cause ... its what i do) Sanjay :)
  17. hey, while this may seem daunting, read this (the 2 years of painting). the others are general links. Not for everyone. Some of it doesnt apply and may never. But good suggestion and methodology for a way to learn specific techniques if interested. Ive been looking at a few of those Patreons to see which to join temporarily (but i mainly paint monsters so not all of it applies). https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mTgq-4WdY6KnLqi7OCL-SvKIlBaf2_-Znkmd4jfMfRc/edit?fbclid=IwAR3WnBN54MDg3g0F53mC10c-ojClj0EAT2obEoxmSWFOm379c3xsdlnzamc NOTE: this is not by me Regards, Sanjay
  18. do people think we can use the hippocampus as an actual hippocampus without major work? (ie. if it has cracks on it, etc since its a material on a ship, would need filling, etc) Sanjay
  19. i was going to get Greek, Depths and Favourites, but didnt like anything that ended up in favourites so changed up a bit. Final sets: Greek Depths Daimyo (not a fan of most stuff here, but will sell i guess) Sanjay
  20. questron does models for various board games, concept work, etc. i think its like, how film studios have companies that help with previz, etc in addition to the major effects houses, with use of software, 3d printing etc thats become more common now for models. There are exceptions of course. larger companies like GW do that in house... Sanjay
  21. They may. The campaign kinda became God of War (the video game). They've killed a demigod, and a rank 6 lesser god and they just defeated a 7 in a bit of a modification of the old adventure Dead Gods. Their goal is to kill Lolth, but little do they know, once they get the power to do that, they have something much bigger going on and it wont end there. They are all near level 30, Pathfinder Mythic Rank 5 (on the way to 10) and soon will be divine rank 0. (3rd edition Dieties and Demigods). Right now, the larger scale issue (thats really happening and causing the primary issue in the multiverse) is seeping into their reality and affecting all the planes, prime worlds, etc so they are trying to get a handle of it. in the end i think several cahracters will replace gods in our cosmology or even create new ones. Hell maybe even reshape it completely. i Actually dont have an idea how it will end since it will truly be the skies the limits. its a bit messy to explain but there is literally nothing they wont be able to do if they survive the end so however they want to finish off would be possible i think. Sanjay
  22. :( we havent done a ship... BUT... The campaign I'm DM'ing, the party has a couple spelljammer ships and a major helm they got in treasure and have just gotten control of an Abyssal chaos ship. In time, they will be travelling through a void in reality to reach the nexus of space/time, where the center of the multiverse began (for our modified planescape styled cosmos). is that D&D'ing hard enough? :) in almost 30 years playing, never did a ship before... but planehopping, reality bending, time travel..booyaa!!! Sanjay
  23. was hoping for some really crazy stuff as bonuses added to pledge manager but nothing really there of note. Sanjay
  24. its been a while, so i might as well: too small :P :P :P sanjay
  25. the pumpkin beholder is probably gonna be the coolest thing to paint in bones 5. hehe sanjay
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