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  1. The Liaden series by Lee & Miller, and, and, and.... thanks, my reading backlog just went through the roof.
  2. Godlike. Its just a great system. We play a home brew of D&D which I like a lot, partly because I helped with the design. I have to abstain on the video games. Last time I played regularily was an N64 and a pc running win xp.
  3. Chocolate... anything chocolate. We closed on the sale of our house. Ie we sold it, it was a rental property, not our primary.. Yea $$$ Soon we can put on an addition with an office/studio for me!
  4. My hubby just started our game up on roll20. There have been a ton of technical difficulties (including that he and I need to be on different floors or we get feedback, that was fun). Hes just drawing the map up in roll20, not uploading. But its been great just playing and getting together with our group.
  5. There can be only one. Plenty of other hobbies though... Dioramas... yes, still failing at that.
  6. I have finished... 2. Not my favorites. I have 2 WiPs I'm really enjoying. Big Child's Nakatu bust and the Banksy Frog (aka chaos toad sorcerer) .
  7. Nope. They all hate me. But I do have my own, I dont use the community chest o dice. But I wonder if that might help?
  8. For lickety split you list Ginger Cookie (9659) ... What is a good substitution, as that color is not available?
  9. Well, hmmmm.... what was his name? I honestly can't remember.... I remember the kiss though. Yeah, damn good first kiss.
  10. I am currently under surveillance by 2 cats.
  11. Mocha's Flying Rocky class doesn't have a registration link, it just returns to the classes page. :(
  12. 1 Hanging out at Fort Wappel and various other spontaneous gatherings. AND the MSP Open, I find the feedback sections invaluable. 2. I just want to see everyone again. I'm pretty sure I've managed to meet almost everyone... bingo and ribbons work wonders.
  13. Yes. No Yes. I have binders of ripped out articles and references. I also have digitals.Basically a pretty obscene reference library. I periodically buy digital magazines, but I don't subscribe.
  14. Yes. This is my vacation time and I plan to still take it even if its completely different. I'm hoping there will be a few classes for my kids, since they can attend now. Its also my birthday.. Good luck on your CPA exam! Fyi. My hubby is a CPA. Feel free to PM me if you need advice, have questions, etc...
  15. Of the painted ones: Mousefuratu (FAMILIAR PACK VI Rat vampire) or Oculus, the undead beholder (Magnificent Egos) Of the unpainted: Aeon Trespass: Hekaton Kids' toy repairs. My daughter's friends started sending toys home with her to see the 'toy doctor' Its handy to have ALL the glues.
  16. So many thing to choose from! These are my Karate and Kobudo belts, trophies and a few of my weapons. I'm currently a 2nd degree blackbelt in Kobudo and a high brown (black is next) in Karate.
  17. You and my hubby... he's still trying to get our kids to learn the fifty nifty... maybe I should get him the dino song.
  18. Triceratops has always been a favorite. I also really like Ankylosaurs. Elasmosaurus isn't a dino but is pretty awesome. And just because it was so fun... I used to prep dinosaur fossils.
  19. Yes!!!! 100% my dragon! Thats even my drink. Except I want a big one that I can ride and will eat my enemies. I am ok if the cognac bottle is to scale with a larrge+ dragon.
  20. I seriously need more info here... Are we limited to Animals as defined in a monster manual? Or can we also select from fantasy beasts and their ilk? Are we limited to only one? Only one type? or a list of our choosing based on say HD? yeah, I've played a few druids... sooo... In our current campaign have a huge Gorilla companion and am raising a baby cobra. Tiki, the gorilla is a TANK and frequently carries the gnome fire wizard into battle... our enemies must be so confused when they die. I've always wanted to have a "swarm" of animals ... rats, squirrels, cats, parakeets... DM never lets me :( He thinks it would be too ridiculous. I think it would be great to be a beastmaster and have a bunch of awesome animals ... Do I really only get one? If I can't have a Dragon... I'll take a Snow Leopard.
  21. Broke my cup (Ive had this one for 30 years) Then my daughter needed an appendectomy (all is well now) And my 18 year old cat died. I might have missed something... but its been a bit rough. Im putting the pieces back together... and hopefully making it better.
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