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  1. I hope this is better. The boots are not finished yet, it is still a work in progress (I hope to finish it this weekend). I used the base color of the warm deep browns triad (MSP color). Jan
  2. hmmz they show up for me. I linked from photobucket.
  3. Back to painting since a few days and this is what i came up with so far: Sadly a lot of contrast is washed out. I hope you like them. Jan
  4. The skin is coming nice together. Normally I push up the highlights to white for female skins. But the pure white would only be used for very fine spots, like the top of the nose, top of chin and the outer top of the lower eyelid.
  5. Hello, Do you mean the oil paints coming in tubes (artists paints) or the paints used in other hobby related subjects like tanks and/or planes (which is enamel paint) ? Jan
  6. This is a cool conversion. Nice work froggy
  7. Thank you all for your remarks.
  8. well I managed to finish a piece again. I need to do the base (flock) and I will replace the picture then with a finished base. enjoy and give feedback if you feel to.
  9. I have been a long user of w&n s7 but lately I find myself using more and more raphael 8404 brushes. The body is longer then a s7 and the smaller sizes have more spring. I am using mostly sizes 00, 0, 1. I use an Isabey for liner, they have a very long body. If you go in the bigger sizes like 3 or 4 you can use one to paint too. The bigger body holds more paint which can be good when doing bigger scales.
  10. Can't go and not for the coming years, due to the cost involved. My wife and me are now on the waiting list for a child adoption from India, which will gonna cost us a lot the coming months and once the little one is brought over I will have other things on my mind then minis.
  11. Thinning cannot be measured by drops since it is dependent of color, paint batch and paint brand. What I do is keep a few practice minis around which I strip regularly and just give it back a basecoat. I test my thinned paint on these minis before I start on the actual mini that I am painting. I stop thinning when the chalky look is gone, but this is most of the time a very high thinning. The first layer is barely visible but allows me to gradually build up
  12. Very nice tutorial. I am learning this technique as well and it gave me a few more tips and pointers. I just can't work out how to use a wet palette, I am using a ceramic tile which works excellent for me. I am fighting against the chalky look in the highlights too. A few remarks about this: Olie it helps to do many super thin glazes to get rid of most of the chalky look. At least for me. I am still experimenting what color to use best (mid tone, highlight or shade). I have read somewhere (these forums or minipainter list) that the chalkiness is a property of the white used in our paint, this is titanium white. I was advised to experiment with zinc white, which is another color in an artist palette. Zinc white is a transparent white which covers less then titanium white. I hope to get on with this the coming weekend
  13. Here is my latest wip: This is where I come from, just basecoated Shading of tummy and arms done ( no shading of face yet, wanted to try colors first) first highlight too On this mini I went back to artists paint too. I used gouache paint for the shading and will use it for the highlights.
  14. aaargh, seeing all those classes and people teaching them I am very frustrated living on the other side of the ocean. Is there any chance some of these classes will be taped ? I am willing to pay for a dvd or download to see someone as paintrix, jeremie or marike teaching advanced stuff.
  15. It is very nice to see you have an online presence again. The site looks nice and well designed. It is sites like these I use to refer to when people that do not know anything about the hobby ask me about it, after they have seen a few sites I show them a few minis so they get an idea about the scale involved. I have seen many eyes opening very wide.
  16. Hey, nice to see you got them finally finished. The colors look nice. I should try it too sometimes.
  17. I just joined the irc channel this weekend and got all ready a lot of feedback from people. Someone asked me to post the pictures at the forums and here they are (I am still struggling with photo editing and a decent light setup) : The previous three pictures is my most recent work. Those were the first minis I tried P3 paints (from privateer press) on and the first minis I worked out a way to do wetblending. More then ten years ago I painted historical miniatures with artists oilpaints, here are two of my best work: I hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think. Jan
  18. World of minis They run paintoffs (short contest where everyone paints the same mini) and bigger themed contests. A nice bunch of guys and gals mostly from europe but there are members from overseas too.
  19. As far as I know, this is because Tamiya paints contains alot of alcohol as part of the carrier. This makes them dry faster. Tamiya paints are not really meant for the figure painter but for the tank or plane modeller that is using an airbrush to paint their models. Thinned correctly they spray very well. The funny smell of Vallejo paint comes from a kind of soapy (can't find a correct word for it) additieve they add in the acrylic carrier. This makes the paint smooth out better. Glazing medium from vallejo also contains this additieve (I think because I find myself using this medium in every mix I make, so good is it). I found myself years ago always adding a small drop of dishwasher agent (you know the kitchen stuff for doing the dishes ) in my old gw paints. They were so much smoother after I did this (I was a potpainter those days). Especially in the inks it helped to create a good wash where the ink stayed in the recesses of the model and not moved up.
  20. Lysette from the Warlord is also a very nice mini
  21. mine arrived yesterday by ups. it's now primed and ready for the first licks of paint. woohoo painting dungeon, here I come
  22. I always pin through the cork and base leaving and end of wire which I fold back and glue. I put some glue on the mini's feet so it is firmly attached to the cork or plastic of the base.
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