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  1. Its so variable I dont really know. Usually nights and weekends. But I will grab a lunch hour here and there. I got roughly 3.5 hours today.
  2. I have to remember this one for my Halloween decorating... Well, we call it the end of Construction season and the start of Snow Plows around here. With a bit o luck we might get a week or two of tree color change time. But sometimes we skip that one. Its 2020... I expect the trees are just gonna shrug and dump all their still green leaves on my car.
  3. Arrgh.. too many to count. There be lads and lasses, skellies, a kobold and his doxy, mouslings and orcs, even an Illithid captain. Oh and a certain figurehead. No ships though... except that one sunk by a dragon. I fear that the dragon is the only one who be clothed in paint. For meself, the best I can do is an eyepatch.
  4. Rammstein's cover of Stripped by Depeche Mode. I think I like Rammstein's best... it makes me laugh.
  5. Numerate. Not fast, and not all in my head. But numbers (as well as letters etc) and I get along.
  6. Not that I can think of... but I'm sure something will come to me when its inconvenient.
  7. Rarely. The highest floor I've worked on is 14. And that had my office in the elevator bank access room. Could've been in a basement and would've seemed the same. Sigh, the life of an IT pro.
  8. I used to go section by section. But I realized it was causing me (specifically) problems as an artist. Then I learned to basecoat everything and then go work details.... that really didn't work for me either. Now I sort of 'Wappel it'. But watching me paint feels more like watching a train wreck... Wappel is like watching magic.
  9. For in person I arrive on Wed and go until Sun. So it seemed about the same, but not quite as long as last years award ceremony.
  10. No, but ReaperCon is about painting for me. We've started playing our home game over Roll20. Its better than nothing and like virtual painting classes has pros and cons.
  11. I think I'm a ReperCon overloading professional. I seem to have outdone myself this year. My daughter is taking 3. Ive done 7 so far, am scheduled for 2 more. Ive done the QCC as did my daughter. And I've been trying to pick up oils at Fort Wappel. I also intend to take one or two that I had overlaps with that will be available on Twitch/VOD later. I have two kids who will both be virtual, luckily they are old enough to just need check ins. Both my hubby and I have been working from home since March and have been told it will continue indefinitely. I'm good with it, I worked from home about 50% before, I like it. My cats seem to like it too...
  12. I think I like Twitch best. But Discord has nice features, I just feel lost most of the time. I will need to computer detox soon. As an IT professional I'm getting way too much screentime.
  13. Was planning to 'stop by' but I have a class scheduled during part of it and family stuff.... so we'll see.
  14. So, yeah... maybe I won't be getting advice on my new studio from y'all! Lol, you are as bad at it as I am.
  15. Yes. It is a mess. I actually paint more often at the dining room table. My space is in a finished basement and I dont like it there. But, we have just started working with an architect to put an addition on our home. Mainly for a larger kitchen, but I'm getting an office/studio! 1st floor and I get to design it. Like to how big it is and where are the windows, electricals and lighting. It is really exciting, but also quite daunting. So many choices that I've never had before! I think I'll be reading through everyone's answers and taking notes...
  16. What's interesting is the same could be said for both of my picks... hmmm. Minis... I dont actually paint most of them anyway...?
  17. Paragon in transformation. Male, his eyes gouged out, pulling away from the ship as the wings of 2 dragons emerge from his back and the sides of the ship.
  18. OK... there were a LOT on my list. But I decided on the one I like to fly. It has seriously been a while since I flew an LDR, I might have to challenge the hubby.
  19. No, no I do not... I'm not getting one... really, I can't. I mean its like adding on another hobby... I really shouldn't, I mean can't... won't. Aw darn, yeah I'll probably break down and get one.
  20. We went on a Royal Caribbean 7 island cruise for our honeymoon. That thing was massive. Blue liner
  21. 22: hmmmm.... I've acquired a lot. Probably K0-Hana. 23: Painter. I play, but minis are kinda optional in our games (esp now). I am starting to collect painted pieces from other artists... I've actually gotten pretty excited about doing this, but need to pace myself financially and get a good display case.
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