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  1. ReaperCon was great! My 3rd and this one was the best. The venue was very nice, 8th floor had hot water, bath and shower and no wedding reception. There were no disturbing noises in my room. The 'fire pit' was not as good this year, mainly because friends were missing, but also, no fire. s'ok though sinceI spent more time at Fort Wappel getting addicted to Creepy resin by @SamuraiJack and convinced that i need to try oils by Wappel. I took an awesome set of 8 classes this year, Thanks to all my teachers. I took effectively 9 each of the previous years. Kids, dont try this at home; I'm a professional (nut that is). I'm currently planning to take significantly fewer next year, but we'll see when the class list comes out. I received 2 silvers in MSP Open this year in Diorama and Painters. Thanks to All of the judges and organizers! Special thanks to those who spent their time giving amazing feedback: Aaron Lovejoy, David Diamondstone, Erin Hartwell, Ian Markon... others too. Made new friends, and renewed old friendships, and even enjoyed the company of strangers, maybe next year we'll exchange names!
  2. OMG! I haven't even started my entries yet! wait, I just got home. sleep first.
  3. Home Safe... see ya next year!
  4. Slept like the dead... until 5. Ugh. Oh well, have coffee.
  5. Im here. Finally. Yea! This room is awesome.
  6. Waiting to board. Security was easy-ish. The mini case needed viewing... not unexpected.
  7. packed! except for you know stuff I need in the morning. Ton of photos taken of my entry. All my show off pieces are now magnitized and in my Tablewar case.Time to relax with a cognac.... hmmm wonder what I forgot?
  8. I picked 805. I could remember the number I didn't see a room map anywhere. how do you know if you're near an elevator or ice machine (my nemisis). Thes, Im a rock climber, were always getting high.
  9. Yes, yes it does. I lost all ability to multitask for about a month. It sucked. Its not just distraction. Be patient. Checked in via app to flight and hotel. Soon... back to packing...
  10. I didn't check this year, but last year superglue was on the no fly list, even checked bags. so if your flying, either skip it or verify with the airline.
  11. Ok. I seriously lapsed in updating this. But she is finally done. She transformed from a bratty fig insisting on derailing my other projects into my ReaperCon Entry. I'll be posting final images once reapercon starts. But a sneak peak closeupof her base...
  12. Full Bar, Cake, Kraken! I love ReaperCon.... ooh and minis too!
  13. ^^^ this is me too. Though I'm tempted to sport a tank so I can show off my dragon. But I get cold... lol.
  14. My haul... added a few things too. @Kangaroorex let me know if you need dimensions or weight info.
  15. I'll be bringing the box with me to ReaperCon next week to hand off to Kangaroorex.
  16. I thought of that too. But I have a pretty full class schedule, so I'll have conflicts if I dont select in advance. I feel the same way about 5e... I just feel like playing, nothing serious. Im gonna review the adventure league pregen tonight and see what fits in my free slots. Including non AL if they fit.
  17. I am coming to ReaperCon. I think Ill have room in my luggage. Now I just need to go through it, pack and finish my entry.... gah!
  18. @Inarah Did you find a game? I'm in the same boat, but looking for a shortcut to pick a game. ;)
  19. Or Living City... lol, that was my first. But I played a lot of Living Greyhawk. I'm thinking of joining a game. I've never played 5e though... (just 3.5 and prior).
  20. @Tripleh5133 made the reservation....
  21. @NomadZeke sorry to hear this. This is one of my favorite threads. I love the crazy challenges. The 'Frozen' one has taken on a life of its own and will be my ReaperCon entry this year. So, Thank you for helping inspire the rest of us! My only advice is, stop beating yourself up about it. Listen to your gut and do what it tells you. Maybe you do need time away, or a different medium or to paint in a closet. Or maybe you need someone to challenge you, just say the word. Its all ok.
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