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  1. i really enjoy the gold skull on her makes it stand out alot. plus IMO gold fits with the flashy aspect that i think all mages have ie.. big explosions, lightning from the sky kinda thing great job!
  2. thnks dont know why it made 2 threads the first one is the thread that i tried to preview but i was told it was "unable" post it. also digital m@ hope my quality has improved enough for the mini exchange im really lookin forward to it. but i do have to give a lot of credit to anne for teaching me some tricks of the trade!. ladystorm can u delete the bigger of the two pics?
  3. can someone please shrink this photo down for me? for some reason im unable to make my photo's any smaller with out making them so blurry that u cant even see what they are.
  4. this is the mini that i painted on my trip to TX @ the asylum. Anne really helped my learn how to highlight skin and darkline. still have room for improvement but getting better. front side
  5. this is the mini that i took with me on my trip to texas for the paint club. anne really helped me with my skin shading and dark lining.
  6. looks real good very natural. is that a clay pigeon that the dio is based on?
  7. half-lings half-lings and half-lings i really love to see one with nunchuks
  8. I was in TX this past weekend and went to the asylum for the painti club.. man what a great place. anne was WAY helpful. teaching me about shading and highlighting body parts, faces, placing eyes, and even dark lining. she even gave me a couple of bottles of the new RMS paints since all i had was the evil GW stuff (after painting with this stuff im throwing away my GW crap!!) So i jsut wanted to share my opinion and say thanks to everyone there!! btw the piece that anne helped me on will be posted shortly.
  9. Well i have to follow along in the stephen king mood thats been set here by saying that "The Stand" is probably my all time favorite movie. even though it was made for TV it just has this whole mood about it. but i must admit the unabridged version of the book was WAY better.
  10. winter thats a sweet idea. now im gonna have to go buy some black primer and try that out. one question though how long did you hold the button on the primmer can?
  11. great job on the skin tones makes me believe that hes a drider. also is that a custom base if so what did you use to make it?
  12. Im down for that. i would want as much notice in advance that i can get that i would need to paint a second mini. but i do understand that getting advance notice would be real hard. all ive ever painted is fantasy so im not sure if i could do any CAV stuff. but if anyone wants monsters painted id love to do one or two maybe with enough notice I could do 3 but no promises.
  13. Sweeeettt! those droppers are cheap! im gonna pick up some of the reaper ones when i go to the asylum and get some of those. now its just sit and wait time until paint clinic
  14. ok cant wait anylonger need the spring mini exchange to start now does anyone know when this is going to start and whos in charge?
  15. Problem New puppy loves to chase cats who run across paint table in an effort to run behind said puppy and swipe at arse. Old Solution Yell, scream, curse, throw temper tantrum about ruined piece strip mini, start all over. New Solution Paint at 3:00am while puppy is asleep!!
  16. Well found the stuff i needed made by plaid and is an extender made for acrylics. i agree with cade on the future glossy thing i was using it but it tastes horrible (brush licker here!) and it didnt really seem to do anything except make my work shiny. i tried a controll test with the future & straight water and didnt notice a diff. thats the main reason i wanted to get the real stuff.
  17. LOL @ digital thats great that u think u have no artistic talent bcuz i think im even worse than you in that dept. my stick figures look FAT! but now im confused i was under the impression that this was a clinic/club and that anne actually teaches how to do some techniques. or is this more along the lines of a group of people just getting together and painting (kinda like a D&D game instead of RPing they paint?) if this isnt where i need to go to learn some of the more basic and advanced stuff where? mind you i live in KS and i cant find anyone around here who can teach me.
  18. thanks for the comments. i have been thining my paints but im not sure if its to much or not enough. ive heard alot of people keep their paint in dropper bottles that way they can get even mixes. im still on the look out for those. (we dont have a micheals here) my current method is the toothpick dip and drop which isnt exactly consistant. ill definatly post any comments on how my asylum trip goes. 565 miles for a paint class!! my main objective is to learn highlighting of things like armor and clothing ive got a real good handle on skin i think. i just need more than what this guy had. ardice i agree with u on the beard, apron thing but its what my brother wanted so i just did what i could. i wanted to make the beard a reddish brown my he wanted black. also can anyone tell me what photo program i could use to help with getting my photos sized right? im currently switching between 3 of them, kodak easy share for my camera, and two different ULead photo's.
  19. ok so all i need TO bring is my whole paint table?? just joking. So its cool if i just bring my palettes, brushes, primed mini, paper towels, and cups for clean water. i really dont want to bring my paints because all i have are GW stuff and that would kind of be rude in my opinion. Also is there a fee for this, is it free and Anne donates her time or what. i havent seen anyone say anything about the cost. if it is free do we tip? btw im old as well! im just used to using 2 & b digital i found a real cheap disposable palette. my wife sells makeup and she has all these little plastic trays with 10 small cups in them they work really well she buys 100 of them at a time so i just take what i need
  20. and the back. sorry about pic size still trying 2 figure out how 2 post the pics and everything
  21. Well i finally got the nerve 2 paint this piece for my brothers char. he looks really good for my skill level but hopefully with the trip 2 the asylum next week my skill will improve. comments & complaints welcome front side
  22. well sat the 19th im gonna b in texas and im planning on going 2 the asylum for the painting workshop. i know that u can only use reaper products but i need 2 know what do i need 2 bring. my LGS doesnt carry any reaper paints at all or brushes they barely carry any figs i have 2 have them special order my pieces. can anyone give me a list of what i need 2 bring with me or do i just need my check book for all the paints im gonna have 2 buy. also what all goes on at the workshop ive been told that anne teaches how 2 paint hands on so im thinking that well all have pieces 2 paint. am i correct in that thought?
  23. dont know if i can post pics here or not but ill try
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