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  1. Lorathorn

    Party Member #4! Seltyiel (89014)

    That's a good suggestion. I may just do that... especially if I take any other pictures of it.
  2. Lorathorn

    Party Member #4! Seltyiel (89014)

    Here is the 4th of 5 party members, done and painted! I would have added more color, but I was working off of a picture reference, so this guy is the "man in black".
  3. Lorathorn

    Almaran the Gold, Paladin

    Super impressive!!
  4. Lorathorn

    Ragnaros, Evil Warrior- 77150

    Excellent blending!
  5. Lorathorn

    Bones 3 stoneskull expansion 301 302

    That behir looks amazing! Did you pin it or glue it?
  6. Lorathorn

    Reaper bones 3 iron golem quick paint -30 min

    That's awesome! Did you use an airbrush?
  7. Lorathorn

    HeroForge Human Wizard

    Awesome job! On a slightly different note, now I want to get one and make a Daenerys.
  8. Lorathorn

    DSM1187: Female Mage on Stairs

    Hehe, I guessed right! Very awesome job conveying that!
  9. Lorathorn

    Bones 3 - Behir

    I should add that yes, it does look amazing!
  10. Lorathorn

    Adventuring Party Part 1

    What is that figure with the wolf? He looks awesome!
  11. Lorathorn

    77346 Barrow Warden 1 Speed paint and dip

    Looks great. I am waiting to paint mine but the #@$%! sword needs to straighten out first. I am so very close after many re-bending attempts.
  12. Lorathorn

    Work in progress Hill Giant Jailor Bones 3

    Nice paint job!
  13. Lorathorn

    60202: Rivani, Iconic Psychic and 77310: Water Weird

    The eyes are amazing. Great work!
  14. Lorathorn

    Callie (PC #3 for Sunday Game)

    Thank you. I had to go over it a number of times. But I was happy with how it turned out.
  15. Lorathorn

    Mangu Timur #2 for my 5e Group!

    Thanks! I was very very happy with the way this guy came out. I am giving this to a fellow player, but I am very tempted to strip and re-paint my other Mangu this way... or a similar color scheme, maybe pick some other colors. Hmmm...