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  1. I know everyone has seen all the Hulk golems that have been done up and i was worried about it, but when I saw humans avatar this guy just came to mind. Almost painted him up green to to match but couldnt quite bring myself to do it.

  2. Excellent first mini. Dont change a thing. what you need to do now is put her up on a shelf and start painting others. Then in six months or so get a second one of this piece and paint her up again with the same color choices and see how much you have improved. And NEVER strip your first mini!!!! keep it so it can bring back fond memories of when you just started ::D:::D:

  3. Im currently painting the 72mm Sophie for my brother and have a question about the darklining. I know I need to darkline between the skin and clothing and areas of metal but should I darkline the skin and fingernails? Im thinking that I should but when I look at the reference photos of her I dont see any. BTW my brother wants the piece painted to match Anne's version as much as possible. So im trying to copy the color scheme so those are my reference photos. Thanks all.

  4. When using the Testors Dullcote I apply 3-4 coats and let each coat dry 15-30 min before applying the next. If the piece is a playing piece I will do 5-6 thin coats. Just remember NOT to breathe the fumes!!!! This stuff is a Lacquer!! The fumes are toxic and highly flammable. Use a big box without the top and missing 1 side. But keep those to cover up the mini while drying. Place the mini on a smaller piece of cardboard that you have placed alot of primer on (that will keep it from sticking if your coat is to thick). then spray the front, side, back, opposite side, and finally go from front to back over the top and. the next coat go front, side, back, opposite side, and go from side to side over the top. 3rd coat repeats the first step and the 4th the second. if more coats are needed do first and second steps again. If the piece has alot of underside that needs to be coated hold the mini in your hand (wear a latex glove coverd by a leather glove) and spray that first.

  5. Good start! no suggestions on your painting however IMO you should try going with a neutral background for your pics. If you dont want to use just plain try putting them up against some field terrain. the wood really detracts from the pic's. The grain is just to busy. Some ppl use pure white, gray, or a light blue. With a plain background your kill markers would go from COOL!! to WAY COOL!!

  6. Great looking CAV. I havent gotten up the courage to try to paint one of these yet so it's impressive to me. Only thing I can see that looks wrong to me is in the first pic. The barrel looks like its bent. :blink: Could cause some problems on the battle field!!!

  7. Ok thats it no more posting Stern! some of us are still learning how to paint and its almost impossible to continue with the quality of work that your putting out distracting me!! LOL another great piece I would like to see some Reaper pieces from you that my only complaint.

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