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  1. Hi all, Mori's asking for some help. She wants the weight to be on the figure's right leg. The arms will be holding something later, closer to the body. She's saying its wrong, but can't find what needs to change.
  2. That would make for a fun time. I need to start writing out a campaign with that.
  3. Thanks for the welcomes :) See you all around the coming weeks
  4. Hi Several people at ReaperCon asked me daily when I would be joining the forums. Sooo... now, I guess. My online handle is Sabiri. A lot of you know me as Justin / Morihalda's Husband. I've only painted 2 miniatures, both of which are goblins with spears. I'm currently working on painting a mimic as they're obviously the best beast in all of non-existence. I've enjoyed a few games of D&D which got me into miniatures, then I lost my group, so now my urge to paint has dwindled. I learned a few things from ReaperCon and took a few classes. Also bought a lot of stuff, most of which probably won't be painted before Mori's Bones III kickstarter comes in. Things I like: Games (Both board and Video variety) Hands-on activites. Been wanting to invest into blacksmithing for the longest time. Morihalda Pie. Mori makes killer Chicken Pot Pie, Apple Pie, and Cobbler. Not quite sure what else is usually in introductions.
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