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  1. I build my own schedule offline anyway... Therefore I lean toward shopping cart.
  2. I gave out around 40 (I got 100 of each) of both of mine. So I have enough of each to not order more this year. I had the same experience with the kids, it was awesome having them ask for ribbons and being so exicited to get them. Introvert was perfect to help get newbies talking. And Inked, well we have a lot of tattoos in our bunch and those that didn't have them made some great spontaneous skin art! Looking forward to this year, I better go paint!
  3. I'm in! yea! The Kraken Mother ... oh yeah :) ... back to work...
  4. Mostly... it happened at 2 am! Turned out i also ended up booked on 2 flights out in trying to resolve the issue (thankfully that got cleared up without the $$$). Wonderful reapercon friends helped get my sleep deprived butt home. I want this year to be less eventful ;)
  5. I'm currently slated to arrive at DFW Wed at 12:30. Leaving from DFW Sun 8:30 pm flight. Up for ridesharing. But hopefully it will not be the debacle it was last year!
  6. They are Neirans from Bombshell miniatures counterblast line. I'm not sure what the bird is supposed to be? But it does kinda look like a chocobo... hmmm. You may have helped me outta my slump. Now to get some free time.
  7. I'm in a slump. But this is the project I'm telling myself I'm working on....
  8. Not really. I used to... kinda, healthy fears more. Fate has destined me to work through them... now its more an interesting curiosity about why my heart rate increased about something. I guess Public speaking is still on my no go list, but it's a lot milder now and it's more because I don't care to work on it.
  9. I am just awful. I've forgotten names in the moment after they've been told to me. I only stand a chance if I make a concerted effort to repeat it out loud, make an association (e.g 'your name's Janice, nice to meet you Janice!. Thinking to myself, like the muppet and conjuring the image of Janice and Dr Teeth). The repeat it to myself after having met them and then trying to recall it the next time I see them. Even this usually fails. And, well, I usually dont make the effort. I just let people know that I'll forget and I won't mind if they forget my name too. It gets me (and often them as well) through the awkward reintroduction next time we see each other.
  10. Smell: I wish I could still smell coffee in the morning. I woeked for a coffee roaster and you have to put my nose i it for me to smell it anymore. :( So bacon! I can smell bacon! Breakfast: pecan kringle (o&h please) and bicuits with sausage gravy.
  11. Any that regularly roll 18 and above. I.e. I hate them all! Some are really pretty though.... I have a set of tiny carnelean dice that are very pretty.
  12. Early - received my 2nd degree backbelt. Late - ReaperCon. :) Amber Garnet
  13. Snow repellent surfaces for streets, driveways and sidewalks. (must be non-toxic to the environment :))
  14. Um, Natural History museum. Dinosaur bones, ALL. DAY. LONG. ;) Barring that, any place that has pretty weapons (so Art or History depending on the museum), or the insanity of House on the Rock.
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