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  1. Avocado. Would not touch it as a kid, love it now. I still despise mushrooms though.
  2. Fifth Element, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, and My Fair Lady (assuming singing the songs as a response to something counts).
  3. Twist ties. I do it subconsciously and on purpose. Cause they're useful. I don't have many now, during the last move my husband realized I had a twist tie horde and has avoided acquiring more and I suspect periodically throws them out.
  4. I try to stick to just one "resolution" This year will be: "I finish the things I start." I set Quarterly goals, so these are all due in by the end of March. 1. Get my Blackbelt in Karate (test is at the end of January), after that I'll review my Kobudo in preparation to start working on my 3rd degree. 2. Lose weight (10 pounds to go) 3. Fix my knee and ankle pain (I just need to keep doing my PT) 4. Learn to paint sheer fabric (Hobby!) 5. Read "The Great Influenza" (learn more history)
  5. A long time ago, I dubbed this the "Admin Aura" I have about a 30 ft radius aura in which truculent computers miraculously start behaving. I know this because they will misbehave again as soon as I am out of range. This can make troubleshooting difficult sometimes... I now spend most of my time coding. I'd like a magical "debug" wand.
  6. Machete (or Axe) Blanket (or towel) Bottle of Rum (preferably glass bottle and 151 proof)
  7. Nope. I must have a gene that should've been weeded out by natural selection. I think dragons are cute... imagine how I feel about bears. I'm more likely to confront an animal than run. I've gotten to play with a lion cub hold a few snakes and feed grapes to fruit bats. I'm really not afraid of hoomans either, not in the danger aspect at least (social situations and idiocy are different).
  8. Alan Rickman. I'm dumbfounded at the thought of answering, why? Because its Alan Rickman... He was amazing even when the only thing I'd seen him in was January Man... but the cup of tea... well, we need that level of skill in the world.
  9. Read, paint, exercise, and play board games with the family.
  10. I think I'll hang with the witches tonight drinking and cavorting and making merry. Though if a selkie's about I'd be up for a swim.
  11. Mischief? Nope, it wasn't me.... Love fires (when contained). My current home has a firepace with a 3 foot square opening. It is amazing. Like having a bonfire in the house. :)
  12. Watching:Twitch mini painting shows. Eating: probably chips and salsa. Drinking: hot apple cider vinegar 'tea' with honey, or water. I don't like being sick; I fight back.
  13. So much... I'm not gonna jinx those though. The end of 2020 for certain; I intend to celebrate this New Years. But this is in progress and would take a lot of unfortunate events to kill. I doubt even 2020 could. My karate blackbelt test is scheduled for the end of January.
  14. Kids carved two pumpkins last night. They did a great job! Roast? Hmm we've been baking pumpkins to make pumpkin bread does that count? Favorite... Lakefront brewery Pumpkin ale... best. Yum. Return question: have you seen an elephant eat a pumpkin? Our zoo gives them pumpkins every year, they revel in it, so fun to watch. They act like little kids on Christmas morning.
  15. This past Spring. Although a few days ago was close to one. Insomnia.
  16. Every. Single. One. If it has a deadline, I power through it and hate it. If not, I take a bunch of notes and put it on the shelf for later.
  17. Leonardo Perezneto (fine art tips) and Marcello Berenghi... I may have spelled wrong. I used to watch everything they posted. But I haven't for a while now. I'm not sure why, I just don't anymore. My daughter used to sit in my lap and we'd watch it together... she's 10 now and it hurts a bit if she sits on me... that might be related.
  18. Not being creative... but I really enjoyed this one ages ago: C1 hidden shrine of Tamoachan Room 19 the silver coffer
  19. Not sure what I'm most proud of... maybe that I've kept with it. What I would have told myself: 'Go to Chicago!' I had an offer to go hangout and paint with Sue Wachowski and co in the 90s. I didn't, because its a long drive. One of my biggest regrets.
  20. I fail... constantly. I keep going, sometimes I let it go for a bit, but then I return. I write code for a living, I'm a mom, I lift weights, I'm a martial artist, I paint... it is all about try, fail, try again, repeat until you succeed. The martial arts quote is "Fall down seven times, get up eight." Words to live by, there is always something new to fail at.
  21. Ice cream: Breyer's natural mint chocolate chip. Other dessert: Creme Brulee If I'm being good? Broccoli and carrots with Avocado ranch Most of the time... almonds and dark chocolate chips.
  22. Paint, draw or read usually. Play with a cat. Or end up engaged in a strange conversation with one of my kids... most of them are strange, but when I have time they get more so. Peacock green, violet shadow and Red shadow. There are probably others but after those I couldn't read on.
  23. Sometimes (often) they need to just cry theselves out. They will be ok. They wont die or hate you for not comforting them every moment. Put noise cancelling headphones on your wife, force liquids (alcoholic are best) and hold her down or distract her til the crying stops. She will hate you for it, but it is better for everyone. I spent several nights in the basement drinking and crying (with my hubby making sure I stayed there) while my baby learned he'd be ok to fall asleep on his own.
  24. I've always loved vampires (no sparkles), Nosteratu, Dracula (Gary Oldman!) And the book too, Love at First Bite (hehe 'come back black chicken!' ), Interview with a Vampire (the books) though I'd watch the movie again, Lost Boys, I'll think of more later. Of course, Beatlejuice, Addams Family and The Nightmare before Christmas are classic. I'm not a fan of horror, psych thrillers or jump scares. I tend to analyze them instead... the only one I really liked was Angel Heart... still creeps me out... nope no need to watch it again. Will also need to read Amphigorey and some Edgar Allen Poe this season. I have more and more ideas for educating my children...
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