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  1. How many classes per Admission ticket may be purchased? It says 8 on the ReaperCon site, which is what it was last year. However, I remember a thread (but can no longer find it) where it was mentioned that this might be changing. Can you confirm that it is staying at 8?
  2. Woo hoo! Room and flights booked. I better get painting :)
  3. I like the colors a lot and you have a lava-like look to it. But it is, like you said, missing something. I agree that reflected light from the sword will help. Sculpted flames could make it look more on fire rather than hot. It looks to me more like it is made of lava rather than metal that is on fire, and that makes it less believable as it is not anchored. I think we need to see some of the sword itself. I would add black, charred-looking areas as metal on fire tends to blacken. I think it depends on the look you are really attempting to achieve. Here are links to two of my pieces with fire effects (not my best work.. but examples of the effect of black next to fire) http://www.coolminiornot.com/228264?browseid=18525971has a "hot" flaming blade. http://www.coolminiornot.com/94443?browseid=18525971has a lava base.
  4. I'm not sure I want to live that long... Guess I should have a plan for them in my Will.
  5. Absolutely! I attempt to consider ethnicity in all my figures. I also attempt to add variety to my fantasy flesh colors. I feel I've been reasonably successful. I've found this article to be useful in understanding skin coloration and translating that into painting: http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1310-ethnic-skin-tonesI've done Caucasian (many variations!) African, Japanese, Mediterranean, Hispanic, Drow, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Mermaid, even Orion...
  6. Part 2 Full post and images at: https://dragoneyeminiatures.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/wip-part-2-little-werewolf-reaper-02870/ Continuing with little werewolf (Reaper Miniatures Familiar Pack VI (02870)). I added another layer of Pumpkin Orange glaze to the pumpkin and added highlights with Marigold Yellow. I'm much happier with the color saturation now. A bit of quick research on pumpkin stem images showed that they are typically a dark greyish brown or black in the recesses and mottled green, white and/or tan on the ridges. I decided to simply highlight with green (Golden Olive), making small strokes to give a somewhat mottled look. I next did the underpainting on Little werewolf keeping in mind the light source in front and above as if from the moon. This was challenging. The pose leads to large areas in highlight,others in shadow and few transition areas. Working this out being the point of underpainting of course. If I had been focused on colors and textures I know I would have highlighted and shaded this differently. I surprised myself by learning a few things. I only blocked in the eyes, nose and mouth with black, they looked odd in the underpainting colors and were bothering me. The details will be added later. I also have not blocked in any wolf fur markings. I believe I'll tackle that during the glazing process. Because of the brown underpainting, I think I shall make him a sandy or white wolf. Next up, color glazes on the fur, textures and markings.
  7. Full images are at my blog post here: https://dragoneyeminiatures.wordpress.com/2016/11/24/wip-part-1-little-werewolf-reaper-02870/ This little werewolf is from Reaper Miniatures Familiar Pack VI (02870). I’ll be posting additional self-critique as the work progresses (hence WIP). All paints are Reaper Master Series Paint except where noted. Underpainting colors: Walnut Brown (#09136) , Lonestar Leather (#09284), Bleached Linen (#09436). Pumpkin: Pumpkin Orange (#09670) thinned to glaze with Vallejo Glaze Medium (#70.596) and water. Stem: Intense Brown (#09138) thined to glaze. I’m simultaneously working on 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock for The Official Quarterly Reaper Group Bones Painting Contest #2 For Satheras, I decided to try my hand at a new (for me at least) technique of underpainting and glazing. After making significant progress, it dawned on me that I hadn’t actually tested the technique prior to using it on a contest piece. While this contest isn’t something I’m truly concerned about (its a fun contest primarily for motivation) I’d still like to finish and show well. Anyway, I can’t show Satheras until after the contest. Little werewolf is my test dummy… poor guy. He’s small, was already primed and the pumpkin was a good test shape. What is underpainting? This is not a new technique! It was used by the old masters to develop the contrasts and tone of the painting before adding color. I’m no expert, a Google search will provide a plethora of information on this. I found this article to be informative: http://www.jerrysartarama.com/blog/underpainting-why-you-need-to-do-it/ My interest in attempting this technique stemmed from my trip to ReaperCon in October with my introduction to Portraiture from Jess Rich and “Sketch Style†from a brief discussion with Matt DiPietro (http://www.contrastminiatures.com/) I have also had several discussions on this topic with my mother, who primarily works in large-scale oils, I’m not ready to try out her formulas, but eventually I will. Creative-overload, check! These first two images show the underpainting on the pumpkin. Next time I’ll use a blue background, white makes it hard to see. The light source is intended to be in front and above as if from the moon he is howling at. The last two images are after a glaze or two of Pumpkin Orange and a glaze of brown on the stem. I need to have lighter underpainting and more layers of colored glazes. I also don’t like the way the stem turned out. For my next session, I’ll research pumpkin stems and try out underpainting on the wolf.
