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  1. My room and flights are booked. Time off is approved. Contest painting planning started. Signed up to be notified when I can be vaccinated... Fingers and toes crossed.
  2. My husband is an Accountant, so I just give him the data and it gets done.... and I stay out of his way... so its usually done once we have all the paperwork, sometimes it takes a while to get everything.
  3. I have the Milwaukee County Zoo calendar (we're members, so it arrives without my having to think). I also use a hand drawn Bullet Journal.
  4. Finishing the minis i started for last month's NMM classes with Aaron Lovejoy. Finishing a study of sheer fabric. And tackling a bust I started last spring. I painted myself into a corner, it needed to be painted disassembled which led me to paint sections to completion rather than paint everything at once. Now, I don't think the parts look quite right together but I don't want to ruin what I've done. I know what I need to do... its just paint after all... but I'm a bit scared.
  5. Both please! Some interesting things to spice it up (fiddly bits) and a good area or two for getting creative.
  6. Not really, but the racoons like to climb our house... I'm really not sure why.. My mother has the feeding covered at her place . She takes care of the birds, deer, squirrels, bunnies, groundhogs, chipmunks, turkeys, a neigborhood cat or two, and the occasional fox.
  7. I rarely skip anything when I re-read, I also tend only re-read if it has been a really long time between reads.
  8. One of my well developed DnD characters names. They have personality to go with them. Gabrielle Fiend ...my primary alter ego since 1996. My second DnD character. Only used once as an alias IRL and that was just a diversionary tactic. Not recommended to meet her in a dark alley, or for that matter a bright sunny spot... Or Lydia Lightfoot ...My Living Greyhawk character... a very different personality associated with this one. But let's just say... she has her own inn now. I've been Dragoneye since my first ReaperCon (2016) If I had to go on the run I'd roll a new character and go with it... I never figure out the name until the end. But the process would give what I need to slip into the role and be someone else. Epitome. Ep ih tome Like it's spelled... duh? Lol
  9. No. It usually doesn't require much impetus from other people to get me to do crazy stuff.
  10. Senior year, spring break, my friend (also named Heather) and I went to San Francisco. My first trip without my family and we had so much fun. The mimosa breakfast was hilarious.. it involved way too many beverages. I think we had 6 glasses/cups and one tiny plate each. The waiter asked us if we would like more 'jews'... and well... I seriously hope we tipped the poor man well. That same day (I think) we also visited Alcatraz. We got the walking tour recording and the proceeded to walk the tour in the wrong direction... we learned a lot, out of context. The last ferry was at four (If I remember correctly...) and when they blew the whistle to embark, we were on the other side of the island. We ran like two musician nerds with the same name have never run before. I actually had to jump a little gap as they were pulling away when we arrived. And that was the night I almost spent on Alcatraz.
  11. Nothing. That's weird isn't it? I keep my purse completely empty. I only put what I need in it when I need it. My 'wallet' is my phone case and has my id and 2 credit cards... effectively nothing. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of random stuff... I just dont carry it around with me.
  12. High fructose corn syrup <insert healthy eating rant here>
  13. 1. I own a 50 million year old fish 2. I can deadlift 300 lbs 3. I once superglued a smashed eggshell back together
  14. Both cats... Randall = Shadow Chaser = Speckles (He doesn't chase his tail... he chases his tail's shadow) Klondike = chonk or chonky butt = marshmallow = meatball (yeah he's fat)
  15. Nah, we all tend to tell inside jokes and then need to tell the whole story to the ones not yet on the inside.
  16. Earth. I always imagine the rocks smiling when I call them to pummel some a hole. I've done commission painting and worked in a game store on the side. That was BC... before children. Cross country skiing. It seriously took me a long time to come up with that... but I really find it awful, I like downhill skiing. Cross country skiing is worse than running (my runner up.. hahaha) because it makes something fun into something so droll. At least running is honestly sadistic.
  17. Avocado. Would not touch it as a kid, love it now. I still despise mushrooms though.
  18. Fifth Element, Princess Bride, Labyrinth, and My Fair Lady (assuming singing the songs as a response to something counts).
  19. Twist ties. I do it subconsciously and on purpose. Cause they're useful. I don't have many now, during the last move my husband realized I had a twist tie horde and has avoided acquiring more and I suspect periodically throws them out.
  20. I try to stick to just one "resolution" This year will be: "I finish the things I start." I set Quarterly goals, so these are all due in by the end of March. 1. Get my Blackbelt in Karate (test is at the end of January), after that I'll review my Kobudo in preparation to start working on my 3rd degree. 2. Lose weight (10 pounds to go) 3. Fix my knee and ankle pain (I just need to keep doing my PT) 4. Learn to paint sheer fabric (Hobby!) 5. Read "The Great Influenza" (learn more history)
  21. A long time ago, I dubbed this the "Admin Aura" I have about a 30 ft radius aura in which truculent computers miraculously start behaving. I know this because they will misbehave again as soon as I am out of range. This can make troubleshooting difficult sometimes... I now spend most of my time coding. I'd like a magical "debug" wand.
  22. Machete (or Axe) Blanket (or towel) Bottle of Rum (preferably glass bottle and 151 proof)
  23. Nope. I must have a gene that should've been weeded out by natural selection. I think dragons are cute... imagine how I feel about bears. I'm more likely to confront an animal than run. I've gotten to play with a lion cub hold a few snakes and feed grapes to fruit bats. I'm really not afraid of hoomans either, not in the danger aspect at least (social situations and idiocy are different).
  24. Alan Rickman. I'm dumbfounded at the thought of answering, why? Because its Alan Rickman... He was amazing even when the only thing I'd seen him in was January Man... but the cup of tea... well, we need that level of skill in the world.
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