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  1. Went in with the dragon red to get deep into the shadows and crevices, as well as lining most parts of the Minotaur. This is where it started going downhill... I began adding the Ebony Flesh, which I had tested previously and had good results. This made the minotaur much darker than I was hoping, almost completely covering the red which I hoped would show through the Ebony Flesh. Not sure what to do to brighten him up at this point, kinda discouraged from the way the flesh turned out. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Started working on him when I got home today. The first thing I did was tackle the base with a coat of shadowed stone, and a dry brush of dragon bronze, which came out very gold. I added some grass and painted the symbol in the middle with silver and emerald green for the eyes. Then I used a black ink to create where the shadows from the Minotaur will fall. Base I used a bit of black with the flow improver to get into the hard to reach areas, like under the pauldron and in the crease of the knees. Next I started thinking about skin colors, and decided to go with a demonic look, so a dark redish black. I grabbed a couple of the fish people miniatures I got from the paint and take table at reapercon (because there were hundreds of them) and put a bit of each of my reds on them, then a layer of ebony flesh to see what would look best. Here are the results. From this I decided to go with the clear red for the main skin, and the dragon red for the deep shadows, with blood red in-between. I began with a coat of the clear red over every area of skin, not really being super careful about splashing a bit onto other areas, as they would get painted over anyways. Then I began trying to blend in a little of the blood red, and used a cinnamon red I found in my brothers paints. Stopped for the night before I put on the Dragon Red in the shadows, will try to get that part done tomorrow. Here is the skin so far, Front Back Also, if there is an easier way to add photos, I would love to know it =)
  3. I am going to start on the Reaper Bones Minotaur lord, which will be the first mini that I have done which is not a character for one of my players. I have him all glued together and ready to start! Will post pictures as he progresses, and hopefully you guys will have some feedback for what is sure to be a pretty atrocious minotaur!
  4. Awesome advice, thank you! I was thinking I would do the flesh first, just like you suggested. I've already got it all glued together, but I do have a few gaps, so maybe some greenstuff would be good. I used some of the bones superglue on a paperclip to try to smooth out the lines, but I'm not sure how well that worked, I'll check it out tonight when I get home. Thanks again for the advice
  5. I bought my copy of this while at reapercon, they said it was a con exclusive, but would be available on the site later this year
  6. I like the sound of a demonic color for him, although I was playing with the idea of using a bronze for the skin to make him look like kind of a construct, not completely sure yet though.
  7. More space mouslings like the $2,150,000 stretch addon from bones 3. I love the mouslings, and would like to see more of them in general.
  8. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Bones/latest/77376#detail/77376_w_1 Looking to start this guy tonight, any tips on what parts to tackle first? Have not decided a color scheme yet, so any advice on that too would be great! Thanks in advance
  9. This was my first painting convention I have been to, and the first time I had entered anything in a painting competition. I got so much feedback and advice, I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in the reapercon. I felt so welcome by everyone at the convention, I cant wait to go back again and again. One of the best parts was getting home and going through all of the swag from the raffle and the auction that we were lucky to win. My brother and I felt so happy to be welcomed and invited into the painting community. Thank you all again, cant wait to see you next year.
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