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  1. Thanks! I hate basing. Aw, damn!... now I've said it. sigh. (if I hate something I have to do more of it until I like it) ...expect to see more bases from me... *pout* I'll do a write up on my Undead Beholder next week, when I can squeeze in some time (this is in seriously short supply). He wasn't judged so I'll be looking for good critiques. I also need to post a WIP! I started a new one today using techniques I picked up at the con, and I love it! Sheesh, I'm really thrilled about brown paint on plastic....lol
  2. Oh, no, I'm grateful for the critiques! My intent was to share them and reinforce what I learned this year. I was joking about dipping her! Phew! If we joke like that we use purple, then it's clear to all. Like : I hate Bacon! Ah, I see... thanx
  3. Oh, no, I'm grateful for the critiques! My intent was to share them and reinforce what I learned this year. I was joking about dipping her!
  4. Images can be found here: https://dragoneyeminiatures.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/2016-10-30-pearl/ Pearl started out as a monochromatic painting challenge (on a purple theme) that I didn’t finish. I got the idea to do ‘Sin City’ style accents on her scales with Mint Green (Reaper M.S.P. #09263). My happy trees brain went ‘ooh!’, then ‘ooh, ooh!’ and the colors flowed and, not so monochromatic anymore. But man, I love Mint Green now! The seaweed is my addition, and I did everything you’re not supposed to do, ’cause I didn’t know better. It’s a length of wire with green stuff flattened around it and yup, it bubbled and was a pain. I kept at it until it did what I wanted. Mint Green was no good for highlighting. I instead used Spring Green (Reaper M.S.P. #09146 – discontinued color), another lovely color and was quite pleased with the harmony/discord between the two greens. As is my wont, I painted the face first and considered the base last, to my detriment. On the base are talus rocks tossed on and colored to match the figure with a hint of underwater lighting (there wasn’t enough space to pull that off effectively). Note to self: If I love to see obscure little details in bases…. so do others, add them! Part of an anchor, fish, an octopus… that’s fun and interesting; Colored rocks is boring. My light source is… just ok, I could do much better. I’ve figured out highlights, now I need to study shadows. Blending, sigh… I thought I had this, but alas, no. My blending is good in some areas, but not everywhere. Perhaps I felt rushed, but excuses aside, I need to work on my transitions more. I hate her and shall toss her in Pine Sol! No, she deserved her Silver and I love her. I thank the judges for their time and critiques. To sum up: Awesome colors. Quality of blending is inconsistent. Shadows are needed to define the light source and the base is boring.
  5. Just for clarification; that did not happen at the 'con.It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Yes, you should!! Welcome to the asylum. Thanks for the lifts, too! Edit---ooops, forgot what I learned: --I need to work on my shading/highlights a lot more --drybrushing has it's uses, but don't overdo it --I'm actually a little better at sculpting than I thought (based on a sculptor's comments on my Colossal Skeleton) You're welcome too!
  6. Mint Green and Spring Green are 2 of my favorite highlight colors! I also went out and got a big bag of little wood disks to practice portaiture on. Now to get to it.
  7. Well, the rides were still appreciated!! You're Welcome!
  8. I learned: Not to bring stuff to do in the evening, 'cause I'm just going to go to the fire pit and drink Dilvish's rum. Rental cars are handy, but are pieces of crap and really expensive. This also reinforced that I really hate automatics. Sleeping is overrated, I'll have to catch up at home. I should take Monday off too so I don't miss the Auction. The light produced by my travel lamp is useless in the convention center. I should "Hang out" on the Reaper forums and I needed a new account with a better name. Jessica Rich is an awesome teacher and I can't wait to start adding more freehand and portraiture to my figs. I've learned that fluids, translucent fabric and NMM aren't as hard as I've been making them out to be and I just need to practice. My blending needs more work :( Sculpting little itty bitty faces is HARD... but I'll be practicing... 8 classes (9 sessions) is considered a lot by pretty much everyone (though I was fine with it). I think I'll only take 7 next time... but that's just so I can do some social painting. I need to spend more time on basing and display (borrrring) My husband's glasses and mine look the same ... but are VERY different! I now have cool leopard readers which should fix that confusion. I'll be back next year...and I'll be starting the contest pieces tomorrow.
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