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  1. Really like that, comes together really well
  2. Lost for words. The Idea alone is genius and the execution is just epic. Have emailed a link to a truly talented painter friend who will break down in tears when he sees this then snap his paint brushes in half! Of course he will immediately be inspired afterwards :) . Just soo well done, it's a true pleasure on the eye. Pip pip Paul
  3. World class work on a brilliant quirky model. Fantastic.
  4. Love the flesh tone. Very well worked. Top notch stuff
  5. Brilliant. For some reason the Groucho Marx joke 'One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know' must be that mini bazooka she has slung over her shoulder. :) :d Love the colours. Pip pip Paul
  6. Top job, really gives off the cold vibe.
  7. Would it be acceptable to post someone else's work in wip and in show-off, with their permission? The back story is my friend professionally paints 15mm scale stuff and so never displays his larger scale work on forums like this as he is overly sensitive that it might be construed as advertising. I think he'd quite like feedback on his work so was wondering if I could do it on his behalf? Never underestimate a neurosis :D Pip pip Paul
  8. As others have said, colour combo is fantastic and the temporary base really sets it of well. In awe or your skills. Very well done. Pip pip Paul
  9. much prefer the darker green and love your bespoke storage. I do like the look of these 15mm tanks. pip pip Paul
  10. Settling down to watch this one. We want the Dragon :) and my only feedback so far is that is one massive project and Your Dad should be over the moon with that as a present.
  11. that cloak really is stand out. Very nicely done.
  12. Hi, I really think you have done an excellent job on that. Very unified considering your palette of colours. I should make it clear I cant paint except badly so anything I say should probably be used in court against me. The flow of the blue up the figure and the contrasts also work well I was nosy and found your wip post where you mentioned painting the base as a Nebula. A very interesting idea. I think you need brighter stars or more defined colours for it to really work well. Subtle may have been your intention though. The attention to detail on the underside is also really well thought out. I really like it and look forward to seeing other work by you . As a friend is always telling me 'experience is the key to good painting' If your first two posts are anything to go by you have a talent that will only grow. I repeat I'm more finger painter than miniature painter but I do appreciate a well painted mini :) pip pip Paul
  13. hats off to you, I'd love to be able to say I can paint that well after 20 years but not a chance, so well done
  14. Brilliant work on the Dragon. wings are fab! wonderful use of colours.
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