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  1. Looks amazing imho. Your NMM is way superior to mine and an inspiration to strive for better. :) Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Thanks for the tips, guys! I think I'm cool with re-painting and stripping this one blade for now.
  3. I've recently gone to a wargamers convention to buy some minis to practice on. You can imagine the stares the vendors were giving me when I told them that "I'm interested in cheap minis with massive blades." :D
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I didn't give much thought to the color scheme, just wanted to try different colors; something more realistic. I like the highlights idea!
  5. Searching for "armor" on Pinterest yields some amazing results!
  6. Here is the 2nd attempt: I was following GirlPainter's tutorial and it was done in about an hour. Any kind of feedback is welcome. :)
  7. Wow! Thanks for the recommendation! Those transitions are outlandishly good.
  8. I really like them! I've got a set of the babies as well, should get around to painting them some day. Are you going to use them on the tabletop?
  9. Wow! Now that's a level to strive for. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring stuff!
  10. Checked out both. Orcs' Nest has a limited range of Reaper Bones, I picked up a few. Dark Sphere is a really great shop, lots of different miniatures, very friendly staff, and a very cool location. I ended up buying some Kings of War minis.
  11. Thanks for the recommendations, peeps! I'll be definitely checking out Orcs Nest and Dark Sphere too.
  12. I really like the skin tone. Are they the bosses of rival orc clans? :)
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