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  1. Here is where you will go: the current home of the new unofficial Army Creator 2.0.1 is: http://warlord.miniaturegameworks.com
  2. (WARNING FOR ADULTS ONLY) here is a link to check out the my Handmaidens of Keskura https://imgur.com/OeZirf2 and https://imgur.com/GuUpfxv
  3. Welcome to the Warlord club, you are right this game has been overlooked, and it is up to all of us to change that, Reaper did it's part by make the game and putting out for all of us to enjoy, I'm not sure if Reaper needs to do a kickstarter for Warlord. The way I see it the rules are fine the way they are, So! we don't need a rules redo, and I'm not a Bones fan, I like only Reapers metal figures only but that's up to each individual.
  4. To do the troll's buckskin, 1) paint on the plague brown72.039, let it dry. 2) put a wash of sepia shade 73.200. that's it.
  5. well done, how long did it take to paint that bad boy?
  6. New, update. This time it's the Ice troll, love painting this dude.
  7. Thanks guys, but they don't fit the look of my Icingstead army. I got that feeling that I picked the wrong army.
  8. here is another army builder option http://stubbdog.com/stuff/wl/WarlordModels.php http://www.stubbdog.com/stuff/wl/ArmyBuilder.php
  9. Do anybody know where I can buy the Frost Giant Warrior#65111 and a Frost Giant Spearman#65100? Looks like Reaper is no longer selling them.
  10. sorry! but some of my pic's did not come out as good as I wanted them.
  11. Okay, so here is a update. I know I said I was going to do more giants but I just had to do some more barbarians for my Barbarian Army
  12. OK, I see now. I have to repeat some of my figures to get to a 1000 points barbarian army.
  13. So, how would I make a 1000 point barbarian army? Also I, think that rule sucks, It forces you to do a Giant army, only
  14. Under the Barbarians Doctrine, it says this, Barbarian Horde: If the entire Army is Human, all models gain 3" movement bonus during a Charge Action instead of 2", Leader and Elite models with the Tough SA gain a +1 bonus to their Tough checks, any number of Sergeants may be fielded without fielding a Captain or a Warlord, and two "Kaya the Reaper" models may be fielded per 1000 points. So! I take it that I can't take any of the Handmaiden of Keskura, or Winter Wolf and the Ice Toad, Frost Wyrm?
  15. A league is were you and your group would start paying games at 200 points then the next games would be 250 points and so on and you would keep playing up 1000 points and that's where the league will end.
  16. What I was going for was a frost giant look, but do to the lighting you can't see the light sky blue shadow. So! I'll, probably do it some other way or try it like you suggest.
  17. Ok, new update. So! I finally finished Svetlana, I'm not feeling good about the figure's hair, But I guess it will work.
  18. Thanks, for feed back. I was going to do that in one of my games but she got killed, before I do it.
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