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  1. Well I finally found some Kolinsky sable brushes @ hobby lobby of all places!! They are called Masters Touch brushes multimedia. They look similar to the W&N series 7 miniature brushes so I decided to go ahead a pick them up. I mainly bought them instead of the W&N because I was able to actually see the tips and kind of test them out with some water. They really looked good without any paint on them but I was wondering if anyone else has tried these out?
  2. Glen what a great idea google for camel spider!!! its now 5:30 in the morning still cant sleep probably wont sleep for at least 2 days!!! thanks alot
  3. It was sooooo good. very glad i saw it @ midnight!!!
  4. looks good niloc. i like how the base looks but i dont like the wood underneath just MPO. the red belt really stands out but it fits really well.
  5. Well mastertickles I got the other version of this he had two right wings. if you contact [email protected] and tell them about getting 2 left wings they will send you the wing that you need. sorry didnt mean to thread jack. this dragon does look good although I would like to see some indoor pics that dont wash out the highlights so much.
  6. Well was gonna post a pic of MY most recent work, until I saw this and decided to throw him in the trash along with all my paints and used my brushes as kindling for the bar-b-que! well not really but thats what i wanted to do after seeing the quality of this piece. Im not a fan of GW sculpts but man does he look GOOOOD!!! How long did it take to paint from primer to dull cote??
  7. I just want some of the newer pieces to have the eyes sculpted a little smoother. Almost every piece I get has something wrong with its eyes!!! i would think that with the level of detail that they can put into a mini that they can do just as good with the eyes. not just an oval hole with a ball of putty in the middle. Since im still kind of a newbie at painting I need better eyes!!!
  8. DO NOT DO A BODY LIFT!!!! I cant stress how important it is not to do a body lift on a vehicle. If you really want to do a lift spend the extra time and money and do the suspension kit lift. When doing a body lift you weaken the contact points between the frame and the body of the vehicle this can actually cause a truck to break in half!! the Body can seperate from the frame during extreme duress or if not installed EXACTLY right under the stress of stop and go. Also when doing a body lift a serious 4x4 enthusiast can spot a body lift in a heartbeat. because the frame will stick out below farther than it should. you also dont get the same amount of ground clearance with a body lift that you do with a suspension. If all you want to do is slap some bigger tires on there you can accomplish that by cutting the wheel wells and adding bigger tires. wont look very good but you will get the same amount of lift at a much cheaper price. So get the suspension lift!! BTW I think that its a cool idea to lift it. will make it stand out from all the sport compacts out there!!!
  9. This is a great article for thinning paint and other tutorials. http://www.reapermini.com/?nav=The%20Craft
  10. Hello and welcome to the boards. When painting NMM the technique is not a dry brush it is layered. The layering is very smooth though. IMHO is a very difficult technique to master ( I have yet to master it or even come close). Jester has a good tutorial on it here. http://jestersminiaturestudios.com/ Just go to the tutorials section of his site and look at #4. hope this helps.
  11. Nice work Frosh. i like the fact that she's not done up in dark colors like alot of people paint her. she's got that "good girl" look. very original IMHO. Her eyes are very captivating!! Can we get a few more shots, maybe one from the side that shows how you painted the broom?
  12. the staff isnt as small as it seems in the pics and is very detailed. after the base, wash, and highlights it came out looking very good for my skill level. not as good as Derek did with his but hes a pro. and im still an amatur
  13. REAPER STATIC GRASS!! woo hooo!! Thats one less thing that I'll have to buy from the evil ones! Any hints on how many types Reaper will be offering??????Color???
  14. Thanks Anne! well I dont have those MS paints yet so i kinda went with something close. MSP muddy brown, then mixed some brown ink wash, and highlighted with MSP muddybrown/MSP pure white for a final highlight. I am pleased with the outcome. the mini doesnt have alot of reds in it only his vest (which i did darkline) so i wasnt to worried about the clash. Thanks for all your advise everyone.
  15. This is the wood color that I would like to achieve or at least something close. http://cache.corbis.com/agent/11/40/10/11401084.jpg I dont know if it should be used though. the mini's staff has alot of texture on it, not smooth at all.
  16. I think if he spends 2 hours with Anne he will make Jester look bad!!!!!! ok so maybe a little more than 2 hours. 2 1/2?
  17. Lord!! that is just awsome!! the eyes are great. I have a hard time believing that this is only your 2nd mini. Only suggestion is on the feathers if you had a little bit thinner paint when you dry brushed them they wouldnt appear as chalky but other wise this is just wonderfull!
  18. thanks both of you im gonna try to darkline it and see how that turns out. as for the wood im gonna try both color combos and see which one I like best. Do either one of you have examples of your work posted?
  19. im currently painting 2637: Marcus Starsong and ive hit a brick wall so to speak. My first problem is his staff i cant seem to find the right color combo for his wooden staff and was looking for some suggestions. My other big problem is about darklining. Marcus is wearing a both a shirt and vest, and I was wondering if i should darkline between the two or not. I know that you darkline between hair and skin, skin and armor etc.. but what about cloth and cloth??
  20. looks good gabe im not big on the warhammer stuff but i cant even tell what you sculpted and what was not so its gotta be good
  21. i like the whole theme that you have goin on here. the freehand is great but IMHO it just doesnt fit, looks...out of place some how not sure how though. but it doesnt really matter as long as it looks good to you, right?!
  22. dargrin looks good. the black circle reminds me of a portal or doorway of some kind. my suggestion is to paint some kind of lettering and such to make it look like a riddle or puzzle to solve before the doorway opens up.
  23. thats correct its called dark lining. some people use black others a real dark brown, and depending on color choices a very dark blue. most important thing is that it needs to be a thin line.
  24. new H2O stuff is pretty gritty IMO. i got a can of it a couple of weeks ago and dont like it. it might be ok for terrain but not mini's
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