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  1. This past Spring. Although a few days ago was close to one. Insomnia.
  2. Every. Single. One. If it has a deadline, I power through it and hate it. If not, I take a bunch of notes and put it on the shelf for later.
  3. Leonardo Perezneto (fine art tips) and Marcello Berenghi... I may have spelled wrong. I used to watch everything they posted. But I haven't for a while now. I'm not sure why, I just don't anymore. My daughter used to sit in my lap and we'd watch it together... she's 10 now and it hurts a bit if she sits on me... that might be related.
  4. Not being creative... but I really enjoyed this one ages ago: C1 hidden shrine of Tamoachan Room 19 the silver coffer
  5. Not sure what I'm most proud of... maybe that I've kept with it. What I would have told myself: 'Go to Chicago!' I had an offer to go hangout and paint with Sue Wachowski and co in the 90s. I didn't, because its a long drive. One of my biggest regrets.
  6. I fail... constantly. I keep going, sometimes I let it go for a bit, but then I return. I write code for a living, I'm a mom, I lift weights, I'm a martial artist, I paint... it is all about try, fail, try again, repeat until you succeed. The martial arts quote is "Fall down seven times, get up eight." Words to live by, there is always something new to fail at.
  7. Ice cream: Breyer's natural mint chocolate chip. Other dessert: Creme Brulee If I'm being good? Broccoli and carrots with Avocado ranch Most of the time... almonds and dark chocolate chips.
  8. Paint, draw or read usually. Play with a cat. Or end up engaged in a strange conversation with one of my kids... most of them are strange, but when I have time they get more so. Peacock green, violet shadow and Red shadow. There are probably others but after those I couldn't read on.
  9. Sometimes (often) they need to just cry theselves out. They will be ok. They wont die or hate you for not comforting them every moment. Put noise cancelling headphones on your wife, force liquids (alcoholic are best) and hold her down or distract her til the crying stops. She will hate you for it, but it is better for everyone. I spent several nights in the basement drinking and crying (with my hubby making sure I stayed there) while my baby learned he'd be ok to fall asleep on his own.
  10. I've always loved vampires (no sparkles), Nosteratu, Dracula (Gary Oldman!) And the book too, Love at First Bite (hehe 'come back black chicken!' ), Interview with a Vampire (the books) though I'd watch the movie again, Lost Boys, I'll think of more later. Of course, Beatlejuice, Addams Family and The Nightmare before Christmas are classic. I'm not a fan of horror, psych thrillers or jump scares. I tend to analyze them instead... the only one I really liked was Angel Heart... still creeps me out... nope no need to watch it again. Will also need to read Amphigorey and some Edgar Allen Poe this season. I have more and more ideas for educating my children...
  11. Yeah, I see no reason to go out there. I like coffee... but not that much. Of course, I spent 5 years working for a small roaster. I have memories to sustain me for now (and cheap caffeine laden black liquid).
  12. Aw darn... I missed coffee day?! I should celebrate tomorrow as the 42th anniversary of my first cup. Wow..yeah. I like coffee. Did not know... this should be an interesting month.
  13. Yup... I've tried for the past 3 years. Haven't exactly succeeded. Maybe this year will be different.
  14. Parenting is easier, harder and weirder than you are expecting. You'll do great, that fact that it is on your list makes it so. I have a 10 and a 12 year old, I will soon have 2 teenagers (one of each)... the fear doesnt go away. Don't care really, don't watch spectator sports. I didn't know they were doing this, I can see why... silence could be awful for the players, and creepy to watch (ever see Hitchcock's Lifeboat?). But I think it would also have a lot of 'miss cues' and the laughtrack feel that I really hate. Music might be better.
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