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  1. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 ... so many ribbons. I was happy mine were well-received. It was fun meeting so many new people and seeing all of the cool tattoos and quick bic inking. And the smiles from the kids and the ones still shy at ReaperCon was worth it.
  2. It HAS to happen, I missed it this year.
  3. I already started the drawings and figure selections! If I do them all I'll have 11 entries, one of which has 13 figures.... hmmm... 366 days. I can do this, really... yeah... not deluding myself at all.... I'm not actually, I'm planning the diorama with 13 figures to either be my only piece or take 2 years.
  4. And the first day will be mine! That's a really late Labor Day.... Here's hoping it works out with my schedule...
  5. Sad I could only make the first night, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for a fun game everyone and to @Crowley for running it. Maybe I'll plan more time to game next year!
  6. Agreed... was very confusing.
  7. I'm finally home. Serious sleep deprivation though.
  8. Waiting to board my flight.
  9. My flight waa cancelled.... but am rescheduled. All is well.
  10. Or -54 deg F.... which I hope never to see again!
  11. List... Finish entry #3 (done!) X Finish entry #4 (done!!!!] Try to finish #5 +6 but don't stress over them (not going to happen... ) -- bringing camera... Photograph entries X Box entries up so they are super safe -- do on planeQuick relearn basic d&d Select paints and brushes to bring X Do laundry and clean house (good as its getting) X PACK (use list from last year) X Explain to hubby how to take care of the cats (write detailed instructions) X Return library books X Clear old pics from phone (decide if I'm bring the DSLR) -- yes... X Load phone with more music Do a bunch of family fun end of summer stuff. Yea! I'm done! See everyone tomorrow.
  12. First... entry.... almost....done.... And I still have over 2 weeks to work on the rest of them! woo hoo!
  13. Either way works for me... I'll see if I can find a copy of the rules... (got it ... a free pdf is out there) If we draw up characters in advance... what level and what restrictions/bonuses /modifications if any?
  14. This should sound familiar... Forum Name Forum image Wed-Sun I still have my button.
  15. Yeah, I'm with you on that. Now I've got "I've got a golden ticket" from Willy Wonka stuck in my head. I'll be insufferable if I get one or maybe if I don't... (i like dinosaurs and cats plz!)
  16. I usually pack, like, the night before or the morning I leave... Shark, Six weeks! back to painting!
  17. That'd be fun... I'd only need a refresher for AD&D.
  18. I have a 6 am flight on Monday too... but outta DFW. Im having the same thoughts about Sunday night... stay up... sleep on the plane.
  19. Ribbons... check! Back to painting.....
  20. I'm in the too many group too... I have 8 in progress... I'll be happy to finish one in time. :(
  21. She usually is, I've seen her at every one I've been to.
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