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  1. Made with real leather, hand stitched and heat treated. You have your choice of design an color, and each order comes with a complementary CrowScratches D6. This campaign will end on March 10th at midnight, central time. Follow the link to check out the details. www.kickstarter.com/projects/1363199103/leather-dice-cups-from-crowscratches
  2. The KickStarter has been successful! We are now into stretch goals will the first goal all but reached. A full description can be found on the main campaign page, but following is a quick rundown. $1300 - 5th Design, Japanese Kitsune $1750 - Solid Woods 1 - Aspen, Red Cedar, White Oak, and Butternut $2100 - 6th Design $2500 - Solid Woods 2 - Curly Maple, Red Oak, cherry, Walnut $3250 - Solid Woods 3 - Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Padauk, Bloodwood $3600 - 7th Design $4000 - Solid Woods 4 - Yellowheart, Mahogany, Lacewood, Weng
  3. A quick update to the project. Engraved Dice Towers are now shipping worldwide, as opposed to only within the USA. So anyone who took a look and was discouraged that it was only shipping within the US is encouraged to come back by the page.
  4. I would like to share my Kickstarter for Engraved Dice Towers. These towers are made using 1/8th inch Baltic Birch Plywood, and cut and engraved using a laser cutter. This means that every cut is precise and extremely detailed designs are possible. The final result is very sturdy and attractive. When closed it measures out to a simple 6.25" x 4.5" x 2.25" box, making it easy to store or carry with you. There are currently four designs to choose from as well as 7 stains. Stretch goals will include additional designs and the option of getting solid wood boxes. You can see the KickStarter Page by clicking the link below https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1363199103/engraved-dice-towers-by-crowscratches ***UPDATE*** Engraved Dice Towers now ships internationally ***UPDATE*** This KickStarter has been funded! We are now into stretch goals.
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