  8. Oddly, no. I think I talk to just about every other thing you're 'not supposed to talk to.' This is gonna bug me now. I mean, why don't I talk to them? Did we have some kind of falling out that I can't remember?
  9. Done. The bouldering (rock climbing) cave is a great place. Its way easier to talk to people with an obvious shared interest. I'm pretty sure I talked to at least six strangers in the 2 hours I was there. Harder though, I set up a playdate for my son, got him there and survived small talk with his friend's dad. Nice guy, but, bad environment for me to be social. I hate small talk, it always feels like the 'red alert' signals are going off and all I want to do is escape.
  10. It took a long time for this one to take hold. When I was debating my Major in college my mother told me "Just pick one and get a degree. In the end, it doesn't matter. You won't work in your field anyway." I thought this was an absolutely horrible thing to say. I was already making myself sick at the thought of making the wrong decision, how was this supposed to help? BUT, it did and she was right. I don't work in that field. Getting my degree mattered, what it was in really wasn't that important. Making decisions isn't that hard and it's ok to be wrong and make mistakes experiences. To whit, I have a BA in History. I work in Finance Ops. :) Damon. I have a BS in BS! lol (Biological Sciences), minor in Russian. In High School I majored in Music. I'm an IT Automation and Virtualization engineer.
  11. It took a long time for this one to take hold. When I was debating my Major in college my mother told me "Just pick one and get a degree. In the end, it doesn't matter. You won't work in your field anyway." I thought this was an absolutely horrible thing to say. I was already making myself sick at the thought of making the wrong decision, how was this supposed to help? BUT, it did and she was right. I don't work in that field. Getting my degree mattered, what it was in really wasn't that important. Making decisions isn't that hard and it's ok to be wrong and make mistakes experiences.
  12. We ran a Godlike campaign for a while and my friend made a character with an extremely odd power. He had the ability to turn others into insects. Unfortunately, he did not select the power to change their size. So for a time we were plagued by hit and runs from a giant Praying Mantis that had once been a Japanese soldier. Tanks are not necessarily safe hiding places, btw. The best was when he targeted the guy with a flame thrower.... and turned him into a giant moth... with a flame thrower. Most amusing suicide ever.
  13. My first character was a thief named Lessa (AD&D), a klepto. Several memorable moments but this best was when she saw some really pretty gems for eyes in a sculpture.. The group noted them as magic, but there was other, more accessible treasure. So, when the rest of the group wasn't really paying attention, so she climbed up, got out a dagger and attempted to pry one out... At which point she was transformed into a monkey. I believe the group kept her that way for quite some time. ;) I think I need to play a klepto again, always leads to fun and adventure!
  14. This is me being selfish and longing to experience winter vicariously. I know it's not winter yet, but it's still humid and 80F/26C down here. I smell cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint. I think of fuzzy green plaid scarves. I want hot chocolate, eggnog, and roasted, candied pecans! Snow's supposed to make a very crunchy sound. I bet I'd really like that sound. And snow! On HILLS! sometimes it's crunchy, sometimes squishy, others slushy, or slippery, there's also the fluffy stuff like feathers that float around as you kick them, theres the sand-like stuff that makes a cool shushing sound. Its all well and good until you realize you need to get up an hour early to shovel tbe heavy crap out of the driveway (in the dark) and then take twice as long to drive in to work. sigh, nope, not ready for the crap to fall yet.
  15. Thats easy... SNOW! also a fire in the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate (or mulled wine). Downhill skiing and hot buttered rum.There is the downside of it too... but lets not go there yet, Winter will be here soon enough.
  16. Oh, I LOVE it. I thought my dearly departed cat Martini was a bruiser, but Tommy has him beat. We got Martini in Philadelphia, tiny little kitten with GREAT BIG PAWS. That night I made Martinis, put them on the table and went to get something. When I returned, the little punk was standing on the table drinking my Martini... hence the name. He grew into those paws, and he'd box you if you tried to pet him. Maybe I shoulda named him Rocky. I had vets politely ask me not to bring him back, I even sedated him once - it didn't work. He used to take D20s in the bathtub to knock them about, I found one broken in half one day. Marti would have been on the NPC side of things for certain, Perhaps a Giant with Fighter levels (not a barbarian, he was more the cold-calculated killer type). Sorry your Tommy was poisoned, that's awful. Marti died of Kidney disease and unfortunately it looks like that will take Ashes soon too. Cheers to the big loving bruiser pets, RIP.
