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  1. Furek

    GF9 Purple Worm

    Nice start, I just bought the same miniature!
  2. Furek

    03606: Ellus Mann, Wizard

    Hi everyone! Today I'm back with this miniature, for a friend, that will be used in a local D&D tournament :) Feel free to give me some feedbacks! Thanks!
  3. I'm in, but from Switzerland, no thanksgiving here
  4. Furek

    Our Lady of Souls

    Very nice! Good job
  5. Furek

    77043: Eye Beast (EDIT)

    After seeing all this good feedbacks I want to add some "step-by-step" images that I found in my phone. As before.. sorry for the bad quality Step1: Using some "green stuff" to fix the holes of the miniature and adding "flesh-like" effect Step2: After spraying a base of white, the "green stuff" is cover as new Step3: Base color in purple, avoiding to full cover the big eye and the theets Step4: Adding some colors and using the dry brush purple + white to the flesh of the eyebeast Step 5 Missing foto Painting the eye (and small eyes) in white, adding "flesh" ink putting some more in the edges Adding the black line Use the ink on the theets ad gum Thanks again for all the feedbacks!
  6. Furek

    77043: Eye Beast (EDIT)

    Base purple and dry brush purple+white. I was thinking to put some ink on it to give a lucid effect.. but as is now it looks good
  7. Furek

    77043: Eye Beast (EDIT)

    No reason, when the base is finished I will upload the new images with more light
  8. Furek

    77043: Eye Beast (EDIT)

    Yes, just forgot to say that I'm new in the forum :D Most probably I will take a "mini" set for doing the photos!
  9. Furek

    77043: Eye Beast (EDIT)

    After several years of experience in GW miniature, I started with some Bones miniature! Here is my first show off, the Eye Beast: Let me know what do you think!