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  1. "Well, now I seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Boys and girls its a really bad idea to put a sleeping dragon in a headlock. For one you look awfully silly, and well its rather dangerous. Now that is a really big eye that just opened... I think I'll just let go and back away before she decides that I'm breakfast.!" This dragon is a hoarder of books, small painted figures and a selection of well loved japanese weapons. There is also a good selection of well used heavy objects that are apparently just meant to be picked up and put back down. You'll also notice claw marks on the ceiling f
  2. Tom, who taught Russian and World History. He also taught me that I knew more than I thought I did; and if I didn't it was ok to make s#*t up. John, who taught an entire quarter on Edgar Allen Poe and always had hot water in his room for tea or coffee. Peggy who had swamp water aquariums in her class windows. One day she called me out for not paying attention to her lecture, I explained I was watching a hydra bud and she told me to carry on just get notes from someone after class. Judy knew that I already knew how to sew so she just let me work on my own project while she taugh
  3. My room and flights are booked. Time off is approved. Contest painting planning started. Signed up to be notified when I can be vaccinated... Fingers and toes crossed.
  4. My husband is an Accountant, so I just give him the data and it gets done.... and I stay out of his way... so its usually done once we have all the paperwork, sometimes it takes a while to get everything.
  5. I have the Milwaukee County Zoo calendar (we're members, so it arrives without my having to think). I also use a hand drawn Bullet Journal.
  6. Finishing the minis i started for last month's NMM classes with Aaron Lovejoy. Finishing a study of sheer fabric. And tackling a bust I started last spring. I painted myself into a corner, it needed to be painted disassembled which led me to paint sections to completion rather than paint everything at once. Now, I don't think the parts look quite right together but I don't want to ruin what I've done. I know what I need to do... its just paint after all... but I'm a bit scared.
  7. I actually find it *very* helpful to take several classes on the same subject from different teachers. Good plan!
  8. Justin McCoy is a great teacher and also owner of Secret Weapon. I've taken two other classes with him and can recommend. Greg Zuniga is owner of Wicked Elf which make awesome vellum plants; Also a great teacher. I have not taken a class with Dave Cecil, but I've heard good things. You could probably contact them via Reaper to get more specific info on what they plan to cover in class and see which best aligns with your interests. I'm personally taking Mister Justin's class but thats mainly because I haven't gotten to take one of his classes in a while...
  9. Thank you! My daughter wants to take Yeji's Chibi eyes class, but it is past her bedtime... Now I can let her know she can just watch it later ;) Do you know how long after a class runs before it will be available VOD? I know the Reaper team will be busy so I just want to set her expectations.
  10. Both please! Some interesting things to spice it up (fiddly bits) and a good area or two for getting creative.
  11. Not really, but the racoons like to climb our house... I'm really not sure why.. My mother has the feeding covered at her place . She takes care of the birds, deer, squirrels, bunnies, groundhogs, chipmunks, turkeys, a neigborhood cat or two, and the occasional fox.
  12. I rarely skip anything when I re-read, I also tend only re-read if it has been a really long time between reads.
  13. One of my well developed DnD characters names. They have personality to go with them. Gabrielle Fiend ...my primary alter ego since 1996. My second DnD character. Only used once as an alias IRL and that was just a diversionary tactic. Not recommended to meet her in a dark alley, or for that matter a bright sunny spot... Or Lydia Lightfoot ...My Living Greyhawk character... a very different personality associated with this one. But let's just say... she has her own inn now. I've been Dragoneye since my first ReaperCon (2016) If I had to go on the run I'd roll a new charact
  14. No. It usually doesn't require much impetus from other people to get me to do crazy stuff.
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