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  1. Those photos appear to have been taken on the 2nd... The maracas we're added on the 3rd! I didn't think to take pictures of them!
  2. Great seeing you again... I'll need to make sure I try the fudge and maple liquor next year!
  3. Sorry I'm already overbooked this year. Thanks for thinking of me!
  4. Coffe, black.. a few cups (whatever my portion of the pot ends up being). Then black teas... Yorkshire Gold is wonderful. Cowboy cookies! Oatmeal coconut chocolate chip with walnuts. Pecan dreams are second.
  5. Anything. Its a time to express yourself.. as what you are, are not, or wish to be.
  6. Pern ... because Dragons. I wouldn't want to be out in Threadfall, but then who in their right mind would... unless of course you have a dragon.
  7. Probably the 1976 lead balrog. I also have a bunch of limited editions and other ancient stuff (especially if '90s counts as old).
  8. I think it was Onyx from Rackham. I did buy it. I've started painting him multiple times, but have never finished him. I still want to paint him..
  9. The green river formation Knightia I prepped (fish fossil). The skull of Sue would be next I think. Why? Fossils are awesome... duh.
  10. Yeah, won't work. I'm an IT pro... lol... I have ways.
  11. Oh! A game of Paranoia would be so much fun! I'm in for 2022... are we there yet?
  12. Likes: Brinewind Store. The auction is fun as a social event, but this allowed me to get something I wanted within reason. The auction gets way to 'serious' sometimes. Scheduled time between classes. MSP Open in a separate room The displays and doc cams for classes. Dislikes: Shorter classes (especially as the teachers had short notice about that) - yes I know I also like the time between... I'm contrary like that. No con wrap-up. I agree with ChaosWolf on the feeling of just running out of gas. I miss vendor swag too No center aisle (or any aisle) during the awards ceremony.
  13. Planning to be there too... Already planning next year's entries and trying to figure out how I can stop myself from taking so many classes.
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