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  1. Been excited to paint this guy and finally got around to it. I wanted to stay away from the green everyone else does, so I modeled him after a blue ringed octopus. Very happy with how he came out!
  2. :c Aww, their paint and take is one of my favorite things there...
  3. I didn't see anything about Reaper going to PAX west, but they go every year. Are they going this year?
  4. Thanks! And yeah I think you could make one with multiple LEDs. Especially for a larger mini, that would be really cool.
  5. Gif here ---> http://imgur.com/gallery/nf1aLJB Lazy so I'll copy pasta what I wrote on Imgur. "Made a base for an upcoming project. Its a simple LED and battery and a LOT of hot glue. I got a flickering candle from the dollar store and ripped it apart for the pieces. Then I made an aluminum foil cast and filled it with hot glue. (Foil doesn't stick to it so when it cooled it came right off) It was a lot of trial and error, but I am happy with it. Its intended to look like a volcano with lava dripping down from the mini, hopefully it looks better when its painted!" Anyway I am very excited for this one, I just hope I do the mini justice! (Especially after how long that base took me to make)
  6. I've been watching you do this on Instagram, such a good idea! I love seeing your minis daily :3
  7. Oops, sorry then! I'll fix my first post so it links to it :3 Shes my only "nude" figure anyway I think, so I guess this will be a one time deal :p
  8. The more I look at the picture the more mistakes I see. Blah! Also is she NSFW? Do I need to mark it?
  9. I normally use Apple barrel or folk art paints, but for my birthday (Oct) I got some minis, and they came with some free paint! So her skin is Vampire Skin and the bright red is Fresh blood. The rest are craft paints :p I'm really cheap... I'm really happy with her face, but not too keen on her shading. I used a different technique, kinda meh about it. Link because shes NSFW https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14980745_1362968560389276_3418679112396806477_n.jpg?oh=21960bebe8aeb722fb89e9354d45e828&oe=58C8AC46
  10. I think its a 0/10? Its pretty small. I am using regular acrylic paints though, I can't afford the reaper ones. They are probably too thick.
  11. (Busy week) Finally did the blackwash on the skeletons, you guys were right! Much better. Still gotta attach the fishing line to the bowman.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys! I don't think any of it sounds like nitpicking. :p I want to improve so I'll take any help I can get!
  13. :p They are actually all shaded, but I think one of my biggest problems is going too light on the shading. You can almost see the nuns shading. I always forget highlights though!
  14. Sunday is my groups D&D day, so I'll fix the skeletons up on Monday. I like all the ideas! I think I can make them a lot better :3 Also I like what you did with yours! The orange/red eyes are a great idea!
  15. Okay, I'll throw a wash on the Skeletons after I fix their feet :3 Also thank you for rotating those!! Working on a succubus right now, shes so fun!
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