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  1. only stats i can give are 2nd ed but here goes. AC 2 or 3rd ed terms 18 thaco 9 which is +11 to hit damage 1d10+7 (stregth) special attacks are spells special defences are swat away missles magical resistance %15 intellegence is average 2 genius (8-18) alignment neutral or chaotic good diet omnivore now firbolgs are a temperate hills and forest area they do meet once a year or more for clan meetings in a secret enclave( an idea for why he's in a volcanic region) they are also an organized clan fighter so they dont usually fight alone and very adept at strategy utilizing all terrain and situations 2 they atvantage. being very clan centered they usually have a shaman in the group. also not all firbolgs are settled they are also nomads and gatherers. well thats about it i think but dont just use the stats 2 make this guy. i like 2 think that since this is fantasy theres no reason that u cant say something else about him D&D is famous for setting rules about creatures and PC's. (like dwarfs cant be spell users) let your imagination run with it (Malavinik the firbolg is a hunter/gatherer for his clan upon request of the shaman hes sent on a quest 2 retrieve the sword of a long dead fire giant tribal elder). i can send a pic of a firbolg if u like
  2. thanks alot for all the references guys. i do have a hobby lobby here(Topeka ks) but they dont carry any of the floquil or liquitex stuff so i guess im goin on a road trip
  3. i agree on the fire giant idea thats why i suggested a Firbolg giant. its not the same. the firbolg in short looks like a dwarf from norway/iceland kinda thing, red hair, usually a fur loincloth and studded leather. Plus the firbolg is one of the most powerful giants in terms of natural strength and majic power. the only thing that i can tell u about for referance perposes is 2 check D@D MM 2nd ed. pg 136. they have a close resemblence 2 frost giants except that they have human color skin. plus they are more like really big humans. 10ft tall and 800 lbs.
  4. ok..ne specific reason? and what is the ratio of these 2 paint/water/etc..
  5. the only problem in the other brands is that no-one around my city sells them, NO-ONE.. and im afraid 2 order nething online for fear of getting the something thats completly wrong. if some one who uses any of these types of products can tell me like exactly what 2 use ill order it.
  6. ive seen several suggestions on using floquil flow improver to thin my paints with but the only stuff ive been able 2 find is called retarder and is for enamals. is this the stuff that other people are using or do i need 2 keep serching? if it is what is the ratio of floquil/water/paint?
  7. since he is big and your looking @ making him into a giant class monster i would suggest either a Firbolg or Frost giant in terms of the clothing styles i personally like the Firbolg Giant. Or as a nother couple of monster style suggestions go with a titan, or grab a copy of a gods & demigods compendium i would try under any Norse mythos in those. hope that helps. if you need specific color choices just e-mail me & i can send pics.
  8. these are really nice i 2 like the contrasted blue in the eyes. any possibility of getting the whole moonscar court in 1 pic? also is the moonscar court something that u use in a D&D style game.
  9. thanks all believe it or not the body is highlighted, if u look @ the close up of the face u can make out some of the shading on his shoulder. the camera flash took alot of the shading out of him more so on his loin cloth. ill try 2 take mor pics using a diff setup and see how they come out
  10. tatsu i dont know what 2 say about that one but.. thanks hopefully whoever gets my piece will b as grateful and pleasent as you. and if neone cares to see it i did post a my most recent piece in show off...reaper minotaur COUNT ME IN!!!
  11. and just a little background on the char. Hoss the slobbering is an outcast minotaur from the town of Draknar. trained by his father in the art of leather working used his own brother for his belt and pouches. currently has a bounty of 15,000gp for his head. (placed by brothers grieving widow)
  12. A friend of mine asked me to paint this piece for him it is one of my best pieces thus far. unfortunatly my camera flash is waaay bright and removed most of the highlights from his loincloth and flesh, his armor came out fairy well but his weapons look like poo. suggestions comments, complaints(most likely)
  13. looks really nice only thing about it that i dont like is the pink chicken, dont know what color i would have chosen it just looks a little out of place IMHO. but its a great piece
  14. speaking as a newbie i would want 2 see both kinds. a LTP that had all the basic colors and advanced kits with things like skin tones, leather armor, NMM. just 2 b able 2 have the materials and step by step instructions on how 2 do the different techniques would be AWESOME!! if you make seperate kits for the basic LTP and another for skintones just label them ( which im sure u would) and if who ever buys the kit gets the wrong one then thats not your fault or concern really if they dont bother 2 read the box and look @ whats inside then tough luck, and if say mom or dad buys it for kid with out lookin then if its unopened then they can return it. not trying 2 sound like an bully/meany or anything but you cant limit the beginers or the advanced painter selection just bcuz some people arnt smart enough 2 read the BOX!!!
  15. I would like 2 b in but my question is this. what about people like me who dont have the "jester" or "HoD" (just 2 mention a a couple) skills. im sure that neither one of those guys would want something that i painted. just for the simple fact that it would take me 2 months 2 paint something that jester could do in half an hour blindfolded with both arms tied behind his back!!! i just want 2 know how u deal with unhappy recvers or will u team up painters with similar paintin abilities. maybe we could send the organizer a pic 2 show the quality of our work or something.
  16. digital imho i disagree with you on that, i kinda look @ him like hes on the side of the road begggin cuz the guards wouldnt let him in the city! but I didnt paint him so my opinion doesnt matter btw nice paint job love the browns aswell
  17. I have had the same "dusting" problem with the armory stuff thats when i switched to GW flate matte. I found that if you move in to about 6-8 inches that you dont get any dusting. Its almost like the the matte stuff dries in midair. did the "dust" look worse on the brown parts of your mini than any other? neway just a suggestion. I dont like the dullcote bcuz it seems like it takes to much of the metallic look away from my minis.
  18. Jester im glad you think Bjorn is so "EASY" 2 paint. I bought him but after looking @ all the detail on him im scared 2 attempt him right now maybe ill b good enough in like 50 or 60 years!! :) btw he is the best of the group imo.
  19. Wow and finally. its great 2 see someone else paint these guys. i was begining 2 think im the only one. now that ive seen someone else's i have some ideas for making mine look better thks
  20. If your looking for D&D style Drow skin tones you should read the monster manual for 2nd Ed. it describes the them in much better terms than the 3rd Ed books. "Drow have black skin and pale, usually white hair." thats just for starters. For Drow tones I suggest you use. Chaos black, Codex grey, and Skull white. from the GW line since thats all that my LGS carries thats all I use. In any case go 2 a used book store or find a DM in your area that has 2nd Ed books and just take a look, 2nd Ed D&D has less flashy pics and more descriptive sections on all types of stuff, including weapons.
  21. Dargrin man i really love the look of your bridge, so im asking for your help. Ive got all the componets for my castle diorama that im gonna build but i cant seem to get the rock down the way i want. will you please give me your "recipe" for sucess??
  22. Ive been thinning my paints with all kinds of recomendations, water, future, dish soap. my big problem is that my paints seem to settle on my pallete. so im constantly having to stir them up which is also causing inconsistancies in my paint. so does anyone have a suggestion on this.
  23. im using the GW stuff right now havent had the guts to try dull cote yet. so far i really like the fact that the GW matte leaves the metals shiny i feel that it adds to the realistic look of it. im gonna try to get a couple of better pics of this guy and post them up in here so everyone can see the differance in the finished clear coated piece and the pic thats up right now.
  24. the shading effects are just pure flesh wash. i just kept adding layers of it until i had even tones all across him.
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