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  1. Gif here ---> http://imgur.com/gallery/nf1aLJB


    Lazy so I'll copy pasta what I wrote on Imgur.
    "Made a base for an upcoming project. Its a simple LED and battery and a LOT of hot glue.

    I got a flickering candle from the dollar store and ripped it apart for the pieces. Then I made an aluminum foil cast and filled it with hot glue. (Foil doesn't stick to it so when it cooled it came right off)
    It was a lot of trial and error, but I am happy with it. 
    Its intended to look like a volcano with lava dripping down from the mini, hopefully it looks better when its painted!"
    Anyway I am very excited for this one, I just hope I do the mini justice! (Especially after how long that base took me to make)
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    I normally use Apple barrel or folk art paints, but for my birthday (Oct) I got some minis, and they came with some free paint!

    So her skin is Vampire Skin and the bright red is Fresh blood. The rest are craft paints :p I'm really cheap...

    I'm really happy with her face, but not too keen on her shading. I used a different technique, kinda meh about it.


    Link because shes NSFW


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