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  1. Neti pot with sea salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. 'Tea' made with organic apple cider vinegar, hot water and honey. Salt water gargle Big glass of cognac and a good book to make me forget how disgusting the above is...
  2. Starting to get back into thinking about my job (IT automation) rather than painting... A website/app where the entrant can 'pre-register' their pieces might help a lot. I'm thinking the entrant can go to the site/app, type in name of piece, mfg, category etc... and get back a confirmation code. Pre-registrants would than have a separate line and the only thing the registration desk would need to do is verify and print their entry 'tickets' from their confirmation code. Then send them to the photo booth. There would still be a standard registration line for when the app doesn't work or those without access or unwilling. A second photo booth might help. Volunteers trained to move pieces to the tables might help (but be controversial I expect). Tables, perhaps with 'lunch trays,' to unbox entries while in line may help (kind of like airport security lines).
  3. This is kinda what I do. I select most of my ReaperCon classes to fit something I want to improve. Then spend the next year working on it. And make sure I incorporate it in my MSP open pieces. Last year was lighting and OSL. This year is texture and designs.
  4. Tuesday through Monday! :) ... yeah, probably can't afford that, and I need to be back for the kids in school - not sure if I'll actually be able to make next year with it being fully in September :( but I'm planning for it now.
  5. And no mushroooms! Eeeew.
  6. I took 8 (as is typical for me), I won't write much because it would take more time than I really have. Feel free to ask if you are interested in knowing more about a particular class and I'd be happy to expound on it. Thursday Layering and Feathering - Markon: A back-to-basics class for me, Ian never disappoints. A good class for newer painters or those looking to refine their basics. Intro to sculpting - Mason: My first class with Tom, I was quite pleased to sculpt something that wasn't a complete disaster. I'm even planning to try my hand at a full figure soon. Recommend for those who have been dabbling in sculpting and need the next step. Painting the Horde - Van Patten [Night]: It was taught by both Christine and Kyle which gave a the class a multifaceted viewpoint. This class was like a beer flight for mini painting; We tried out painting with GW Contrast paints, Inks, miniwax 'dip' and oils. The class was rough around the edges, but understandably so. A good option to try out new products and see how they can help you get through that backlog of figs. Mini Photograpy - Sundseth [Night]: Doug is a font of photography knowledge and very willing to answer questions. The class was aimed at taking good 'product' photos of minis. I didn't feel the photography jargon to be too overwhelming, but I've dabbled in it in the past. know some basic camera settings and try your hand at taking photos of minis beforehand and you'll get a lot of questions answered. Handout provided. Friday Painting Textures - Diamonstone: Another excellent teacher, David is good at balancing a hands on class with demos and practice time. His explanations are clear and relatively easy to follow. Textures is not considered a basics topic (but perhaps should be) but the newer painters in the class did not seem lost or frustrated. Focus was on denim and leather. You need a good brush! Display Details - Zuniga: This was another try out products type of class. Greg provided vellum, paper and brass etch to work with and based cemetery gate. I feel there could have been more to the class... but I'm not exactly sure what. Perhaps a bit more on when and where to use the embellishments in your work, although this was included. Saturday Diorama Building - Ridolfi: Prepare to take notes! sooo much information. I agree that a handout would be good. I'm certain I missed stuff. This is a lecture, not demo or hands-on, but Bob gives each student a pack of stuff to play with. I'd recommend taking early in the con, finding time to do the "assignment" and then return to Bob with questions and for feedback. I intend to complete the assignment by ReaperCon 2020 and come armed with questions. Painting Freehand: Patterns and Symbols - Schubert: More basic than the other classes I've taken with Derek (which tend toward advanced subjects). Still, not a beginner class, perhaps high intermediate. Good balance between demo and practice time and clear explanations. We focused on selecting and breaking down a symbol and then painting it on a shield. Another hour would have benefited this class as I think there was not enough time to work on both symbols and patterns. Derek may also have tailored to the class interests, I believe I was the only one more interested in patterns. Handout provided. Need a good brush!
  7. I second the Fusion place - good, fast, reasonably priced. Perfect! ------- Would it have helped if the emcee had mentioned from time to time they were in the 4th out of 5 lists of Bronze medalists? ------ Yes, I think announcing (for example) "Low Silver" then names, "Middle Silver" then names... etc... would have helped. But then it makes the silvers 'different.' I think many people would prefer a silver to be a silver regardless, and find out their scores privately. But I, myself, wouldn't mind either way.
  8. yes, the result didn't upset me, I was fine with the silver. I trust the judges. It was the multiple false hope + let down that killed me. I think it is along the same lines of the auction/raffle change - a failed experiment. I just wish it had been open and clear before the event, then I would have been less jumpy. Perhaps my addled brain missed an announcement.
  9. High silver (10). I'd prefer the whole section just be alphabetized by name (suggestion) I'd swear that's how it was in previous years; this is my 5th silver, and the first time I've noticed this and last year was a high silver as well. My entire table was noticing how 'they kept starting over.' We thought it was part of the technical difficulties...
  10. My last name starts with O, I should be in the middle of anything.... I was literally the LAST one called for Silver... I can't count how many time I thought I'd finally hit gold.... sigh, the silver was was fine with me, but the nerve wracking made me want to throw it through one of those f'd up projector screens.
  11. If that were the only issue, It could be done as a catered dinner.... $$$ but.... a thought. My only real complaint was that the names were not in order, it shredded my nerves.
  12. Its on there, right under beard ;)
  13. Another Silver this year... Bombshell gave me a gold though ;)
  14. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 ... so many ribbons. I was happy mine were well-received. It was fun meeting so many new people and seeing all of the cool tattoos and quick bic inking. And the smiles from the kids and the ones still shy at ReaperCon was worth it.
  15. I already started the drawings and figure selections! If I do them all I'll have 11 entries, one of which has 13 figures.... hmmm... 366 days. I can do this, really... yeah... not deluding myself at all.... I'm not actually, I'm planning the diorama with 13 figures to either be my only piece or take 2 years.
  16. And the first day will be mine! That's a really late Labor Day.... Here's hoping it works out with my schedule...
  17. Sad I could only make the first night, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for a fun game everyone and to @Crowley for running it. Maybe I'll plan more time to game next year!
  18. I'm finally home. Serious sleep deprivation though.
  19. Waiting to board my flight.
  20. My flight waa cancelled.... but am rescheduled. All is well.
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