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  1. Looks amazing imho. Your NMM is way superior to mine and an inspiration to strive for better. :) Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Thanks for the tips, guys! I think I'm cool with re-painting and stripping this one blade for now.
  3. I've recently gone to a wargamers convention to buy some minis to practice on. You can imagine the stares the vendors were giving me when I told them that "I'm interested in cheap minis with massive blades." :D
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I didn't give much thought to the color scheme, just wanted to try different colors; something more realistic. I like the highlights idea!
  5. Searching for "armor" on Pinterest yields some amazing results!
  6. Here is the 2nd attempt: I was following GirlPainter's tutorial and it was done in about an hour. Any kind of feedback is welcome. :)
  7. Wow! Thanks for the recommendation! Those transitions are outlandishly good.
  8. I really like them! I've got a set of the babies as well, should get around to painting them some day. Are you going to use them on the tabletop?
  9. Wow! Now that's a level to strive for. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring stuff!
  10. Checked out both. Orcs' Nest has a limited range of Reaper Bones, I picked up a few. Dark Sphere is a really great shop, lots of different miniatures, very friendly staff, and a very cool location. I ended up buying some Kings of War minis.
  11. Thanks for the recommendations, peeps! I'll be definitely checking out Orcs Nest and Dark Sphere too.
  12. I really like the skin tone. Are they the bosses of rival orc clans? :)
  13. They look menacing! And the cracked earth effect is amazeballs. I should get a couple of wargs too for my campaign.
  14. Cool mods and paint jobs! You really managed to stay true to the illustrations. Now I want to play a kobold PC :D
  15. I'm going to London for the weekend and I'm planning to hit up some gaming stores. I'm especially interested in buying Reaper, WotC, and other fantasy line miniatures and not interested in GW stuff. Any suggestions? Is Leisure Games worth a visit?
  16. I started experimenting with NMM, and there are so many cool NMM tutorials over the web that I decided to try a couple. I got this pewter blade I can strip and re-paint as many times I want. This is the first attempt, I was roughly following this tutorial: It didn't turn out as nice as the blade in the tutorial, but I'm still kind of happy with it. NMM is still magic for me :) Advice is welcome and appreciated!
  17. I like it a lot. Would love to have it as a PC. Is your friend going to use it on the table?
  18. That's a really good observation, thanks! I did the armor first and then the skin, and knew something was off, but couldn't pinpoint it. I wonder if the same "cell-shading" technique would work for skin too. Maybe I found my personal style - gotta check out some comics for inspiration! :)
  19. That's a seriously badass looking mini! I'm not sure I'd want to be in the same party as him haha How did you make the tome? Is it done in freehand? (Is it the Necronomicon?)
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