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  1. Started writing before Corporea's post, and I think that you nailed the look with the first picture! Slightly darker and more purple than in my mind, but if you say was the final addition, should be easy enough to adapt to taste :) Also, starting with the colder variant and giving everything a final glaze with some warmer flesh colour to help mask my lousy layering would make me feel right at home, as that's what I almost always do anyway. I wish I could give more than a 'like', I'm so happy with your answer - many thanks!
  2. Me talking colours over internet... Sorry, when I said bluish grey tint, I meant it as an actual tint to traditional elf flesh, something like 1/4 (or 1/8) drow blood and not really blue like p3 ice blue (regardless of how much I like it). Elric is closer, but a tone lighter than I had in mind and too purple in the shadows. Interesting that grey shadows in his eye sockets don't show the purple tint and is closer too the mid-shadow - didn't you use anything else? Vampiric triad is probably close in greyscale, but I think 'living', light grey skin would be more pinkish in highlight and cold
  3. I struggle completely with skintones, even real human ones, and doing something natural looking but alien is beyond me. For my new elf army however, I wanted to try something new and go with an 'inversed drow' colour scheme - pale skin, with blueish grey tint, and cold black hair (p3 coal black as base). I am not sure how to transfer that idea into reality; for rank-and-file, with little actual skin showing, going with just a pale skintone base, lightgrey/blue wash mix and highlights should suffice, but the method doesn't really scale to characters with more skin showing. As usual, I would pr
  4. Thanks all! I know and like lotr elves, but they are too thick even as characters in a Mantic army. I considered Thunder Mountain, but here they looked too short: http://www.frothersunite.com/phpBB3/./viewtopic.php?p=854028&sid=8d13ba77b7a19bc550437fd9051f1a70#p854028 On 'cook's pic I see they changed the scale though? Similarly the left and second-to-right reaper are hugely different, I expected them to keep more or less similar scale. Is there a rule to keep in mind which reapers/bones are compatible with themselves? The right reaper looks like it might fit, which one is that? I
  5. Are there any miniatures that could blend in in a KoW army? Mantic elves are ridiculously thin while still quite tall, which makes everything else seem obese when standing side by side. I would like at least some characters to differentiate my army as Mantic's choice is very limited. I don't mind some kit bashing as long as its relatively simple (head and weapon swaps, resculpting capes). The dark elves and some elves look close, but hard to say without seeing them side by side. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bones%20elf/sku-down/77205#detail/IG_4693_1
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