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  1. Okay so first off... Thank you all for such a warm reception! I have been working on the mini some more here and there, but my day job really has taken much of my focus. Any time I have to play and sculpt is just that. Mad Jack, I believe you have the right of it. My tools are really simple. I use a tool for most of my sculpting that I got out of a travel grooming set. That two ended piece, I think it's called a pusher, works well for adding on and moving the greenstuff around. For finer details, I use a needle stuck into a cork. The rest is fairly straightforward, cork and wire fo
  2. Thank you, I am an artist so I paint and draw a lot, but never sculpted. The art training seems to help my sculpting though.
  3. I was having some trouble finding a monk miniature that I liked for my D&D character, so I decided to learn how to use greenstuff to make my own. I played around with it and looked up different tutorials but so far this is my third sculpt, and my second using an armature. Anywho, enough about all that nonsense. There's a lot I have to learn, so any criticism and advice would be very helpful! Here's a shot with the reference photo in the back.
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