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  1. You're in trouble. Check the Reaper Learn to Paint Kits and see if there's overlap with your current collection. Otherwise, look into the HD paint line. IMO, For beginner, the HD paint line is better, because its "one coat" coverage means you'll get your mini's painted less frustratingly. The MSP triads, however are VERY good for "handholding". Buy a triad and you'll find the right shade of color you weren't sure you were looking for. Also, consider washes, such as Secret Weapon Miniatures and The Army Painter (Quickshade Ink set). I will wash a miniature after priming, to make applyi
  2. Thank you for all the additional replies! With regards to paint, I was also wondering about lighting. I've been painting next to a hobby light, in very close proximity (it's got a white CFL bulb) and I find that sometimes it's really hard to pick out the highlighting I've just done. This is especially true for metallics because of how they react to the light. I find I'll over apply and have to wash down the highlight after, and probably spend more cycles on highlighting/blending because of it. Any recommendations for ideal lighting conditions while painting?
  3. Thank you everyone for the replies! It appears from those PDFs that Set 1 is comprised of the first 108 triads (with 3 bonus colours thrown in). I'm guessing Set #2 is comprised of the next 108 triads, and presumably some of the smaller sets expand on that. I've already started painting but it's getting me excited about other swatches to play with. It's less about having specifically what I want and more about having choice while I'm painting, but I don't think I'll invest in another giant set unless it expands on my set in some meaningful way (washes, inks etc.). do any of you h
  4. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, but have been following a few threads for painting help and inspiration. I'm currently working on painting my first two models after following a number of tutorials (Hot Lead, Forums etc.), and I'm using the Master Series Core Colors Set #1 (108 paints) which is a fantastic set and has pretty much all I need as a beginner. I've got quite a few minis that I plan to paint, and I can't help but wonder what I'm missing with some of the other MSP sets, particularly this one: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/paint%20set/sku-down/09957 Does this ef
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