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  1. I love the apron!
  2. Happy Birthday! I had a great time playing with you and your balls this weekend!
  3. Me! Unless I actually enter something next year, and then I’m not.
  4. Yep. New painting goal. I want to be able to do blends like that.
  5. So here is some progress (?) on Raimy. I fixed part of her dress, changed out the wand, added some detail to the dress, and started working on her skin. I also started working on one of the wings, but I’m not sure which one I want to go with. Thoughts? I think that if I do go with the one on her lantern side, I will still add a bit more white to the feathers in the shadows. Not sure how happy I am with her at the moment though.
  6. Please do! I would also love to see this beauty when it is finished. What an amazing piece.
  7. I agree that the comparison is great. It is definitely encouraging for us newbies.
  8. So, here is a character of mine that just retired. I decided to try and make her a little more detailed and finished. In this session I was working on her hair, OSL, and a bit of blending (but that is in no way finished yet.) Thanks!
  9. It was still in the 80s here last week. Our trees want to change colors, but they are too confused by the very not fall weather.
  10. Re: Bookbinding, Do you have much experience with gold leaf? What kind of glue do you use in your bindings, what kind of size (glue) do you use with your gold leaf?
  11. I don't know yet if I will enter the competition next year, but I am thinking about running some scenarios and working on figures and objects for those.
  12. Ok, so I obviously am failing at this posting thing, but for me it wasn't a movie as much as I associate it with the Animaniacs (I think) version where it says "The audience is now deaf." And Toy Story for the lamp.
  13. Hey look, I finally made it on to the forum! Hi to everyone that I met at Reaper Con. As to the song, blame Ludo... he had the puppy dog eyes. :)
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