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  1. There were always two containers, I remember Matt posting on FB to say the second container had been packed and was on its way to the EU on the 28/29March :)
  2. it arrived :) Get to spend my Bank Holiday going through the box wahoooo!!!!!!!!!
  3. yeah my UPS link doesn't work on the PM, but my email says DPD all very odd... as long as it arrives i am not fussed lmao... depends who is the local courier i guess :) glad someone else has received a shipping notice though... PHEW :D
  4. yep email and tracking see below PM Update :) DPD is who mine is with my PM linkdoes not work in the UK as that is a US shipping link.. My email links to DPD just for clarity!!!! maybe, Pledge manager is updated .... along with email... i guess someone can ask in ReaperLive tonight? lol xD The other person who last week said theirs was shipping has confirmed their PM was not updated and still isn't.... mine is,
  5. UK dispatch yay arrives tomorrow!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee
  6. Please can you request an update on EU shipping? :) We were told 24th, then told they had the container, and then told something else :) please much appreciation <3
  7. Thursdays are reaper live, and you have to hope that a kind US person will ask about the EU ship....as most of us are in bed...as it is Midnight UK time, it airs.... last week no one asked about EU and they didn't update regardless on the EU or AU in the Reaper Live.... although last weeks...was odd anyway.... :)
  8. Part of me doesn't think we will see anything this week, or maybe even next week... part of me thinks that they will give an update saying similar timeframes to AU.... I don't want that....but I just got this nasty feeling :)
  9. Same boat as you, even if it isn't mine would be nice to see some shipping to the EU, hopefully they have the container, or at least get the container.
  10. yeah I am thinking purples maybe....or a really dark black/green and reds.... not sure yet see where the mood takes me when I get him :D
  11. Oooooh very poison ivy esque (batman reference) :) I approve, I like it :D
  12. Really wish there had been an official update on the EU container, but thank you to Ladystorm for the one you provided :) waited two years, a few more days/weeks isn't going to make that much difference, gives me time to set up my new hobby room :) and obtain storage solutions.... What colours is everyone thinking for their Nyarly? :D <3 I am so hyped for mine woooooo :D
  13. me too :) i wonder if they were just trolling, lol :) but we will see :)
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