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  1. Wow, thanks to all the backers!!! It was a great campaign. The beast is free for all. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for trust us. Here's the Tamer's Bear compared to the other minis.
  3. Modeling the bear of the Tamer https://www.twitch.tv/juanmilon
  4. Review from Undead Viking's channel,
  5. We don't know it yet, we will decide about it before the end of the campaign. Another modeling livestream of the Tamer. https://www.twitch.tv/juanmilon
  6. Ei survivors!!! Our sculptor is making a live stream while working on the Tamer!!!!! https://www.twitch.tv/juanmilon
  7. We are waiting the Undead Viking's review. He said that after a few gameplays he was ready to do the review.
  8. We are planning some sort of 3D terrain elements too. I have to say that, in a subzone (the square of a tile) you can put a maximun of 4 miniatures. So,extra stuff could be annoying.
  9. Great! Welcome aboard. Now we have finished the second part of the how to play videos. We will post it soon. We will post it with english and spanish subtitles. So, stay tunned. We have some cool addons prepared. One of them is a encounter pack on the travel phase, in the travel phase the encounters are narrative based. But we want to expand this phase with action based encounters. Encounter where you have to put tiles and fight some undead... And not so undead... We will appreciate some feedback from the backers. (I wanted to put an avatar in my profile, but I don't know why I can not do it.
  10. Now live on Kickstarter!!! Funded in 90 minutes!!! Grab your EB for the next 24 hours. Link to the campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1170305761/day-night-z
  11. Hi survivors. We will release the beta version of the rulebook soon. Stay tunned. Less than 72 hours for the campaign to start.
  12. We want to announce a facebook contest. We started the raffle of two Day Night Z core game and all unlocked stretch goals. To participate, just do "Like" on our facebook page and share this publication. https://www.facebook.com/DaynightZ.TheBoardGame/photos/a.765006726891226.1073741828.750233595035206/1251966411528586/?type=3&theater
  13. Hi gamers!!! We are getting closer to the KS day. I want to share a video of an interview in the Mr Play for Life youtube channel. You have to activate the english subtitles that I made for you to understand it properly. Enjoy!!!
  14. Thanks! We appreciate that. Answering your question: Yes it would be more SG about more enemies, we want to add game variety through SG. We have planned some SG about enemies (zombies or humans), characters, encounters, locations, allies, items, etc.
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