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  1. All that enthusiasm gone to waste. Timed out my payment 5 times... I'll head back later.
  2. The figures from this KS look sick! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/883643045/wicked-foundations-tales-of-terror-5e-miniatures?ref=42fxno
  3. I'll admit that I haven't read the entire thread, but I'd like to offer a different point. eBay sucks as a seller as well. When I first started selling on eBay (back in the late 90's) I was just getting rid of some of my personal items. Lots of old toys and collectibles and things like that. Over the years, I've built a business where I sell my own handmade custom cast items and action figure parts for other customizers to build custom figures with. I can tell you that the eBay fees (and the postal rates for shipping, and the PayPal fees, and now eBay's forcing of managed payments and forced returns for BS scamming buyers) are making it near impossible to sell on eBay at a "reasonable" price.
  4. Not sure I can do that without incriminating myself with the US government lol
  5. My BFoE should be here today. But I'm really waiting on my resin Hellboy set. Not sure why they haven't shipped these out yet :(
  6. I've got several W&NS7 brushes from about 8-10 years ago and they are - by far - the best brushes I've ever owned and used. I've been hearing A LOT of complaints in the past 2 years or so about how their quality has gone down quite a bit. If that's true then it's very sad because these brushes were fantastic. I've tried brushes from many manufacturers since and IMO none compare to the W&NS7 that I have. It's going to be a sad, sad day once these finally give out on me completely. A few are starting to show their age already.
  7. Will the paints being sold after the show become an ongoing thing? I ordered a bag last year and this year basically just for the paints lol
  8. Paint will stay in the workshop because how else will I paint the stuff i keep in the house? lol Thanks everyone
  9. Is it safe to store unpainted / still packaged Bones and Bones Black figures in my garage? I'm running out of room here in my workshop so I need to move some of these boxes elsewhere and the only place with room I have right now is the garage. Sadly, my garage isn't insulated too well so it's hot in the summer (right now) and cold (really cold) in the winter. Will these temperature extremes do anything to damage the figures? I don't care about the boxes and/or cardbacks as I'm not a collector that's going to keep them packaged, they will eventually be opened and painted. Thanks
  10. OK great - thanks for that info. The reason Tamiya paints don't mix well with other paint lines (or water, for that matter) is because they are actually alcohol based - yet still acrylics somehow. I'm not sure of the science but I know I read somewhere that they are not water based acrylic.
  11. I noticed on the images in the webstore that these are labeled as "latex" paints and not acrylic. Do they mix well with the other MSP?
  12. Would it be possible to load a photo internally to try to pull a color from instead of trying to take a picture? Taking a picture of my monitor NEVER works lol
  13. Oh no I just realized this was gone.... I feel lost now LOL I literally used this almost every day and recommended it to EVERYONE.
  14. I don't use dish soap, but rinse aid like for your dishwasher. You can buy a large bottle for a few $ at more supermarkets or Walmart/Target
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