  17. Both my kitties are old men, of the grumpy and somewhat lecherous variety. Ashes "Underfoot" is a Bard, in his youth he may have sung well and crooned for every pretty thing. But as he's aged he now sings in a gravelly, well past it prime voice merely to find a nice warm spot to spend the night... and day. Jack "In the Box" is a Swashbuckler, although his lack of dexterity makes this interesting and comical to watch. The fact that he is an old man doesn't stop him and he will still swing from a chandelier to land, in a heap, facing the wrong way, with an "Oof!"... and and "ow..." somewhat in the general vicinity of his enemy. But, be warned, when he isn't showing off, he can snatch a bird on the wing.
  18. It does seem a bit busy, especially in front. In your next update, could you do a closer image so we can see the detail better? The cloak is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the final piece.
  19. Thank you! He actually has the slit for the pupil. The eye facing the camera was slightly deformed and not smooth and I guess the pupil is painted on the edge of the deformity so it isn't showing. My photo from the other side was blurry and I was lazy so didn't retake it. I will see if I can get a better picture tomorrow. The lighting kind of washed him out anyway. Pictures never do us justice.
  20. Very nice work! You captured the croc coloring well and I like the somewhat surreal coloring. The eyes, claws and teeth need a bit more love. A slit for the pupil and some more shading or yellowing. AWESOME JOB!
  21. Thanks! After the con and taking pics, I wish I had positioned the horse with the abdomen up more and the head twisted back and over (opisthotonus). It would have been a more realistic death position as well as better for pictures... and more disgusting :)
  22. More images can be found here: https://dragoneyeminiatures.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/2016-11-6-oculus/ So, I bought this guy back when Magnificent Egos was still around (I think in their first year or so). I loved the notion of an Undead Beholder. I’m still not sure if it makes it more or less scary. I mean, wouldn’t it be less powerful? But, role playing aside, he’s a fun sculpt. He is also extremely heavy! I had him on a poor choice for a grip while I was painting in the last throws before Reapercon 13 and screwed up my wrist. Luckily My chiropractor and PT were able to patch me up so I could paint more. I entered Oculus in the Painter’s division even though only he or Pearl would be judged. The judges selected Pearl (see previous post) and Oculus was not judged. I could have entered him in the Open division, but decided painter’s was a more logical choice. The base sculpt has Oculus with intestines hanging from his mouth, and that’s it. Where these intestines came from is left to your imagination. This was unacceptable. I added a dead horse. Conveniently, I had a skeletal horse in my “why do I have these?†pile of figures to be used as bits. Of course, a skeleton doesn’t have intestines… so I added the flesh, partially flayed and gory, leaving exposed bone and a nice empty abdomen. Good enough story for me! Now onto the painting! The eye, Google gave me this amazing image of a red eye and I went with it, I learned a hell of a lot about painting eyes from this figure. And while I felt I did it justice, I learned more upon critique from Jess Rich (who, oddly, was the only one I asked for critiques from on this fig). “Eyes are like gemstones.†Oh! goddamnit! Dark on top and light on bottom. Well crap. I thought I learned a lot, but there you go, I’ll need to paint another beholder (the group is going to kill me!). I enjoyed painting the exposed brain, and as well as the exposed skull on the back of the head (?). I found another use for my favorite discontinued color Spring Green (as part of a mix) in highlighting the intestines (Really people, obnoxious colors need us to buy them). All the flesh though… ugh! This is an awesome figure, but it seemed that every time I analyzed an area of flesh closely, I’d find more damaged tissue, exposed muscle or bone, etc… This was a good thing of course, or I would have died of boredom painting brown, brown, brown…. purple. Oculus and Pearl represent my painting skills and flaws quite well. In retrospect they were the best choices to enter into the Reapercon Open. What I learned this year from critiques and classes will catapult my skills forward. Please feel free to critique Oculus (and Pearl), I welcome your input! If you would prefer to PM your comments you can do so on the Reaper forums.
  23. Yup! From Magnificent Egos (available from Piazo). He was fun to paint... I'm still not sure if being undead makes him more or less scary. Definitely creepy.
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