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  1. I was sorting minis today, and I found this by itself. Not sure what it goes to. Any ideas?
  2. Here is what I settled on. I think if I were to change the hair, I'd do like an orange wash.
  3. Yeah, about the beard... I keep going back and forth. Going to try and do one more light dry-brush. As for the wash, I don't have green wash, but I can probably whip some of that up. I'm on the fence about doing the medium flesh dry brush, though. I'm trying to call this one done soon and not fiddle, because I'm worried I'll fiddle it to death. So to speak.
  4. What is the best way to add blue contrast?
  5. What color would work best for lining? Brown maybe?
  6. Given what is already there, how would you change it?
  7. A solar I'm working on as a gift to someone. What do you think, sirs?
  8. That's a good suggestion. I may just do that... especially if I take any other pictures of it.
  9. Here is the 4th of 5 party members, done and painted! I would have added more color, but I was working off of a picture reference, so this guy is the "man in black".
  10. That behir looks amazing! Did you pin it or glue it?
  11. Awesome job! On a slightly different note, now I want to get one and make a Daenerys.
  12. Hehe, I guessed right! Very awesome job conveying that!
  13. I should add that yes, it does look amazing!
  14. What is that figure with the wolf? He looks awesome!
  15. Looks great. I am waiting to paint mine but the #@$%! sword needs to straighten out first. I am so very close after many re-bending attempts.
  16. Thank you. I had to go over it a number of times. But I was happy with how it turned out.
  17. Thanks! I was very very happy with the way this guy came out. I am giving this to a fellow player, but I am very tempted to strip and re-paint my other Mangu this way... or a similar color scheme, maybe pick some other colors. Hmmm...
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