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  1. Ooh! Very nice. Can't wait to see that color scheme realize. Looks good so far! :-)
  2. Heh, gotcha beat on that one. I didn't lock in at all because of paycheck timing! :O it's by the grace of Reaper and the shouts of many that the manager was reopened and I got to add money and lock in. That's what buying a house in the middle does for ya ;-) did it first thing June 1st though.
  3. Oh man... last night I slept the sleep of those people that just... lie there and know they have to get up in a few hours... those guys... But I'll move this to a Show Off thread when I get home. And when the link in buglips' sig says it is cruelly physically and mentally? Darn right. She kicked my butt all over yesterday hahaha But totally worth it ;-)
  4. Death! Comes unexpectedly! Unless one announces it via post. She unlives! Just hit 1 on the dot here and I am so late for bed. The beast has been defeated and I have finally completed the most coveted piece in my Bones collection. I'll post my paints later but they're lined up around the back of the base in the pics. Time for the sleep of the (un)dead XP And yes, that is a bottle of walnut brown supporting Her Greatness as I sleep because I fear for her stability haha. I'll probably make a little outcropping some time. After I rise from my grave XD snoooore
  5. Ooh, reminds me to check when the clock should be set for...
  6. And for those curious, yes, it took me four and a half hours to make the bones look that terrible XD
  7. Kaladrax does indeed gorge upon the tears of the sick and weak of heart... But I have had some painting after work. I couldn't finish one wing but I'll be finishing that first tomorrow to allow drying time in the hopes of finishing a great deal of pre-washing on the Great One. Running down to the wire!
  8. Much better today. I have some minor touch ups with Pure White on my snow but I've finished the base for what I wanted to do when I started. I think it's a pity that this magnificent piece is what I use as a tester for some abilities but it was large enough that I felt I could try a bunch of different techniques I learned from watching all of you and some YouTube videos for the past few years. I still think that I want to play with some hot glue ice on the base and as icicles but perhaps I'll do that at a later date once I'm finished and have toyed with that technique elsewhere. Now on to the Drake!
  9. And the front. I couldn't remember if I'd seen a snowy mountain temple before so hopefully not. Sorry! If it's been done. Almost done here with what I want to do on the base and then I'll move forward with the "Great Old One".
  10. Feeling the... whatever I'm getting. Just spent a half hour on the face after dizziness. Haha, this'll be the first Kaladrax cancelled because the painter failed his CON saving throw XD
  11. Forgot to post. Just took a long break. Needed fresh air and to talk. Think Mrs. Oafy is passing something to me XD Not much. Picked my base scheme and started under coats.
  12. Yes, do this. As time goes on the physical and mental fatigue will only get worse. Take breaks, go outside, talk to other human beings - these are all things that will help to keep you going throughout the course of the challenge. Yeah... after not talking to a human being (and realizing that I wasn't talking myself even to the cats) I found how hard it is... doing... that...
  13. Alright, probably it for tonight. But pictures! :D man, eyes are bugging out. Been taking breaks but I may have to do the 15 every 60 thing. First is the current state of affairs. Just have to finish a wing. Second is the state of my brush. I think I'll be switching cause... she's dead, Jim...
  14. Hours later, lunch break, now dinner, and... sanity breaks due to the size of the creature and the brush chosen... here's the base job I've got so far.
  15. Thank you! And you are precisely correct - the name came from trying to set up a website when Geocities was around in the 90s. Absolutely nothing I tried worked including full name and birth date and in frustration, I pound the keyboard a few times. One key must have been ENTER because in a moment, a screen popped up saying I was now registered! Haha. In a high school English class while researching for a paper, I explained this to a classmate. He asked if I could pronounce it and after a few tries, I found one could as OAFY-JIG-JAH-HUN-FUN :D At any rate, it's never taken and people always know it's me XP
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