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  1. i agree with the others across the board, but i really like what you've done here. really nice job.
  2. oh they don't. they go through lutes like rangers go through arrows.
  3. just about done painting up the party for curse of strahd. the bard turned out better than i expected, given that i'm a little burned out getting ready to dm this behemoth. cheers.
  4. really fun sculpt. 9/10 would ruin again.
  5. don't know about smoke, but it's definitely a DC 20 strength save vs web.
  6. that must be a new outfit. those cakes don't look like they get a lot of sun. great paint!
  7. back after a 5-month hiatus, and man, the brush was shaky. here's one of my guys who's almost certainly going to die in curse of strahd. hope you like.
  8. oh man, i have that old lich mini around somewhere! i'm gonna lose it i i ever find that box.
  9. this is a gift for my mother. special nod to anne foerster for lighting the path, color-wise. i didn't even come close to what she pulled off on the deer's fur, but it turned out ok, and in any case, my mom isn't even cool enough to hang out on the reaper forums.
  10. really great work on both of these, ghool. super clean with beautiful color work and detail.
  11. boooooooooo! how big is this? can't tell without the wizard.
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