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  1. I have an Angel on my chest from when my sister died that was inspired by Reapers Angel of Mercy which I had painted for her (She loved and collected anything with an Angel). I also have 3 other Tats, a color tribal piece thats still a WIP on my left arm another tribal/Memorial tat on right arm and a Wiccan Pentagram surrounded by flames on my right shin.
  2. Ok well finally got the mini that I had to special order from my FLGS and its not the one I thought it was. my exchange partner probably already has this piece as does 98% of us but no time to reorder!!!!!!
  3. Great thats what i needed to know!! Thanks all
  4. Does the Reven faction River Troll need to be assembled or is it just the mini and base?
  5. so has everybody recieved an assignment? Havent got mine yet.
  6. Well here goes my second mini exchange. the first one was fantastic. still loving my Star Wars inspired shrub ent!!!!
  7. Im really enjoying my masters touch multi-media brushes that I got from Hobby Lobby. they are a kolinsky sable, come to an excelent point, and the handles are kinda short and fat!! they have held up perfectly under me and im rough on brushes for some reason. I was buying a new testors synthetic brush every time I started a new mini just about and all I did with those was base coating and large areas of highlights like cloaks.
  8. the newest one looks way better in terms of the armor and freehand stuff but I personally like the more stark contrasts in the skin tones of your first one. if you could swap out the heads of the two!!!! WOO HOO a perfect 10 IMO!!!
  9. Ive got the Guardian Dragon (DHL 2453) That ive been wanting to paint. my big problem is that it needs to be assembled and my putty and scuplting stinks. does anyone know of somebody who takes commisions for just assembly and some minor scuplting? mainly just the places where the pieces join.
  10. that is a good piece, Gore is my fav minotaur. I like everything about the color choices except the white loin cloth. looks a little out of place on such an evil minotaur, but it does kind of fit kinda like Gore is wearing a trophy of an earlier kill!! the base is a LOT better than what I was able to do for my exchange mini so congrats!! BTW the chicken is very realistic in color not like some of the pink chickens that Ive seen on here.
  11. the thing between the forearm and dangeling head looks like a fur wrap handle of some sort
  12. I have attempted to play a 40k game and found its rules to be just like the magic the gathering, and other CCG's. whoever spends the most $$ will have the better stuff. With D&D its all random and it doesnt really matter if the mini your playing with has a sword and your character uses a mace. Plus here where I live the only paints in my LGS are GW (they did do a "test run" on 1 triad of the reaper stuff that I bought as soon as a saw them) so my vote is EVIL!!!!
  13. I started out using a 20/0 Liner since it has a bit longer bristle and came to a sharp point. since Ive started gaining better brush control ive moved down to a 10/0 Liner and am now "trying" a 3/0 with Kolinsky sable. my style changes around a little on when I line and when I dont. Im trying to force myself to line after basecoating but before highlights and shadows.
  14. Try using GE's reveal light bulbs. those really helped out my photo foo. bold color choices btw but the piece does look good.
  15. a 5/0 Frosh!! u can line with THAT!!!??? I gotta use a 10/0 Liner since its got the longer brush length. When I darkline I usually do so after the base coat. but sometimes I forget and have to go back in after all the highlights have been added. IMHO i think the reason to darkline is to have the stark contrast between the two surfaces. makes things stand out. Plus I like to actually Line the piece not just do the wash, with the wash you end up darkening the area around it to much for my likes.
  16. Ok its gotta happen now!! gonna order the W&N's from dickblick(probably). Ill have to go to another town to get the pink soap all I use right now is unscented, non-colored hand soap to clean. and I always reshape my brushes when done. then I let them sit for 15 min or so and then put the plastic tip cover on to ensure nothing happens to them. even with the ell-cheepo brushes that I use for bases!! Boy the wifes gonna be mad when she hears about the next expense for my hobby!!!
  17. When I travel I use an ammo box that was made for paintballs. Its made of plastic and has a huge storage space on the bottom plus the lid has a smaller space that holds brushes perfectly. I have had GW paints, RMS paints, static grass, gravel, extra paper towels, glue, cans of spray primer...etc.. etc.. all in the one case!! worked perfectly for me. only major problem was that when I wanted to paint I had to "unpack" the whole thing then when I was done "repack" it all, kind of a pain but nothing that I couldnt deal with.
  18. Im about 30 min away from Lawrence KS (KU Jayhawks) and Manhattan KS (KSU wildcats) and 1 hour away from Kansas City. But with all the traffic and college kids I hate going to those cities!! One time while walking down the street in Lawrence some guy walked up and punched me then ran off!! I was P*****. couldnt catch him he was waaaay fast. But maybe one day ill just swallow my hatred and go. or just buy online. BTW is the Vallejo Kolinsky's as good as the W&N's? **Oops didnt read that last line**
  19. Ive allways started with the midtone first just because thats how I learned. originally all my minis just had one layer no highlights or shades at all then I learned about washes and glazes (from this forum) and kinda went from there. Until it was mentioned in this thread I had never heard of starting with a shadow first and working all the way up. might have to give it a try.
  20. Ive seen them @ Dickblick but im afraid to order anything online anymore. everytime I do whatever I get is all jacked up!! But if noone has ever had a problem with them I might give it a try and order 1 or 2. The only fine art studio that we had here in town closed down almost a year ago and my local University ( which I live across the street from) gets all there supplies from Hobby Lobby!! Man I hate this town! My FLGS closed now its just the one crappy one who really is just a GW & comic book store. They dont sell any paints other than GW. The one train store is almost as bad. they do carry Tamiya paints but now that ive got some of the RMS i dont want the hassle of jar paints anymore. Oh well that just means more trips to TX!!!
  21. Well ive been using them for a couple days now and the difference between these and the crappy citadels and testors brushes is amazing!!. Now as soon as I can find a local store that sells W&N's Ill be set!!!! Rastl what do you consider a short amount of time??
  22. In an earlier thread Anne mentioned using clears as a way to brighten colors much like a glaze or wash will darken. not sure if there is a clear green or even how to make it thought.
  23. another real easy way to do white letters on black background with paper or stickers is to use the Paint program. make a box, fill it in with black the use the type feature select white for the color and your done!
  24. Well VL did you go insane before you finished him?? Hes absolutly stunning!! The NMM on the horse barding is really exceptional. Is this piece for a client or yours personally?
  25. Am I the only person who enjoyed Ep I, II, & III as much as IV, V, & VI????
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