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  1. Whenever someone asks me to paint something for them, I give a price quote. And if it's something I really don't want to paint, the price is triple my normal rate. If someone likes my work enough to pay for it, I'll do it. But I'm passed the point of painting things for free, unless it's a gift (which I do quite often for birthdays and holidays and things). I do paint for a living tho, and people know and understand this, that if I'm painting for them then I'm not "working" so they have to pay me for the time that I spend doing their projects.
  2. Damn I wanted the Christmas Hugs and it wasn't there when I placed my order... guess I'll have to order again lol
  3. I bought a huge pack of flat parchment sheets on Amazon a while ago for IMO a really good price. And I was doing what you are doing - measuring them out to perfectly fit my palette (I have the RGG one) and wasting a ton of paper. Then, I realized that I can just cut these pages into 4 pieces - center long side, center short side - and they fit into my palette. Sure there don't stretch from corner to corner but who cares? I use it, I toss it, I get a new piece. I have a ruled cutting mat and a long ruler on my bench 24/7 so I just grab them and cut a sheet in 30 seconds when I need one.
  4. I like to use it as a drybrush over black painted areas like hair
  5. Yeah after I posted my reply I went and looked at the tickets....
  6. I thought that the swag boxes were basically that... I've bought the VIP swag bags in the past, and I was under the impression that these new swag bags were taking their place. But I guess not.... 😞
  7. OK so, just to start off.... I'm a *bit* OCD when it comes to my paints and their numbering.... Now, we got 3 new fast palette sets in the ReaperCon boxes 29128-29133 29134-29139 29140-29145 and we got a swagbag set 29149-29151 what happened to 29146-29148? Is there a mystery triad that I missed out on?
  8. Absolutely. But... I'm selling prepainted copies of the head that I've printed and cast, and I'm not sure all the customers would want to paint their figures over lol
  9. Would it be possible to add swipe functionality to the inventory screen? The screen that shows how many bottles of a color I have? I have to go back to the color list and then click on the next color to see if I have it, would be easier to just swipe from one color to the next.
  10. I do a lot of action figure customizing, and I’m trying to paint a replacement head for the new G I Joe Cobra Commander to match the rest of the figure. Thanks for the insight all. When did they bring the power palette back online?!? It’s been gone for a while. Do you have a link? I have seriously missed it, I used it all the time.
  11. I like the Turbo Dork colorshift paints.
  12. Anyone have a recommendation on a good tutorial or book or blog or something that can help with trying to mix colors? I have a basic understanding of color theory and basic mixing... red and blue make purple, blue and yellow make green, etc. But I need help with understanding what colors to add to match another specific color. For example - I have a figure in a shade of blue that I need to match. I’ve tried - literally - about 100 various bottles of blue paint including every blue Reaper makes, along with some Vallejo, Model Masters, Warpaints, etc. I found a few “close” matches, but I need to learn what colors I need to mix in to those “close enough” colors to get them closer to where I need to go.
  13. Got my boxes today and was missing a gift certificate (already contacted CS) but I wouldn't have known that without the graphics going back up so thanks for that!
  14. Damn, I have all of those "Special Edition" colors except Desert Sky and Rattlesnake Leather... but there are a bunch I'm still missing (shameless plug - see my signature lol) that I would love to see brought back for an event like this.
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