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  1. I would like to see tribal Gnolls armed with short broad bladed spears (like from the classic TV series Shaka Zulu) and wearing simple Kilts, or Toga like clothing. No armour, just fur and cloth and maybe some beads or necklaces and pouches for decoration.
  2. Yeah, in the book they are listed together in the fluff blurb as well as the card entry.
  3. I do not see a problem so far, although now I think it is time for highlights.
  4. I use a few Army Painter colours. Leather Brown is my neutral colour I use to paint the edges of my bases. I have not had a problem with Leather Brown, or Ratskin Brown, or Greenskin and Necrotic Flesh. I like Weapon Bronze too.... The Dragon Red on the other hand, is so transparent it is tedious to paint with. So of my 6 Army Painter paints there is only 1 I think was not worth purchasing.
  5. I was planning on only investigating RAFM, but once I added a copy of the book into my shopping basket I kept on clicking until I had successfully ordered it. So, thanks for all the help, hopefully my quest will be over well before Christmas.
  6. Thanks for the advice Jeneki. I did the search and found a 20$ listing, I am located in Germany however, so postage was 30$. So, I am content to leave it for now.... I am annoyed with myself, because some months ago I saw an ebay listing (in the USA) postage was 24$, but the leading bid was 1$. I did not realise how rare the book was at the time. I have a question though, would it be fair to call a Justicar a type of Paladin?
  7. Well you sold me Auld Grumpy, I ordered some yesterday. The Goblin casualties made them irresistible. Good price too (postage aside anyway).
  8. Thanks for the replies, wow 70$ is much more expensive than I was thinking. Thanks for the offer Dilvish, I will have to think about it. I just had an impulse buy attack yesterday, so I will have to see if I am still curious enough about the book next month.
  9. I have been trying to hunt down the old Warlord 1 Crusader Armybook, could anyone tell me how much fluff (and other stuff) is in it?
  10. For Hobgoblins I have used Wargames Factory Orcs and kit bashed them with other stuff. Frostgrave Cultists and Wargames Factory Persians mainly, all you need is a little putty to smooth out the little gap at the bottom of the neck. The Wargames Factory Orcs are a little harder to come by these days though as they are now offered by Warlord Games.
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