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  1. Yes. No Yes. I have binders of ripped out articles and references. I also have digitals.Basically a pretty obscene reference library. I periodically buy digital magazines, but I don't subscribe.
  2. Yes. This is my vacation time and I plan to still take it even if its completely different. I'm hoping there will be a few classes for my kids, since they can attend now. Its also my birthday.. Good luck on your CPA exam! Fyi. My hubby is a CPA. Feel free to PM me if you need advice, have questions, etc...
  3. Of the painted ones: Mousefuratu (FAMILIAR PACK VI Rat vampire) or Oculus, the undead beholder (Magnificent Egos) Of the unpainted: Aeon Trespass: Hekaton Kids' toy repairs. My daughter's friends started sending toys home with her to see the 'toy doctor' Its handy to have ALL the glues.
  4. So many thing to choose from! These are my Karate and Kobudo belts, trophies and a few of my weapons. I'm currently a 2nd degree blackbelt in Kobudo and a high brown (black is next) in Karate.
  5. You and my hubby... he's still trying to get our kids to learn the fifty nifty... maybe I should get him the dino song.
  6. Triceratops has always been a favorite. I also really like Ankylosaurs. Elasmosaurus isn't a dino but is pretty awesome. And just because it was so fun... I used to prep dinosaur fossils.
  7. Yes!!!! 100% my dragon! Thats even my drink. Except I want a big one that I can ride and will eat my enemies. I am ok if the cognac bottle is to scale with a larrge+ dragon.
  8. I seriously need more info here... Are we limited to Animals as defined in a monster manual? Or can we also select from fantasy beasts and their ilk? Are we limited to only one? Only one type? or a list of our choosing based on say HD? yeah, I've played a few druids... sooo... In our current campaign have a huge Gorilla companion and am raising a baby cobra. Tiki, the gorilla is a TANK and frequently carries the gnome fire wizard into battle... our enemies must be so confused when they die. I've always wanted to have a "swarm" of animals ... rats, squirrels, cats, parakeets... DM never lets me :( He thinks it would be too ridiculous. I think it would be great to be a beastmaster and have a bunch of awesome animals ... Do I really only get one? If I can't have a Dragon... I'll take a Snow Leopard.
  9. Broke my cup (Ive had this one for 30 years) Then my daughter needed an appendectomy (all is well now) And my 18 year old cat died. I might have missed something... but its been a bit rough. Im putting the pieces back together... and hopefully making it better.
  10. Jeans and t-shirt... except when its hot... then shorts and tank top. Boring plain and simple. I'm IT so this is work too. This weekend is pretty mellow.. the prevous few have been crazy so lets hope it sticks to the plan. Biggest plan is trying to finish the kintsugi repair of my favorite coffee cup whose crash a few weeks ago started this insanity. Its really very symbolic for me now.
  11. I'm in again. Need to decide when and for how long (stupid adult responsibilities). But I'm gonna try to finish... well make significant progress on .. my Nakatu bust.
  12. My state... cheese! My house... the fireplace.
  13. First level phones for IT tech support. Glad I can laugh at anyone who suggests that now. I still get the jitters when my work phone rings. People who know me know you need to text me before you call unless its a real emergency.
  14. College... Got the best degree ever: A BS in BS seriously I have a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. I also have a minor in Russian Language. Then grad school, escaped from where that was headed... Then got a tech school diploma in IT, tried to go back for Master degrees twice and just couldn't take it. I got great grades, but I spent a lot of time arguing with the teachers about 'the real world'. I knew I didn't need a higher degree then... There was the flock of pigeons in Philly that mugged a lady for her bag of popcorn... There was also the two-headed kitten (still-born) I had the unique opportunity to dissect in Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates. I'm not sure which was stranger, the kitten or the Bio Sci majors that wouldn't touch it.
  15. I build my own schedule offline anyway... Therefore I lean toward shopping cart.
  16. I gave out around 40 (I got 100 of each) of both of mine. So I have enough of each to not order more this year. I had the same experience with the kids, it was awesome having them ask for ribbons and being so exicited to get them. Introvert was perfect to help get newbies talking. And Inked, well we have a lot of tattoos in our bunch and those that didn't have them made some great spontaneous skin art! Looking forward to this year, I better go paint!
  17. I'm in! yea! The Kraken Mother ... oh yeah :) ... back to work...
  18. Mostly... it happened at 2 am! Turned out i also ended up booked on 2 flights out in trying to resolve the issue (thankfully that got cleared up without the $$$). Wonderful reapercon friends helped get my sleep deprived butt home. I want this year to be less eventful ;)
  19. I'm currently slated to arrive at DFW Wed at 12:30. Leaving from DFW Sun 8:30 pm flight. Up for ridesharing. But hopefully it will not be the debacle it was last year!
  20. They are Neirans from Bombshell miniatures counterblast line. I'm not sure what the bird is supposed to be? But it does kinda look like a chocobo... hmmm. You may have helped me outta my slump. Now to get some free time.
  21. I'm in a slump. But this is the project I'm telling myself I'm working on....
  22. Not really. I used to... kinda, healthy fears more. Fate has destined me to work through them... now its more an interesting curiosity about why my heart rate increased about something. I guess Public speaking is still on my no go list, but it's a lot milder now and it's more because I don't care to work on it.
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