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  1. Yup, I leave Sunday evening. I booked my return shuttle already.
  2. Sounds good... Can you set it up and let me know? PM me for any info you need from me.
  3. Sounds good. Lets plan it out and if others join us, great. Super Shuttle or other?
  4. @pcktlnt @knarthex @Tripleh5133 At this point we're the ones looking for ride share from Love field. Who's in? I'm the last to touch down at 3:40pm. Looks like supershuttle prices jumped and only direct ride available. $88 one way b4 any discount. Opinions? I'd like to have a plan... I'm a planner....
  5. I vote for purple hat (match the jacket). Golden yellow feather - will contrast nicely with purple and add a compositional element to go with the other golds. You could make one feather red to tie in with the red line in her pants and her hair. This is a favorite fig of mine. I painted her ages ago and frequently use her for my character (I like to swashbuckle). My color scheme is all greens but it may help?
  6. How long are the tours? Wondering if I'll be able to schedule one between classes.
  7. Sure, why not? I had fun playing last year. Im not very active, so feel free to drop me if its not in the cards (pun intended). Forum name Forum pic Wed - Sun
  8. Supershuttle without discount one way shared ride to/from Love is $60. Can you share the discount code?
  9. Agreed. Too long unless we are collecting a group.
  10. Anyone arriving in Love Field Wednesday? Looking to ride share. My flight gets in at 3:40 pm. ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Making a list... Sylverthorne & Mr Thorne arriving where? When? But have 2 seats. LOVE Wed 12:30 Pcktlnt 2:30 pm Knarthex 3:30 pm Tripleh5133 3:40 pm Dragoneye DFW Wed 12:00 pm Haldir 1:37 Chaoswolf 2:00 pm Xiwo Xerase 2:34 pm Dilvish 3:28 pm aturriff has rental - 2 seats 4:30 pm Cranky Dog 8:50 pm SamauriJack
  11. My mom took me when I was a kid... full props at the Oriental (Mke). It was great. Weirdest movie ever. And... it has Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon... and Meatloaf.
  12. Are you logged in? If not it'll just take you back to the purchase tickets page.
  13. Indeed... I was going to take Total Metal too... but decided to go with a theme this year. mostly flesh and OSL classes.
  14. Done! Thu Lets get stoned Painting expressive faces and Eyes Intro to OSL Fri Object Source Lighting Multiicultural skin tones Sat Flesh & Faces Painted Ladies Sun Fur, Feathers and Scales Soooo much good stuff! It was ard to only choose 8.
  15. Is the max number of classes going to be 8 again? It lets you register for more. No lectures, I've taken 8 with a double both years I've been there and I love it. I just need to make the hard choices now if it is...
  16. Placeholder... 4 shadespire dwarves in progress. As well as a ton of others... I like purple... Illithid pirate, hmmmm.
  17. Nice, planning your excuse for being on the floor already!? Hehe
  18. Yup, I was going for a bit Anime... thanks!
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