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  1. I agree with LordCold on everything except the red sash. I think I looks great very piraty (is that even a word?? oh well is now ) Would like to see the steel done in NMM to match the gold and maybe a bit more highlights on the crow.
  2. To thin or not to thin the MSP flow-aid thats the question? Is the bottle pre-thinned or should I just add a drop or two to my gunk mix? Would really like to find Anne's new gunk mix have seen her use it and the results are great and I think that would be a great place to start for me to find my own gunk mix. Can anyone help.
  3. Gift certificates to FLGS (try to support them instead of just shipping directly from reaper) gift certificates to other local stores and mall and the best of all W&N series 7's!!!
  4. If Im unable to get any Pink Soap for a couple of weeks can anyone recommend an temporary alternative until I get it. And just to clarify I use plain water to clean with until Im done then use the Pink Soap? After I rinse the final time I place the pinksoap on the bristles reshape the point and then put the plastic cap back on? Or do I need to let the brush dry for a few min before the cap is replaced?
  5. Boy Stern youve been a painting posting machine lately!! You working on taking over Jester's crown for speed? This is another great piece although I would like to see a closer pic to see how the wounds on his chest and back look. From the pic's they allmost look like you slipped with your brush BUT I can detect a bit if highlighting if I look real close.
  6. Enchantra's not the only one who got W&N #7's as a gift! One question that hasnt been answered so far is should I rinse my brush with straight water during painting and then after my session use pink soap or what. I also want my brushes to last a long time and I would like kind of detailed instructions on brush care. I found out the hard way not to use dish soap on other types of Kolinsky sable
  7. Left to do some X-mas shopping and when I came back found out got a gift of my own!! Recieved 3 Koa-tou pieces from T'Sarith DeGaalth and they couldnt come at a better time. Tonights my D&D game that I DM and my group is currently camped next to a river in the middle of a forest. Time for these guys to get a little bloody and wet. Will get pics posted of these guys ASAP. Thanks T'Sarith for them!!
  8. Anyword on when she's coming out and what her product number is??
  9. Ok thanks 2 all yall ive tried playing this thing and cant figure out anything!! Ive got a char named hatchetkiller that is a firefighter and hes somewhere!! anyone give me anytips on how 2 gain xp and whatnot? OK figured out where he is. Tapton? thats all I know
  10. Colonel you live in Kansas around Spartan? I'm planning on going 2 RCON 06 might be able 2 help with a ride.
  11. Well finally answered my own question my Yojimbo piece is actually a Ral Partha Mini called "Doom Bunny, Black Rabbit of Death". I think the rest of the mini's are all Grenadier but not certain.
  12. Is Yojimbo the samurai rabbit a mini that was made? I have some other pieces that look like they might belong with TMNT but I cant tell who the maker is on them. tried looking for some pics but cant find anything like what i have.
  13. Explain to the budget commitee that if you get GOOD equipment and ALL of the correct tools you can either start charging for you mini's and make money or, Increase the price because of the better quality (if your already doing some commision work). Thats how I was able to convince my budget committee that I needed to spend the money on Kolinsky sable brushes instead of the $1.99 testors brands!
  14. I was in my FLGS the other day when someone came in to see if they would buy a bunch of old mini's. well long story short paid $30 got 115 mini's and a carring case for some. While going through them to pick out the good ones I came across a piece that I swear is Yojimbo the samurai rabbit from TMTT. Ive heard that this was a RPG before it was a cartoon. Can anyone tell me if this is true or not and if they remember who made the mini's if any were made?
  15. All I can say is "GOOD LORD!!!" Just to good for words! smooth transitions, great color composition.
  16. For sizing options could the judges just use some form of Monster manual? Like humans no matter what weapon they are wielding go into the small same with Ocs, goblins and the like while Trolls, Minotaurs go into the large? With the fact that Reaper is first and foremost a Gamers company I would think that someone is a GM who knows his or her monster sizes.
  17. That is a wonderful job on a piece thats been done a thousand times!! Very smooth and dramatic transitions, the whole piece looks great. Would like to see a close up on the face though the eyes are hard to see for me.
  18. you could always do a couple of coats of dullcote while painting your mini. it gives extra protection and hopefully not enough of a chance for your hands to damage the cloak as you paint him. Ive heard the some people actually put 10 or more layers of dullcote on a piece because they dullcote after every section of painting. You could also try hitting the primer with some dullcote as well might help
  19. Ok my computer has been down for the last 2 months I think and I was unable to get the address for them. Mini has been finished for over a month!!!. It going in the mail tomorrow morning on my way to work. Sorry all about being the straggler on this exchange. any yelling and cursing towards me is understood!!
  20. Wow!!didnt expect that many responses!! Thanks all. So I'll dump my "gunk" and try a different ratio. I am a pretty slow painter so I really need the extender in my mix other wise the paint dries on my pallete. Does 80% distilled water 20% extender so like a good place to start or should I use even less extender?
  21. In the concept artwork the Dino has armor barding but the scuplt doesnt. Are these two different pieces?? Not a big fan of dinosaurs but looks cool!
  22. Ok so Ive now expanded my color range of MSP's and I'm having problems with them looking chalky. For base coats I'm using a 2:1 ratio of paint to solution (solution is 25% distilled water,40%future, and 35% Plaid extender) ive just recently started using the future and I did have problems with the chalkiness before hand. Is my solution wrong?? is my ratio wrong?? My highlight and shadow ratio is 1:5 paint to solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Dont know if its already been mentioned or not but a natural rope triad would be nice @ least for me. Thats an item that I always struggle painting on a mini. It either looks to yellow (like the plastic rope from walmart) or to brown.
  24. $100 isnt bad for just words you got a really good price plus you probably didnt do a lot of squirming in the chair! What I mean by cheap is if you get a whole sleeve with full color & all cusom work ie. no flash, and the artist only wants $150 then thats WAY to cheap and the art works probably not well done. You should always look at the artists previous work though. Ive got almost $600 invested in my left sleeve and you can see the problems from across the room, but $180 on my chest and its AWESOME!!! If your going to get full color work get to know your artist and his work before you get it done.
  25. Just remember that when it comes to Ink work you get what you pay for!!! If the artist quotes you a cheap price you probably want to do some more shopping. Also check out the skin book thats the book that most artists have of ink work that they have done in the past.
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