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  1. Okay so first off... Thank you all for such a warm reception! I have been working on the mini some more here and there, but my day job really has taken much of my focus. Any time I have to play and sculpt is just that. Mad Jack, I believe you have the right of it. My tools are really simple. I use a tool for most of my sculpting that I got out of a travel grooming set. That two ended piece, I think it's called a pusher, works well for adding on and moving the greenstuff around. For finer details, I use a needle stuck into a cork. The rest is fairly straightforward, cork and wire for armatures, scissors for cutting off bits of greenstuff, and I just started using milliput, but haven't really gotten round to using it for miniatures. I don't get much crazier than that. I've been meaning to pick up a set of tools now that I'm getting into it, but until then I use what I can find. I think my maxim has been so far "It's the skill what makes an artist, not his tools." Or maybe that's just me making up for not having decent tools. So here's an update. I made a lot of progress, and like what has come so far. I brought the top part down into a Monkish type garment that I saw frequently on my reference hunts. I neglected to take pictures each step, but I also put together a base out of cork and greenstuff. I also started roughly painting and I think I might have jumped the gun on that, because I added some extra greenstuff after. like bringing the garment down, and adding a leather pouch to his belt. For the base, I took a large piece of cork and broke it up. I got this from various youtube and pinterest tutorials when I was researching. I wanted to evoke the whole idea of training on/by a river. Seems to be a classic image. I painted the cork black but didn't like how rough it was, so i added some greenstuff to smooth it out. I wish I had taken the time to really document each step like I intended to. I added the pouch on because I thought his back looked a bit plain. I was going to maybe add nunchucks or something else, but I am happy with the small accent of the pouch. Okay, I have to admit, I really like how the pouch turned out. It's probably my favorite part. So this is where I'm at. Also, apologies for the crappy photos. I really need to purchase a decent camera and stop using my iphone.
  2. Thank you, I am an artist so I paint and draw a lot, but never sculpted. The art training seems to help my sculpting though.
  3. I was having some trouble finding a monk miniature that I liked for my D&D character, so I decided to learn how to use greenstuff to make my own. I played around with it and looked up different tutorials but so far this is my third sculpt, and my second using an armature. Anywho, enough about all that nonsense. There's a lot I have to learn, so any criticism and advice would be very helpful! Here's a shot with the reference photo in the back.
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