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  1. Thanks for taking the test. You are person number 306767 to take it.


    Your type is: ESA. 10% of respondents so far fall into that type.


    Your answers were split as follows: Explorer 80%

    Socializer 46%

    Achiever 40%

    Killer 33%



    good or bad??

    dont know what a MUD is answered like a MMORPG.

  2. if you dont have that many skin tones i would suggest the reaper master series triads. man they are AWESOME. they take all the questions out of mixing. base coat, shade, and highlight. definatly worth the investment! ::D: as for the thinning it may take some time to get used to a thinner paint but once you do youll see a huge differance in the quality of your work. and since your first attempt at highlighting is way better than mine i think your gonna do just great man. good luck!

  3. thanks for sharing frosh!! :angry: now im gonna have nightmares about killer frogs.

    cant sleep frogs will eat me..

    cant sleep frogs will eat me..lol

    great job. the consistancy from one to the next is amazing!!

  4. looks like youve got a great start going on there. only suggestion is that you use a lighter color for the skin tones. i noticed that you asked about reapercon and the asylum in another thread. the asylum is a great place to go. Anne helped me sooo much. when i went i felt really out of place at first since all i had @ that time was GW stuff. everyone welcomed me and made me feel as if i had been going for years!! so back to your mini. keep it up. and keep working. some thing your going to hear alot of is "thin your paints" here a good tutorial on that and other things.


  5. Future is used as a flow improver. you still want to add some water to it though. one major problem with future is that since it is an acrylic polish it will make things shiny. mastertickles using it for his armor is what gives it that polished look. it does look nice but if you want a wash or glaze for anything else it can be a pain to work with IMHO. when i started out painting a learned of flow improvers and such i used the future but as i learned (and am still learning) i didnt like the effect that it gave my mini's now the only time i use the future is for the black wash that i mixed up for armors and weapons.

  6. looking like a good one. pieces are showing real improvement! my main suggestion is that when posting your pics that you make sure to re-size them, main reason is that since the piece is way smaller than the pic it pics out every single mistake and makes it seem 10 times worse. good size that ive found is just about 1.5 times the actual size of mini ie.. if mini is 2 inches tall make it about 3 that way we can see the details but not every flaw. ( i once posted a mini that was about 10 times larger and you could see a hair that was stuck in the paint that i couldnt see with an opti-visor on!!)

  7. is the reason that your "watching reapervision" @ 2:15am on Sat. have anything to do with the fact that your in KS. where im @ the whole town closes up @ 2:00 except the Denny's on the blvd. only problem is that there you gotta deal with the drunks from the bar!

  8. Khufu the mummy huh!! Fan of "Nightmare" the game? I really do like those bases if i ever get the nerve to paint my egyptian sorceress i might steal your idea! can you get a close up of his face? i would like to get a better look @ it.

  9. Frosh looks great man! now do you do all this just out of your head or do you make skematics first and go from those? if you do make skematics you need to post those up on your site for all of us!!! the only thing i would like to see is some trim pieces on the corners, doors, and windows just to smooth things out but thats just me.

  10. Bakalla looks great! very bold transitions but smooth overall. i dont really like the scuplt itself. dont like the idea of everything riding giant lizards/dino's. but your painting make this an enjoyable piece to look at. the two best parts IMHO are the face and cloak! really awsome job ::D:

    is it possible to get another angle showing the head in his hand??

  11. Glad you got him Joe! I tried to do some reasearch on you to see what you liked but didnt come up with anything. I even asked some one on here that says that they knew you. didnt get much help but they said that you painted for table top play. I chose the whte and black for the "traditional" karate, kung-fu look. This is for some reason one of my favorite sculpts. dont know why because all of them that i have seen or painted,(this is the 2nd) have had problems with the hands and mold lines on the staff. i think its the Tong Po look that this guy has. the white was extremely difficult to do i had to strip and repaint twice.

  12. This is the mini that I painted for JoeGKushner for the 2005 spring mini exchange. used primarily the new master series paints. the staff was done with GW stuff. This was also my first attempt at basing a mini. the static grass didnt turn out at all IMO. I left the rock unpainted on purpose because i think it has more depth and realistic looking than i could paint it. please comment and critique !!


    front side.


  13. My understanding is that CA has very strict guidlines for testing of all chemical products. So if they test 10,000 people who used this product and 1 of them has a birth defect then its gotta be that chemical. its basically like the side effects of your medications ie.. tylenol's side effects, headache, fever, nausea,etcc. so i wouldnt worry to much about it unless your pregnant and not using proper breathing equipment.

  14. welcome to the boards lord soth!! as a new mini painter myself i have found alot of people here that have helped me improve. Anne's paint clinic/club was invalueable!! (thanks again anne). for your owl bear i painted that mini myself not to long ago and was as stumped as you are. what i did was look at some D&D monster manual first then i looked at a bunch of owl's & bears online. sorry dont remember what sites i used. as a suggestion look @ the pics and print some of them off then just use the two that you think look the best together!. mine is a brown bear and horned owl for color combos.

    hope that helps you some!!

  15. when stressed out i find that some simple meditation will work wonders. when you get off work go home and take 5 min to yourself. sit in a dark room and burn some of your fav incense and just breath.. if you cant seem to get 5 min to yourself just do it in the bathroom. tell everyone if you have to that its #2 business!

  16. Car sealers? are you refering to the gloss coat thats used on cars or is that a name brand? if your talking about the gloss coat for cars and trucks i would say no. because of the formula used in those you would have to have an airbrush or spray gun. plus very toxic!! not to mention thick. As for future it can be applied with a brush but i personally dont think it stands up as well as the dull cote.

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